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  1. We just went to Disney in December. I am very strict LC. I just planned ahead and took my own food. Homemade beef jerky was my friend! My other go tos were deli meat and cheese, nuts, and yes I did have a turky leg....yum! Happy Disney! Meli
  2. I will agree that I wouldn't caught up in the bars and shakes! For me that stuff tastes terrible. Also I try to never cheat I read a while ago a couple things that really changed my way of thinking. First.....Going in and out or ketosis can be pretty hard on your body. It can up to two weeks to get over a cheat. Yikes! Well I'm not doctor but so I'm not sure this is completly true but even if there is some thruth to it it's worth it for me NOT to cheat. One bit can be a gateway drug....I'm hooked. The shakes and bar contain CRAP! Don't eat any artificial sweetner for a while then try it and you will taste it.....yuck it's horrible. Last.....food for thought. DO I really need a treat? Or do I need to get healthy? I read once that we really have no business cheating while we still have a significant amount of weight to lose. This really stuck with me. I owe it to myself to do the very best for me. Now that is much easier to say 6 months in. But now that I feel like I feel it's been totally worth it. I have been on this weightloss rollercoaster for years...12+. It was time for me to step off. So I made some pretty drastic changes. I pretty sure they will be for life. I DO NOT regret it at all. The way I feel far outweighs the sacrifice! I feel free! Meli
  3. I'm in!!!!! I've missed checking in with the old LCHF social group. In fact yesterday I hit my first major goal since I went LCHF 6.5 months ago. I've lost 33 lbs and have gone from 168 to 134.5!!!! I have not been below 141 in the last 12 years. It was like this invisible wall that I could not get past. But LCHF busted through! I would like to see if I could get under 130. That would be like a dream come true!!!! Usually I eat around 75-85% fat, 10-20% protein, and 5-10% carb. Total calories tend to sit around 1200-1400. But I will say that when I first started I ate a lot more. I tried to always eat when I was hungry. I ate HUGE steaks......Now my portions have regulated themselves. I eat much less with out even thinking about it. So my advice to beginners is do't worry too much about the amount of food your eating. Get plenty of FAT! Always eat when your hungry. Your body will start really telling you when it need something and when it doesn't. LCHF has been an answer to prayer for me. I really don't know what would have happened to me if I had not really stuck to it. Oh and I did feel like garbage for 3 weeks! I was totally addicted to carbs. It was awful. But sooooo worth it!!!! Can you tell I'm a fan? Best wishes, Meli
  4. I agree with the no sugar, lots of sleep, lots of water. Take an epson salts bath. Don't reduce the fever(if you get one), don't take asprin for the aches. Your body will fight it off much faster if you just let it and not pump it full of stuff. I hope it goes away soon! Happy baby having! Meli
  5. I was suprised at how much salt I acctually had to add to homemade broth to make it tast like anything. Go slow but don't be scare of it. Canned/boxed broth has sooooooo much salt in it! Meli
  6. I've been wondering the same thing! I servived Thanksgiving just fine, I had a great plan And stuck to it quite well. I have recently hit a new low....I haven't seen anything in the 130's for over 12 years. Let me tell you that made me happy! How is everyone else doing?
  7. We just recently switched to brushing with baking soda. It was a little hard to get used to the salty flavor but now I really like it. I mixed up some bs with a little water a some peppermint oil. We have both noticed that we get bad breath less oftern. Talk about CHEAP! Meli
  8. Spell check changes our last name to kerfuffle. So Now you can say you know the Kerfuffle famiy! Mrs. Kerfuffle
  9. Real food as unprocessed as you can get it Raw or low temp pasturized milk Bone broth probiotic Do not give a fever reducer at the first sign of any sickness or fever. A fever is ment to help your body fight off the sickness. Try not to give antibiotics, only when necessary. ETA: Cut WAY back on sugar. At the first sign of any sickness DO NOT eat sugar! So far these tips have helped improve our whole families health. We still get sick but they are much shorter, milder and longer in between. Meli
  10. I was that parent with the plan and perfect children.....Now.......Nope! Just like you. House is always chaos! Children are oftern dirty and I am barly scraping by sometimes! Thank you for sharing so I don't feel like the only one! Meli
  11. How many carbs can you eat a day before you start gaining weight? I'm on the first phase of adkins and am eating only 20 net grams. I hope someday to be able to have at least 50 a day! That would feel like soooo much now! So it's been a month since I started and I'm down 10.5lbs! I owe my motivation to this thread http://forums.welltrainedmind.com/showthread.php?t=408157&highlight=fat. Thanks so much for the motivation! Meli
  12. I can be like a mean drunk! It can be very scary! Meli
  13. I have read the entire thread!!!!!:party::party: My husband won't be too happy with me when he gets home and sees the same dirty house as when he left, but I think it was worth it! Thank you ladies for the thought provoking information! You have motivated me to get back on the wagon. I have been out of control lately! No more carbs for me! Meli
  14. We may be moving from Spokane to Seattle. My husband would work near the airport. Where would we want to live. I'd like a good price (I don't want to pay extra for a trendy neigborhood)in a neighborhood that is safe. We also would love Not to have to commute too far/long. We would be renting. We would love a house but would settle for a townhouse. We have six people in our family. Thanks in advance, Meli
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