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  1. I'm sorry but I find the bold to be a bunch of bs and I'm American. I feel like I see "if you don't like it, leave" on almost a daily basis and it isn't because the people being told to leave find multiculturalism intolerable. My mouth actually flew open when I read this. It's just so far from the truth.
  2. We lived in FL for 10 years and have been to Disney several times but we only ate quick service food. We would usually just drive in for the day and food was never high on our list of things to do. Dd and I are tagging along on a work trip with dh in early March and the three of us decided we wanted to do Epcot and we would like to try out some of the better restaurants this time around. We usually just enjoy eating small bites here and there through Epcot but I thought one restaurant on site would be nice. Also, is the Spirit of Aloha luau worth it? I booked us for the night before Epcot but some of the reviews have me second guessing. So, what's your favorite sit down places inside Epcot? Where would be a nice place for dinner the night before Epcot (so not inside of one of the parks)? Also, dd's preference for food would be Asian or seafood.
  3. Don't you? I definitely have adjusted my manners and such when interacting with those I know that wouldn't appreciate the normal, Southern US ones I grew up with. Heck, I find myself doing so with others from the US at times who don't understand so definitely with those from outside the US.
  4. The only place I've so far been bothered by photography is the 9/11 memorials in NYC. The selfie taking there really bothered me. We took no pictures at all because it didn't feel right to do so to us. We've been to many museums and while some do seem to go overboard, it doesn't truly bother me.
  5. I know nothing of this particular situation but most 55+ communities I'm aware of are within regular communities. We have a 55+ older on our same street. We walk through it to go to our dentist, fave pizza place, and every time we go for a walk. It's so baffling to me why they pay to live there when the actual streets in front of their homes are usually full of kids riding their bikes around the neighborhood. In this case, since exceptions are allowed, I don't understand why they won't ok it. It seems harsh.
  6. I personally, just my own opinion, feel like patriotism here in the US has become something ugly. We don't even stand for the pledge anymore. Well, dh does but he was a Marine so it doesn't feel right to him not to, but he totally supports those who don't. I don't know, I just don't like what I've been seeing in regards to it these days. So I completely understand others looking in and finding that weird.
  7. In regards to the bold, yes! I've actually found the thread a bit amusing because I complain about so many of my fellow Americans for many of the same reasons listed. 😂
  8. I don't think saying it would be too difficult for me to walk away before marriage just because he's from a royal family has anything at all to do with thinking we all have only one true love. It just means I actually fell in love quickly with my husband and walking away wouldn't feel like an option. If it does seem that easy to some, then I question why they would be considering marriage in the first place.
  9. Heck, even the Sun says the money would go to charity! And I just checked and the Mail says the same.
  10. WTH? I don't stan anyone but I also don't get the hate. The kind of hate that refuses to believe the actual terms of a deal reported in the news. The idea we should all only believe video clips and look no further is not something I can get behind.
  11. Every single article I've read about this video also states the deal was that any money would go to Elephants Without Borders. I find it hard to believe at least one of those media outlets I read didn't question or try to refute that claim. Not the trashy nor the somewhat reliable ones did so that I've seen.
  12. Yeah, but I've gotta admit if what a poster up thread said is true - that William used his dead mother's advice while alive to try and guilt or manipulate Harry into not marrying when he did - I completely understand Harry being, and staying, ticked off. I know the poster didn't use the words guilt or manipulate but that is exactly what it sounds like to me. No matter how bad I might think one of my siblings is screwing up and doing something my dad told us not to do, I would absolutely never do that to them. Talk with them? Yes! Throw our dead dad's words at them to show I think they're screwing up? Never! And it would take me a very long time to forgive if they did so to me. ETA Went back to look at post. It was mumto2 about 19 hours ago. I can't see post numbers on my phone I guess?
  13. Didn't she seem to want her dad in her life also but he kept selling her out for money??? Much of her family seems to be the ones with issues, not her (at least IMO).
