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  1. I do better growing indoors than out. I just put in a countertop garden in the kitchen. I neglect it less because I'm standing right there next it while I cook and clean. The potatoes are outside in pots. I'm trying to remember them. I Have More Containers To Fill With Veggies. JUst Some POts, BUckets, Things like That. LOw investment. I buy Potting soil. I Dont Trust our desert Dirt. We put in a fairy garden in the front yard yesterday. So far, it's my favorite landscaping ever. So cute. Needs No Upkeep. Next Up Is Making Stepping Stones And Putting In Some Extremely Tolerant Flowers To Mingle With The Weeds. I wish Them Luck. Are You Growing Veggies, Flowers, Both? For Food Or Curb Appeal?
  2. Usually, I made a list and we took turns crossing them off until there was just one left. For most, I chose the middle name after a family member. Except for #2. we had both boy and girl names picked out as Ben was supposed to be Rachael, and for the last two, we didn't find out. For #2, we barely had a boy name and we were really sure he was a boy. For #4, D was in charge of making the decision and I had veto power. I helped him a lot though because he really had no clue how to go about choosing names.
  3. I agree with arcticmama. That's why we stopped finding out. I really and truly did not care in the end. With all of my complications, I just wanted to make it to term with a living child. I didn't want to hear anything about gender. Yes. Luna's name is Victoria. I don't care. After D vetoed every other name I liked, it occurred to me that I can call her whatever I want, regardless of what's on her birth certificate. I was 100% sure we were having an Adam, which I loved, so I agreed to Victoria half-heartedly. But I can still call her Luna if I want.
  4. I buy used books from library sales, flea markets, used book stores, and thrift stores and we use a LOT of digital material. I pretty much never buy new books. If I didn't have access to any of those sources, I think I would explore my online options for used books. Edit: We spend very little. On the early grades, nothing approaching $100 a year. The library is a good resource, but certainly not a necessity. Digital materials save us way more money than the lending library. Edit 2: The best source by far is other homeschoolers. I was given 6 large boxes of school books by someone who was moving when we first arrived here. I have a huge box of books I selected for a friend who is getting started with her 4 yr old. Groups we have been a part of have done book exchanges. That is my favorite.
  5. We have a table for 8 (two IKEA tables together) with 8 chairs in my kitchen and it just fits. I love it! It did take a bit of adjustment from a large formal dining room ( we had a sofa in the dining room at one point because it was so large for us). It's a bit snug. I just this week switched for benches to chairs, and I'm not sure I don't want benches again. But there is plenty of room, so I'm happy either way. I have always kept the kitchen closed before this house. I probably should have invested in some extra large gates. Now we are comfortable here, and I don't feel like we need them.
  6. Without reading the responses, my husband has a degree from an online school that offers a specialized degree in his field (safety). It's not a widely available degree, and it's a field that most people enter later in life. Not only is it well-accepted and recognized, but when he interviewed at a Fortune 100 company, the interviewer was attending the same school. He got the job. While there surely are crappy programs, there are also good ones, like this one that fill a need not being met elsewhere. I think you have to take each program by its own merits.
  7. Mine, too. No stuff beyond towel and water bottle is allowed, and no saving machines.
  8. The general public and the press do not care to make this distinction. We have seen over and over the parent removes the child from school-or they just stop going- and the press dubs them homeschoolers, even though nothing of the kind is happening. No registration, no paperwork, just kid at home=homeschool. I have read stories where the neighbors just assumed the kids ere homeschooled because they weren't in school. To a lot of people, it seems that homeschooling=truancy. Do you not hear people talk all. the. time. about homeschoolers not teaching their kids anything? Even here, we have frequent threads about all the deadbeat homeschoolers and their neglected children.
  9. My first two, my second two and my last all have SUCH different approaches to life. The first two never ask for anything, eat whatever is in front of them, thank me for everything. The second two ask for treats, are picky eaters, Expect to go shopping, and are generally pretty secure in their financial support expectations. The baby is SPOILED. She expects to receive everything she wants, always expects to get her own way, immediate gratification. It's so crazy to me that I can map exactly how our lives have been and how it has effected them.
  10. If he's interested in medicine, isn't averse to a short training program, there are a lot of tech positions that would fit his criteria, like phlebotomy or medical assistant.
  11. Not for us, but I have seen Handwriting Without Tears referred to as Handwriting WITH Tears often enough.
  12. It sounds like you have a sway back. So you are normally thrusting your hips forward. When you were young, did your mother tell you not to stick your butt out? When you do squats, and really any bending exercise, you should be sticking your butt way out. I have lordosis and big butt that sticks out all the time, and I still had to learn to stick it really out and lean forward to do proper squats. They don't hurt my knees anymore, and they are my favorite. Ask your PT specifically for exercises to do at home to reposition your hips. And yes, twerking would be good for you. Gaining flexibility in the pelvic area should be a goal.
  13. Buy a cute hat, a scarf, and a wide head band. Try them all and see which one you like.
  14. I'm still lying in bed, so that's a good start. Today I have cookies and pita to bake, gifts to wrap, and Christmas movies to watch. The kids have a gingerbread house they might build. D is organizing an online Christmas lights competition and a white elephant for us.
  15. He's been on Zyrtec for 2 weeks with no improvement. His provider diagnosed him with allergies a year ago, but we were new here, so we waited it out. It's getting so much worse. D and I also have allergies. I take Zyrtec, but it doesn't work for D. He's trying different things. Benedryl does knock him out. He's had it many times. But I will give it to him if it's the best thing to get him some relief. I can't imagine he would tolerate a nasal spray. He fights everything. Brushing hair, washing face, blowing his nose. I can't imagine that a nasal spray wouldn't end in sobbing, drooling tears every. single. time. Edit: I'm 100% that nasal steroids are what he needs, but the emotional trauma would not be worth the mild discomfort.
  16. W has such a bad runny nose for WEEKS. He is sniffling and snotting constantly and his skin around his nose is in terrible shape. His provider put him on Zyrtec, but it is doing nothing. I'm taking him back after the holidays, but he needs something NOW. He's a mess, and I can't stand it another second. I'm inclined to give him benedryl, but is there anything that won't knock him out? Edit: I am flushing his nose, but his is not cooperative.
  17. Yes, this too. I did use the Goya brand last week. (We love gravy) It was VERY hammy.
  18. I made ham gravy from a spiral sliced ham yesterday. I did the ham in a roaster oven, with gold and sweet potatoes, and roasted a garlic, too. I added a few inches of water. I mashed the potatoes, cooked egg noodles in the drippings, then thickened the drippings with a bit of cornstarch. I did end up seasoning the gravy because it was bit bland. Usually it's too strong and I water it down a bit. I should have sugared and spiced the ham, but I just used the packet. This is how my mama taught me. I always do it this way.
  19. I just got my first Ipsy. It sounded more my style than Sephora. I love mine. It was everything I needed. I hope you love yours.
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