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  1. Be organized ! Keep track of those assignments and tests. I have a son who forgets a lot (ADD, lower than average processing skills and memory). If your district uses Skyward system, you (parent) can help by reminding the kids about their assignments and making sure that the kid submits them. Put those assignment in one folder so that s/he won't forget. The skyward system is Godsend because all assignemtns/test dates are there. I didn't know that I had to keep on checking the Skyward system until I after progress report 1 when I realized that my son had several missing assignments .
  2. I did medical research (have a phD). I don't know whether I can go back to research though. Not sure if I want to. Problem is, I don't know what I want to do. - I may like tutoring, but I want to work when children are at school, not after they go back from school. - NOt sure I want teaching day in day out. The only experience I have with teaching classes is teaching weekend/religious school for this past 7 years. Also I dic a lot of curriculum development and am in leadership position --> I quite enjoy this role, much more than teaching. - NOt sure if I want to go back to research.
  3. This year all chidren are at school. I'm ready to prepare myself for working outside of home. For those who used to be a SAHM and is now working, a. what job do you do ? b. can you support your family with that job if you have to ? c. how do you land your job ? Thanks Dian
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