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  1. This is such a good explanation of this phrase. It does bother me when people claim god's favor based on their own successes and luck. It feels arrogant. But this description ( and you r following posts) bring it much closer to my own ideas of destiny and karma. Karma doesn't care. It doesn't love or hate. it just is. No matter how you feel about it.
  2. I use that phrase as a Buddhist, because I'm not aware of nonchristian equivalent of receiving fate's favor ( this one time) when it could have just as easily been me. I especially like to whip this out when it feels like the conversation leans in the direction of victim blaming. There unfortunately are people (Christian or not) who believe that we get *exactly* what we deserve and that if tragedy befalls you or yours it because of some error on your part. This leads to a lot of blame and suspicion that no matter how good and perfect a victim of tragedy appears, they must surely have s
  3. There is always, always at least one pair of underwear on the floor. Probably in the living room. Could belong to anyone. Usually clean (thank goodness).
  4. I'm thinking I'll go to JBs this afternoon and pick up a pie. Or, if I don't make it that far, I'll see if the little grocery in town has one. My middle three are at day camp this week and next. D is down with a sinus infection and bronchitis. Luna is destroying everything she can get close to. I'm getting over a stomach bug. We brought germs back from our trip to Cali this weekend. We're generally in survival mode around here. No family friends growing up. My parents were really close with my dad's family. We are furnishing our house. We will probably not do it again for a lot of yea
  5. You can be private about it, but still take necessary measures. Buying condoms, talking to your partner and speaking to your medical provider are all necessary to a safe and healthy sex life.
  6. I thought so, but I wasn't sure. How confident are you in the diagnosis? Have you had a full physical with your primary care recently?
  7. I knew someone with this problem. It was polyps. She suffered with it for a long time. A minor surgery took care of it.
  8. Are you seeing an ophthalmologist? I agree with PPs that it is time to look at other possible causes.
  9. I used it with my first two. Yes. it is 100% no prep, open and go. Super easy. It is intended for very young children. k-2. We don't do original writing at such a young age and I didn't realize that it was a bit too young for them. But I did love the method for new writers. There is a similar book for older children, but I didn't get it and made No More! I'm done work for us.
  10. Three of mine have had long hair off and on. All three are growing it out again now. One has thin, straight hair and will probably keep bangs shorter in the front. He is gelling the bangs to the side. We use Gorilla Snot. It really sticky and flexible, made for children. If he wants to grow out the front, he will continue gelling it like this as long as he needs. He generally wears it in a long bowl/surfer style. Next one has medium thick, straight hair. His is shaved on the sides, long on top. We use the same gel and style it either to the side or straight back. The third has thin, curly
  11. We just got home from vacation, so it's a short week for us. Tonight we brought home 5 kinds of Tijuana-style street tacos Tortellini in tomato cream sauce Linguine with mussels Lentil shepherds pie ( I see someone else is making this too. Mine is much more plain) spaghetti with sausage and tomato
  12. I didn't care when we bought our last house. We had no friends, undesirable neighbors, and extremely limited opportunities for our children. This time we chose much more carefully. This town is extremely modest, even run down. But people are kind and welcoming, children are plentiful, and opportunities abound.
  13. Yes, I know it, but don't use it myself. This is how I hear it in my head.
  14. For our small house, to produce 125% of our power usage, using no battery and receiving credits for power, we are paying approximately $20k. Our monthly payments are about half of our current usage. The panels are installed, but not working yet. It has been over a year and a huge pitb. We did get a free panel upgrade out of it. The price depends on the number of panels, and I'm sure other factors. We pretty much maxed out our house. We have a small foot print,a nearly flat roof, and our house faces a funny angle so we get direct sun all day. The solar guys were excited when they saw the ho
  15. White sheer curtains, and a white-multicolor fleece blanket on the bed. They are washable. I put white paper blinds in the little kids room. I don't know how, but they are doing great.
  16. Celery, I was called a troll in my first couple of posts, too. I had to get used to the style of posting ( LOTS of background info is required) and I started with some controversial posts about religion because I was having negative experiences being a religious minority. I jumped right in to see if I would be scolded, banned, or deleted again. So maybe I was trolling a little, but that wasn't my intention. Trolling is intentionally stirring up trouble, often through deception. Posing as something you aren't to get people fired up. IMO this board is quick to distrust newcomers. I agree w
  17. Ooh. That does look nice. Especially the bulk teas. There is a place down here that is similar. I haven't been in a while. I might pop by this weekend.
  18. Happy birthday month, Scrap. What town and which shop? We school year round. I order curriculum twice a year or more. Jason is one a calendar year and the others are on school year. He started 3rd grade in January. I just ordered curriculum for everyone else last week. We do a month (roughly) of each subject, then switch. I don't like CAP grammar. So disappointing. I felt so inspired by their convention booth, glossy materials, helpful staff. But it just isn't working for us. I switched the kids over to daily folders which I love. I used up the workbooks that are lingering about. N
  19. I sat in on a day of CC after hearing a glowing report from other moms. I was disappointed that they weren't offering anything more than what we already did at home, except a pseudo classroom, which to me is not an advantage. We were using better materials, and my presentation is better. My kids were more engaged with less busywork. I nearly fainted when I saw the price. I would have liked that kind of consistent social interaction with a stable peer group.
  20. I don't know if you've already presented and it's too late, but do you plan to offer work around or adaptations? We are now using daily folders. Same idea, but one each day. I find it helps with the problem of the occasional skipped day or short week. The folders are numbered, not dated. The only thing that to me is a total no go for this system is any textbook or group learning or self-paced type of program or one that is used unpredictably or occasionally.
  21. 5 hr energy is a vitamin b supplement. It won't keep you awake, but it will help if you are low on b vits.
  22. Well, I took amphetamines and balanced them with alcohol and opiates starting from age 13 so... energy drinks don't sound crazy to me. I don't let my kids do those either. Because I want them to have a better life than I did.
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