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  1. Yup. Still. I have been home for 10 years, not working in my field, not using my degree, while I support his crazy hours. He's out of town right now. He works 4 days, off three days. I could pick up shifts, but he's not ok with being responsible for the kids while I work. I wish I hadn't gone back to school. We have so much student loan debt for a degree I have never used.
  2. Oh, I like this. I don't want to go into graphic detail. I just want a quick answer that doesn't require me to explain my life choices to some stranger who probably doesn't care at all.
  3. 80% of what we study is not formal curriculum. I write math problems, give them books of math and letter games, give my older kids writing prompts and edit their papers, on-the-spot grammar lessons, living books, Netflix documentaries. You know. Not things you can order from Rainbow Resource. When we use workbooks, it's like 8 different random workbooks. I just ordered 5 more to go with the 3? 4? my little kids already have. I couldn't even tell you what they are. I think I need to just go with, "I make my own program." Then if they want specifics, I can go deeper.
  4. I think part of the problem is that I don't really know what the question is leading to. I'm cool with extrapolating into our specific plans, methods, fun stuff. But I think people who are asking me are looking for an more similar to "Where does your child go to school?" or "Which online school do you use?" But i don't know. Maybe that's where I need to start. Why do you ask kind of question.
  5. Homeschoolers, past, present, and future. But I suspect more online/CC type schooling than what we do. I'm getting a lot of blank looks.
  6. These are all great responses. Keep them coming. My thoughts are starting to congeal a bit. OK this is kind of what i'm looking for. A clear, concise answer I can keep in my pocket. As long as no one wants lots of details-I can't imagine anyone would- I can say something like this, get my point across and not fumble too much.
  7. TO be clear, it's other homeschooling or soon-to-be homeschooling parents who are asking. I think they are hoping for advice or guidance or support or something. Which I got tons of in Louisiana, and I'm down with all of that. But the vibe is so different here.
  8. I don't use curriculum or online school or anything. I don't really follow a specific method, so I can't really say we are classical schoolers, or Montessori or whatever. I haven't been here long, but it seems like most people aren't real familiar with homeschooling and only associate it with online school or school-in-a-box. Which is fine, but no one seems to understand wtf I'm talking about when I they ask what program I'm using and I'm like, "Uh, no program. I teach them myself. Like...I do it myself." To which the response is "Oh you unschool." But I don't, and I reply, "No. I teach them. Like...I uh...actually teach them."and then I sound self-righteous like I'm judging everyone who does use a program, and that I think unschoolers don't teach their kids anything. Which I'm not. I just don't do it that way. I put together my own lessons, choose materials, and use workbook and textbooks as we like, but not really any one program, and it's all very confusing. I mean, I think this is just "homeschooling" or eclectic homeschooling, but it seems that the people I come across are not familiar with it and I don't know how to say it so that it makes sense, but doesn't sound judgey or braggy. Ideas to help me sound less jerky? Edited for clarity, I hope.
  9. I voted other because 0 is not an option. I have known MANY homeschooling families. Even the ones that I thought were not doing much actually were doing good work when i had a good look. They hadn't been talking to me about those things, but they were doing them quietly. I have heard many tales of subpar education, but I haven't encountered it myself. Unless I'm one of the crappy homeschoolers and just don't know it.
  10. A rock climbing gym near us has a homeschool class one day a week. We are planning to do our first one next week. It looks so fun.
  11. Take and bake pizzas and bbq ribs. I went shopping this morning, an I'm not cooking tonight. The rest of my week is going to be more creative.
  12. I stopped beating myself up for being late and forgetting things. I do try my best, and apologize when I forget. I have strategies to minimize the damage. But having a poor sense of time does not make me a lesser human being. Letting go of that has lifted a huge burden off of my shoulders. I started dressing better, and using more and better makeup and beauty products. I am finding aging much easier now that I feel pretty and stylish.
  13. :ohmy: I've never seen this. I'm horrified. Is there traffic? Are these country roads where there's no cross traffic? I live out in the country and I have never seen anyone run a red light, even without traffic.
  14. There is a Flylady challenge going on on the board. I read Flylady many years ago, before marriage, and have used a lot of what I learned. I have generally been able to keep up with the housework over the years, and have rarely felt overwhelmed, expect during very difficult times. I recommend checking it out.
  15. Guests use the front door, we use the back. They are maybe ten feet apart. the front door opens into an entry way. The back door opens into THE STOVE. If I'm cooking, I lock the back door so no one hits me with it. We have a carport which we use as a play area. We don't have a garage and don't park in the carport. The laundry closet is in the carport, too.
  16. I have heard Talkspace is easy to access, affordable and good quality. I have not used it myself.
  17. Luna wakes up shrieking most mornings. By mornings, I mean not yet daylight. I don't enjoy that. once she's up she's usually fine. If my boys are whiney and crabby, I send them back to bed. IMO you aren't ready to come out of your room until you are no longer grumpy.
  18. I am switching over to all white, mix and match. We are 7. We have 8 place settings, Plus one divided dish for Luna and 8 small plastic bowls.
  19. So far, so good. Kids are finishing up chores, planning is done, Luna is entertaining herself. We are going to the state fair on Friday. We've never been. I think it will be a good time. I;m trying to squeeze in a family game day and a zoo trip this week. I think I can make it happen. Today is story day. We need to fill in our Read to Ride sheets. 10 word book reports on 3 books. I really like this program. I have yet to crack open the state fair curriculum. I'll put it on the schedule somewhere.
  20. I give them the option to start right away or take a week off, or do something else (a week or a month or whatever of Khan for math or an independent study of some other subject before the next chapter of writing, or whatever). If I don't have the next book, they have to take a break until I order it and it comes in. We work in months, not years, so changing subject or levels mid year is not a big deal. Edit: We take breaks of a few weeks throughout the year, with the longest break May-July to allow my kids to attend day camp and take advantage of community events planned around public school. But we just pick up where we left off.
  21. mutual attraction. Flirting. Harmless infatuation. Nothing.
  22. Finishing high school in a year and graduating early is not that uncommon. I'm not sure why so many people are reacting so poorly to that. Colleges, vocational schools, and employers will accept a young graduate.
  23. If they aren't alone together, they aren't dating and the parents aren't wrong. They can be interested in each other, and spend time together in the company of her parents and not be in a dating relationship.
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