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  1. Is this what you are referring to? http://www.taipeitimes.com/News/world/archives/2005/10/09/2003275089
  2. Funny thing is though, your explanations are within only what you deem logical. God of the gaps isn't something people of faith believe in but it is the role you delegate to god because you simply can't conceive of anything else. One doesn't have to ignore science in order to believe in the spiritual realm and yet you keep insisting that one does. That just isn't true no matter how often it is said.
  3. Just throwing this out there since I haven't been part of this conversation. I really can see both sides. I understand why some people say there is no god. For me, though, I can't get past this pesky person named Jesus. I can't get past how the New Testament makes sense in light of the Old Testament, that prophecies were fulfilled and that Christian theology makes logical sense. Modern psychology doesn't have any satisfying answers to me as to why people act the way they do. Science only makes sense if there are unbreakable laws governing the universe which, to me, implies a creator/designer. Science can only explain the hows, never the whys. Whys don't exist. (I just could never believe that.) Chemical processes just aren't enough of an answer. Materialism will never be satisfactory to me in the same way spiritualism (for lack of a better word) will never be satisfactory to someone else.
  4. YES! What she said!
  5. I once got a lecture on the dangers of kidnapping because two of my kids were in the car, buckled into their carseats, with the windows down while I was standing on the sidewalk less than 20 feet away and facing them. Apparently, anyone could have grabbed them and ran off. :huh:
  6. So if my husband kills an intruder who intends to harm us, he's just simply killing someone else, not putting himself in harm's way to protect us. Okay. Got it. Not really sure I want to know what your opinion of soldiering is.
  7. It also says "Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends." It is not hypocritical for some in a church to put themselves between others and harm.
  8. Smaller Protestant church--security cameras and men who patrol the grounds during services.
  9. I don't like long division but this year I've realized that I do like simplifying algebraic expressions. It's like tidying up or something.
  10. My family loves this: http://www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/baked-ham-tetrazzini It has cheese and a can of cream of mushroom soup (yeah, I know) but they scarf it down. It's one of the few things they ALL like. You can add some broccoli or asparagus or other vegetable to it.
  11. I can usually find some decent things there for a decent price. I got a Kohl's credit card because they offered an additional % off sale prices when using their credit card. I pay off the card using cash right after they finishing ringing up the sale so I never carry a balance.
  12. Here's a better article I think: http://www.newscientist.com/article/dn27263-anglo-saxon-remedy-kills-hospital-superbug-mrsa.html. I wondered too how anyone would first come up with the idea to put these ingredients together.
  13. "Graham, Phelps, and others like them"? I'd hardly lump Graham and Phelps in the same category. Good grief.
  14. I didn't know this so thanks! We used to make boxes with our old homeschool group but now I wouldn't know where to drop off boxes. Chick-fil-a is just down the road
  15. I've seen Christmas lights outside already. It used to bother me but I've decided this year that I will just enjoy it!! :-)
  16. We attend a co-op twice a month. There are four families, all doing a CM-style approach to schooling. We cover the fun extras like folksongs, hymns, picture study, composer study, Shakespeare, handicrafts, poetry. Kids range in ages from 1 to 17. All kids are together for every subject except for their literature discussion groups. Then we break down into three groups. We meet for about five hours. We do two terms per year (three months each) and then have a family night at the end of each term to show the dads and other extended friends and family what we have been doing.
  17. When we lived out in the country, I didn't think much of it. Now that we are in town, I usually check a local news website the next morning to see what happened. Gunshots aren't all that uncommon in our neighborhood but rarely is it someone actually being shot. One night we thought for sure we heard a shotgun blast very close. Dh and I went outside to see what was going on (why would we do that?!) Turns out it was fireworks.
  18. Sometimes, after everyone else is asleep, I'll watch a rerun of The Office (because I didn't see it the first time!) or part of a late night talk show before going to sleep. I use BBC on demand to watch the latest Doctor Who episodes. I might get time for one episode every other weekend. That's about it.
  19. Just remember that when hiking down into the canyon, it gets much hotter than the temps up above.
  20. I still go to the doctor with my 16 yo ds. At his sports physical this past year, I asked if he wanted me to leave the exam room or stay with him and he said he wanted me to stay. Dh hates going to the doctor by himself so I always go along with him. I've only had one dentist tell me I wasn't allowed back. The dentist my kids have been seeing for the last two years always lets me back with the kids. Same with the eye doctor. I've taken elderly neighbors to the doctor and they insist I also go into the exam room with them. Like other pps have said, it can be good to have someone with you.
  21. Garrison Keillor used to drive me NUTS when I was a kid! I hated hearing him breathe. I eventually got over it though, thankfully!
  22. I'd like to see this. My oldest ds is a gifted athlete but not gifted academically. He works very hard but only manages a high C/low B average. He'd probably earn a college scholarship for his athletic ability but wouldn't be able to handle a D-I school academically. Luckily, he's into baseball so he has some options. Kids who are gifted athletes need an outlet for their abilities too! It shouldn't have to be tied to schooling.
  23. This just popped up on my FB. I always feel sad when a perfectly gorgeous woman chooses to surgically alter her face. I know I don't know what she is thinking but I thought she was so pretty before. She looks completely different. It would be weird to look in the mirror and see a different person looking back at you.
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