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  1. You stole 257 cookies!


    Rules of the game: if you find this (anyone except the cookie thief themselves) then post here to say "I caught the cookie thief! BUT... someone else took 258 cookies from the cookie jar!" That way we know this player has been caught and we'll look on another profile. Next, copy this entire post and paste it onto someone else's profile (player must have more than 100 posts and must have been active in the last month.) Lastly, change the numbers so each increase by one. It will be easier to track that way. Please post your findings in the thread entitled SOMEONE STOLE A COOKIE! Forum Game. Have Fun!

  2. takes only a few minutes each day and builds gradually. I had the same feelings until I got help from a tutor. He has changed Latin from my most dreaded subject to our favorite (alongside history). We are using Ecce Romani with the tutor, GSWL independently, and Rosetta Stone Latin for fun. Both dds did Prima Latina which is super easy to do. I really want the dc to do Latin so it was a priority to find a way.
  3. I want to cover world history in 3 years for my middle-schooler. How would you divide the history between 6, 7, and 8th grades? Thanks.
  4. The joint joining my right thumb to my hand has been hurting and is inflamed. What are the different things this could be? How should I treat it? TIA
  5. A full roaster chicken came out of the oven last night at 11:00PM. We put it on the counter to cool and forgot all about it until this morning. Do I toss this? UGH.
  6. One of my dearest and oldest friends died yesterday unexpectedly. He had a massive heart attack and died in his sleep. He was 40. I want to talk to him. I want to pick up the phone and call him and just shoot the sh...t like we've been doing since we're twelve.
  7. :crying: I had never seen a live production before and was only marginally aware of the plot. I just cried and cried -- I don't cry -- but boy did I ever! Anyone else have a very strong reaction during a musical?
  8. I read SWB's recommendation that 7th or 8th graders who are starting R&S English, go back and start with R&S 5th. My questions: What about 6th graders who are starting with R&S English? Should they also go back and start with R&S5 or does R&S6 cover enough of the 5th that they can start there? My dd/5th has completed GWG6 and I am not sure if I should place her in R&S 5 or 6. Thanks.
  9. Her "problem" is that she has a good ear and plays her songs by ear and struggles when I have her READ the notes on the page. She has been very helped in other subjects by drilling. I think a flashmaster-like product that shows a line of notes and has her call them out would be helpful to her.
  10. I want to drill my dd in reading musical notes. I have looked at lots of things and have decided that something like Flashmaster would be good where she can just drill away until she gets 100%.. Does it exist?
  11. Is dd supposed to be doing pre-algebra in 6th grade? We are finishing R&S MATH 5 now and she has done fine with it. I am just not sure if it goes along a path to prepare her for higher maths in high school. What is the proper sequence for math in middle school? If she should do pre-algebra in 6th, will you please recommend your favorite curriculum for that? Thanks.
  12. :confused: DD age 11, grade 5, is finishing up GWG6. She does the lessons fairly quickly and gets it almost all right. However, it DOES NOT stick. When faced with grammar basics outside of her GWG workbook, she cannot apply it and pick out the parts of a sentence, etc., without a lot of mistakes and hemming and hawing. How can this be? She did FLL1 and GWG 3, 4, 5, and 6!!!! She gets good scores on the work. Where do I go from here? I read and re-read all of the grammar threads and I can't figure out the right curriculum to help this child. I like how clean and direct GWG is. FLL was just too wordy for us. Anyone know how to help?
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