  14. I would also think being 35 when your mother died at 36 might have something to do with it. I know I'm coming up on surpassing my dad's age at his death and there's something about it that is very difficult. When you add in that he does seem worried about his wife, and mother of his child, going through the same media circus as his mom it can't be at all easy. I very much get wanting to just run away from it all.
  15. I actually wanted to be a wife and stay home mom.😂 I find it so weird that all I wanted is what I have. I don't know if I'll ever go back to work. This fall both dc will be off at college but dh's job is extremely flexible (he's been working from home the last four years) so me working would just throw a wrench in all our plans. I'm good with not doing so though. All of my siblings went on to college and had careers, even my sister, so it wasn't that my parents thought that was what I should do either. It was just what I always wanted. 🤷‍♀️ I am happy though that both of my dc want to pursue other things.
  16. Are there any really good ways to "try on" new hairstyles? Youngest wants a cut but has the hardest time figuring out what they want and an even harder time explaining it to anyone. We've tried a few apps and haven't liked any of them.
  17. I actually think it was better to leave him to his normal schedule with their family friend than to do international flights in just a few days.
  18. No sh*t! So much of the stuff being said here about them could be said about so many normal and healthy people - including my own dh and myself. We got married after four months of knowing each other and moved ourselves 1000 miles away from both families. After 20 years, we moved back near some family but are already planning on leaving again. Dh dropped all but one of his old friends because he didn't like the person he was then and only one other friend decided to grow up when dh did. People are seriously weird when it comes to these two and I don't get it.
  19. But let's assume the worst of them? Maybe the trademark was mostly about their charity? And having the rights to that brand/name and not allowing others to misuse it? Of course, I'm also someone who wouldn't care a bit if they did trademark it to sell socks. 🤷‍♀️
  20. I think the two of them are going to get hate from many no matter what they do, so they might as well do whatever the heck they want. I don't have a problem with them or this decision (or how it was supposedly handled). I've never really understood the hate they receive.
  21. I am one who has never cared. I remember always battling with my mom on these issues. When I was very young, I remember getting in trouble for always hiding the curling iron so my mom couldn't fix my hair before church on Sundays. Then, in middle and high school we had many arguments about me always going to school in sweats, no makeup, and hair in ponytail. That doesn't mean there weren't times then, and now, that I get dressed up and do hair and makeup but it is extremely rare. I'm going gray now and my mom doesn't understand that either. I just really don't care as long as I'm comfortable and happy (and dh is definitely happy with who I've always been). I will say when I started losing weight last year I thought I wanted to try new clothes and styles. I went back to what I'm comfortable in though, just in smaller sizes.
  22. Yep. I've been on my way into a store before and watched some random person shove a gun in the back waist band of their jeans. I leave because I don't want to knowingly be around that kind of stupid and dangerous. It definitely has shaped how safe I feel in some places. I live in a place that needs stronger requirements.
  23. There is no training required in my state. ETA: My state is one of the least restrictive. You can carry at 18 and you don't have to prove you know what you're doing. It's not OK.
  24. I don't carry. I feel that anyone who does should have to show proficiency and practice often. My mom carries but hasn't actually shot a gun in at least 40 years. 🤬 That shouldn't be legal, IMO.
  25. Sorry I posted and ran! We ended up busier today than I thought. To answer a few questions - We are planning to go in the fall, either September or October, so both dc will be away at college. This is a trip just for dh and I! We definitely want to hit Montreal and Quebec City the most. I figured Toronto would be another place we might want to see? We've done NYC and Chicago each a few times though and I'm not sure if Toronto will offer anything different. Also, the only sport we're interested in enough to go see an actual game is soccer so I don't think we would be that interested in catching a hockey game. Is Kingston / 1000 Islands worth a stop or overnight? It might work out as a good place to stop to break up our driving day. Also, does anyone have any experience with Via Rail trains? I'm getting a bit concerned because I keep coming across people saying cars in Montreal and Quebec City might be a real pain to deal with. I don't really like the idea of a train though because we really like to keep our own schedule, but maybe just for Montreal and Quebec City it wouldn't be too bad. Nevermind about the train. As I started researching it more, I hated the idea of it more and more. We'll just drive and hope the car isn't a bother.
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