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  1. I could only find this level for Old Mother West Wind (also by Burgess): https://lexile.com/fab/results/?keyword=burgess+animal+book That would put it at around a 7th grade level. :confused: We've read the Burgess Animal Book but not OMWW so I'm not sure how they compare. My 8 yo dd has little trouble with the Animal Book. I'm curious too now!
  2. Wondering if anyone in AZ has been able to have their homeschoolers take just one class at a public school?
  3. My dh once stopped a pitbull charging him and my son by raising his arms and screaming very loudly at it. It dog went flat on the ground. It gave them enough time to get away. My dh is naturally intimidating to most people even so I imagine that helped with the dog. I don't know if that would work for me! One of our neighbors carries a golf putter when she walks, just so she doesn't feel completely defenseless. You could make a call to animal control and find out if they tell the owner who called.
  4. That's great! I finally read it this morning. I'd like to read more! :-) I thought the website said the final 10 manuscripts would be posted Nov. 3.
  5. Much of the food handed out at our local food bank is expired--baked goods and produce usually. Often most of the produce has to be eaten in one day or preserved in some way or thrown out. The bakery items will mold after one day and some is already moldy when handed out. It was very surprising when I first saw this!
  6. I've been wondering about this also. What about people who are uninsured? I can't imagine the cost already with just the three cases that were diagnosed here. Was Duncan insured? Do the nurses have coverage for this disease? (Do some insurance plans actually exclude ebola?) If more and more people get this, I don't know that these people will be flown across country to specialized hospitals. I've also wondered about the number of hospitals that are even equipped to deal with this.
  7. My sons' pitching coach works for the Royals so we are cheering for the Royals here too!! (now that the A's are out, of course :001_smile: )
  8. I love the butterscotch squares .... but everything they have is amazing
  9. Make pine needle baskets. Search youtube for tutorials. I like the idea of making preserves!
  10. The church we attend is very much sola scriptura and yet tradition is viewed highly. Tradition in the sense of what early church fathers wrote and following their logic and arguments for certain doctrines, not in the sense that it is equal in divine revelation to Scripture. I think throwing out tradition altogether is a mistake some sola scriptura churches make unfortunately. The early church had creeds for a reason.
  11. I know one of the recommendations is proper hand washing but when I see these doctors and nurses in protective suits, somehow the recommendation to wash your hands doesn't inspire confidence. :mellow:
  12. We've never had our kids in school but I've often thought my kids have more free time because they are homeschooled. Hopefully it will get better for both of you!
  13. I think feminism has changed for the better over the last couple of decades. About 20-22 years ago, I had a conversation with my college advisor. She was a far left feminist. In our conversation, somehow the subject of rape came up. I told her how I had watched a SNL sketch that included jokes about male rape in prison and how I was surprised they would do that because no one would ever dream of doing a sketch mocking the rape of women. She honestly had never considered that point of view--that if rape of women was horrible, it was equally horrible when it happened to men. We discussed it for a while. It made an impression on me because I was shocked that she had never even thought of that.
  14. I didn't realize that about buying large bags of bulk items. I already like their bulk prices. I'll have to consider that. My family's biggest reason to like Winco was because it carried Tillamook ice cream. Other stores in our area carry it now. Some things are cheaper at Walmart (like store brand meds) but overall I think the prices are better at Winco. And I love the bulk food section!
  15. That brings tears to my eyes. This is what I think about when I meet couples who have chosen not to have children or meet older men who left their families years ago. We manage a 55+ community and meet these people frequently. I sat at the bedside of a dying man because he had no contact with his children for years and there was no one to sit with him. No one in the world cared if he lived or died--except my family. It is heart-breaking. I have older men who need help and want me to go with them to the doctor, help them with their medication, pick up groceries, change their bandages, just visit with them. All the things their children should be doing. I see what happens in the last stage of life to people who have no children or no relationship with their children. It's quite ugly and sad.
  16. This is why I have a problem with people saying "prejudice" is wrong. We all show prejudice in decisions we make everyday. It's common sense. Having a prejudice against people is wrong because people deserve more respect than that. Dogs don't. My dh and I manage property and you can bet that we discriminate against certain breeds of dogs. We don't want the legal trouble if someone decides to sue us after an incident because we allowed aggressive breeds in our place. Our insurance would skyrocket if we allowed pitbulls.
  17. I'm sorry this happened to your dog! We were just involved in an incident (as bystanders) where a man's dog was attacked by two pit bulls. The owner of the dog attacked drew a gun because he couldn't separate the dogs and is now charged with aggravated assault (because the pitbull owners claimed he was threatening them, not the dogs) while the dogs that attacked in the first place were never removed by animal control. ("They 'only' attacked an animal, not a person." But, legally, their hands were tied.) They were in a fenced yard and jumped it to attack the other dog that was walking by. The owners of the pit bulls watched and laughed until the other guy threatened to shoot their dogs. I wonder, too, why idiot people are most attracted to the aggressive dogs. I hope your dog is okay!
  18. That's awesome! My oldest dd will need phase two so I can imagine how thrilled you are!
  19. I don't think most Texans really want to leave. It's just that they like to remind the rest of the country that they are here by choice, not force. :-)
  20. My only thought was that if Scotland did vote for independence, whatever form of currency they used might make it more affordable to visit. :-)
  21. Live results http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/scottish-independence/11106917/Scottish-independence-live-results-as-they-happen.html
  22. I'm sorry if you got that impression from my post. I'd never presume to tell anyone in particular that their disbelief is because they didn't understand or were ignorant. (Although I would still say that there is a general lack of history and education in today's American churches.) It's also equally insulting to be told that the only reason you believe in something is because you have never studied it, are too stupid or lazy to think anything else than what you have been taught, or that you are blindly clinging to a sinking ship because you are too afraid to let go.
  23. I'd argue that most kids aren't educated at all in the logic of their faith and therefore have no response to any critique of it. The current American church has been relying on the vague concepts of community and comfort for far too long. The early Christians weren't believers because of that. Christianity didn't spread worldwide because of that. Christians don't stand firm in the face of persecution and death because of that.
  24. "But we’ve forgotten that an important component of education is exposing kids to things they can’t yet understand in order to build important connections later on." I liked this quote. Kids usually don't wake up one day and decide to be educated. It's a process facilitated by parents and teachers. I've seen good Sunday School programs and I've seen ones that are no better than simple babysitting. Our church has Sunday School, then a worship service. We have children's church for two- and three-year-olds and the purpose of it is to prepare kids to sit through the worship service. Worship is something we do together, not a spectator sport.
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