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  1. I haven't looked at Oak Meadow in a few years. In the earlier years I wasn't thrilled with their offerings, but I will look into it again and see what fifth grade looks like. Thanks for the suggestion!
  2. Hello all -- I have mostly been in lurk mode on these forums in recent months. I received a lot of great advice from you wonderful moms last year and made most of my curriculum decisions based on all the wonderful information I found here. Now that I'm looking to the fall I am once again turning to you for some advice. My twins will be in fifth grade this fall and this will be my sixth year of homeschooling. (We brought them home mid-way through their kindergarten year.) I work out of the home three days a week and must be in communication with my office on the other two days, so m
  3. I voted "other." I never in a million years thought I would homeschool my kids. I didn't know a single soul who homeschooled their kids or had been homeschooled themselves. But halfway into my twins' kindergarten year it became readily apparent that my son was falling through the cracks with no hope of ever catching up to his sister simply because he's a twice-gifted kid that dumbfounded his teacher. We very reluctantly began homeschooling in 2004 and here we are 4.5 years later! I consider myself situational at this point because if the right private school situation presented itself and
  4. Have you been tested for systemic yeast? I had a horrible case of mastitis after my twins were born that eventually led to a six month bout of inflammatory arthritis involving every joint in my body. On a whim my rheumatologist decided to test me for systemic yeast and voila -- the root cause of all my troubles. A four week treatment of liquid Nystatin (the type they use in babies for oral thrush) was all it took to clear everything up. Hope this helps!
  5. My avatar is a picture of myself with my twins taken when we were on vacation in 2007.
  6. We've been using Spelling Workout since first grade (my kids are currently in fourth) and both have become very good spellers. I have to admit that I, too, like the looks of the Spelling Skills books that JudoMom posted.
  7. I will second (and third and fourth and fifth!) the recommendation for Nobilo sauvingnon blanc from New Zealand. Monkey Bay is also nice, but Nobilo is just a smidge better in my opinion. If you're looking for something with a less distinctive taste, Clos du Bois produces a very nice chardonnay at a reasonable price. If you like pinot grigio, Cavit is good choice and it's not expensive. I used to hate red wine but my husband prefers it so I eventually developed a taste for it. My favorite reds are Spanish riojas, with Montecillo being one of our favorites (especially the reserva). I
  8. Me, too. I'm a newbie here and haven't posted much on this forum but I have to say that these posts have really touched my heart today. What a lucky, lucky little boy to have a new mom and dad and siblings to love him. :::tears:::
  9. We started with GWG4 and my kids had never done diagramming before. They picked it right up and actually enjoy it! There is plenty of repetition so my kids have retained it well.
  10. My kids both enjoy GWG and are retaining the material very well. I teach the lessons, however -- they don't do them independently. I'll read the lesson aloud and show the examples on a whiteboard, and then they complete the worksheets. We go over their answers together and make any necessary corrections. I will sometimes supplement with additional grammar worksheets to further reinforce a concept, but not always. I think GWG is a great program and am so happy I followed the recommendations of the ladies here to give it a try. We supplement with Writing Tales and Spelling Workout.
  11. Thanks so much for this advice, especially about the last 20 lessons not being covered in depth. That's good to know. I think when the materials arrive I'll look everything over and determine at what point in the program my kids do not have a solid knowledge base and begin from there. Even if there are things scattered throughout that my kids have already mastered, it won't hurt to go over them again and we can move quickly through those areas if necessary. I appreciate the advice everyone!
  12. I am using Growing with Grammar along with Writing Tales and Spelling Workout with my nine year old (fourth grade) twins and it is working out very well for us. They really enjoy GWG and seem to be retaining the information very well.
  13. My daughter started developing breast buds about five months before her ninth birthday. She is also starting to sprout hair under her arms and in her nether regions. I don't remember developing breasts that young (I'm actually still waiting at the ripe old age of 44 :laugh: ), but I did get my first period at 11. I am so not ready for my kids to grow up. They're still my babies!
  14. I like this idea. That might help to avoid boredom issues with either program. Thanks!
  15. Thanks so much for posting the Table of Contents -- that helps a lot. It looks like we may have to jump around a bit in Saxon because my kids know some of this and some of that, and not necessarily in the order that Saxon covers it. I hear a lot about Singapore's word problems. Does Saxon have a good amount of word problems? If not, maybe I should include a book on Singapore's word problems. I'm going back a grade in Saxon so it makes sense to go back a grade with Singapore as well. I really want to focus on getting the basic facts down since both of my kids seem to be lacking in th
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