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  1. Hey, haven't seen you 'round the boards in a long time! Hope all is well with you and yours!

  2. :lol: I was cooking snickerdoodles with DS14 the other day. I was reading the recipe as we went. We got to when you make the dough into balls and roll them in cinnamon and sugar. If that wasn't bad enough you are then supposed to place the coated balls on a cookie sheet. Sheesh...I had to have him leave the kitchen because he could barely talk he was laughing so hard. :glare:
  3. Ahhh, paperwork...a part of marriage I was not expecting. I made a deal with DH that because of that, he was responsible for shaving my granny whiskers when I'm old.
  4. Kari, I have been praying for you and your family. I just cannot imagine your grief. The fireworks sound like a great celebration of his life! My thoughts are with you. Katy
  5. I have two. The first one is a grocery cart scanner. We spend so much time filling that puppy up (I buy for 7), then we have to unload it at the register, put it all back in the cart again, load up the car, then lug it in the house when we get home. Why can't someone invent a scanner that scans the groceries in the cart and then we can be on our way? I know it's flawed, but it's a start for someone a lot smarter than me. :D The other relates to my first, somewhat. I always forget where I leave my van in a large parking lot. I think there should be an option on cars that you can press a
  6. Any ideas where to find them? I have a new school room, but no money. :D I wondered if any organizations offer them for free.
  7. Rarely. I plan breakfast, snack, lunch, snack and dinner. This is usually enough if we eat dinner a little later. If we do have a snack before bed, it's popcorn.
  8. Yum! Thank you. I just needed a place to start. Any more ideas will be welcome!
  9. What do you put on pizza if someone cannot tolerate the cheese? My DD is becoming increasingly sensitive to cheese but loves pizza. Any ideas?
  10. One of my favorite Chinese joints has "We Delivery!" on the menu. :D I also saw a sign for "Free Puppys" in my neighborhood. :001_smile:
  11. Thanks, ladies! I am trying to find Jump In! in my curriculum arsenal (I know it's here somewhere). I'm also looking into the other suggestions. Has anyone heard of or used EDUDPS? I found it by googling writing programs.
  12. I'd love to participate. Although, this week would be frozen chicken nuggets. Not very tasty! I'll try to catch it next week. I'm shooting for tasty and CHEAP! :D
  13. I'd like to do a writing program with all of my kids this summer. Something we can do for an hour or two every morning. I need something cheap and something that I can tailor to an age range from 9-16. It might be overkill for the older 2, but it can't hurt them, you know? I am just not happy with their writing skills and I have really neglected this area for the past year. Any ideas?
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