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  1. No, because in our neighborhood it is easy to just avoid people. When the weather is nice, dh and I take several walks a day and we've never even passed someone else on the same sidewalk. Everyone crosses the street or walks in the street.
  2. I've been wondering about the reports that this could possibly spread just via talking. Didn't we have several NBA teams who tested all of the team members and didn't we only have about a dozen test positive? Wouldn't there have been a higher number of positives (even if asymptomatic) if it was that easily spread?
  3. Yeah, we were going to NYC but not anymore. We will reschedule whenever things are better. Ds' summer abroad in London was just canceled by his University last week and dd received an email this week that her freshman orientation this summer would be online instead of at the University. We're all now just waiting to see if there will actually be in person classes for the fall semester.
  4. We tried to watch but bailed about half way through the fourth episode. Even though it wasn't completely focused on the actual animals, it still shows too much for us. It just made us sad. Also, I know we didn't finish but I also do not at all understand the weird love for Joe. He's awful.
  5. Oh, ds' college town stores are all fully stocked. Most kids went home so I think the stores there are selling much less than normal. Makes it easier for the ones like ds who stayed. It's about an hour from us.
  6. I've only ordered online the past few weeks but I have been able to get almost everything. I may not get the normal brand or type but nothing has been completely out except apple sauce. I was able to get chicken, beef, bread, eggs, veggies, fruit, milk - but no apple sauce. Weird. I haven't tried to get paper products, flour, or water though as we're good for a while on those.
  7. I go back and forth on continuing to get groceries delivered because I do feel rotten about it. In the end, I feel we're all safer the less people there are going so I'm still having them delivered. I am tipping way more than usual though and only choosing delivery early in the morning so hopefully less people and stores have just been cleaned.
  8. Yeah, the NPR map has my state at just around 650 cases but we had a jump overnight and are nearing 1000 now. Our total deaths jumped as well. 😥 ETA: And we're a state that's barely testing. We've tested less than 7000 people and have 981 positives so far. The first death in my county was community spread so I know our numbers are much worse.
  9. But our hospitals don't become completely overwhelmed with every new virus, and not even with the flu during bad years. This one is different.
  10. It's not just the virus. I would not get good medical care now for anything where I live so I am being cautious. News here is only talking about positive cases and deaths but conveniently leaving out conditions in our hospitals. My mom works in the largest hospital group here, though, and I know from her that it is an awful situation right now. They are overwhelmed. Also, anyone who thinks they aren't high risk for this virus isn't really paying attention. None of us know how it will affect us as there are young healthy people on ventilators and dying from it.
  11. We ordered takeout for the first time in weeks tonight. Considering how difficult that was for me, I'm thinking it's going to be a while. Probably until a vaccine or proven meds are available.
  12. Yes, my Midwest county only has 12 cases listed but we've had 3 deaths. I'm not sure about the 2 overnight but our first death was community transmission (no travel and no contact with anyone known positive), so we obviously have many more people with this thing but no one can get tested here unless you end up in the hospital.
  13. California is is reporting the first death of someone under 18 in the US. 😔
  14. I've been wondering what I'm missing too. Around here I have to go into the stores for the items most people want as the stores are making those things unavailable for pick up and delivery. I don't know why they just don't limit the amount per order. They are forcing us to shop inside. Makes no sense.
  15. Indiana also has a stay at home starting midnight tomorrow. Everyone is confused though because our idiot Governor made it out like the only difference is government employees will now be allowed to stay home. It seems like most other businesses are still working. Most I know are upset and feel it isn't enough.
  16. Do we know what the truly mild symptoms are? It seems like many of the wealthy/celebrities say they have really no symptoms but are positive. I'm just curious because I started with a sore throat and bad headache last week (which I've seen many recently mention as symptoms) them I had two days with an uncomfortable tickle in my chest. Never had that before. Now it's still a tickle when I take a breath but not as bad. I also have been coughing but not constant, just more than normal. I don't know if I've ever had fever but I also honestly can't remember the last time I did as I normally don't get one. It just seems like there isn't a lot of info about the really mild cases and some things I've read recently have me wondering.
  17. We're not a gun family due to some mental health issues in the past but dh did come home with pepper spray and a baseball bat the other day. He's obviously a bit worried. We have no security system either but many around us have Ring so I'm thinking of getting one just so we're not the only house without it. It's honestly not something I'm too worried about at the moment though.
  18. Quoting myself in case some think we're awful. He has an apartment an hour away near campus that we're still paying for. He would rather not be there because he doesn't drive and all his friends are here, so it's not like he has no where to go. Youngest was born with a messed up lung, so that takes priority over ds wanting to hang with friends while staying home. We're trying to avoid this virus for as long as we can.
  19. My college kid is with five friends playing D&D today. I'm mostly disappointed that they're being so stupid as they are usually quite level headed. Dh and I aren't sure what to do. We can say no more (don't even know if he has future plans yet) but he's 20 and we feel he would probably just go stay somewhere else then. I go back and forth but I'm thinking if he plans to come and go after today I will just tell him to stay elsewhere. It stinks and is frustrating.
  20. I've noticed that if I get on Instacart between 7:30-8:30am I can get delivery within a few hours. By 9am until bed it will list a wait of several days. So, it might help to try at odd or different times.
  21. Yeah, all my family is in Texas and I didn't think it was hitting hard there yet but just heard from niece that A&M is online for rest of semester as well.
  22. Can't link right now but is it true that Disneyland was given an exemption from the large gatherings ban? I just don't get the stupidity if true.
  23. So, we made it through the appointment. Doctors office was fine but the lab was packed. Hopefully it wasn't all for nothing as we found out quickly this doctor has very little experience with thyroid issues. He was very concerned that she had lost six pounds over the past 8 months though. She didn't need to lose weight and wasn't trying. She also eats and snacks all the dang time so I was surprised by it too. Hopefully have the lab results by early next week.
  24. Sounds like our kids go to the same school because ds' college parent page is exactly the same. It's frustrating.
  25. What's interesting is that their blood work from years ago showed possible hyperthyroidism but their symptoms now are of hypothyroidism. So, now I'm confused.
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