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  1. OK. I called and they are having us come first thing in the morning to avoid the crowd.
  2. Thanks. We've seen three doctors in regards to this including a pediatric endocrinologist. All said the same thing since she was about 10. So, that's interesting. Current doctor is only for past three years and we only brought it up as far as transferring records.
  3. I don't know what to do. Youngest, 18, has always tested outside the norm in thyroid tests. The consensus was that since there were no symptoms she was just an outlier. Now, all of a sudden her hair seems thin, she's cold all the time, she's tired, her skin is crazy dry, and she's achy. The problem is she also was born with some airway abnormalities and has had issues with the left lung so we also are trying to avoid this new virus. Our doctor's office is usually quite crowded and the lab we use is attached. There are a few confirmed cases close to us so I assume that means we have many others. Is the thyroid issue something that is OK waiting a few weeks? I have no experience with it so have no idea.
  4. And just like that 3 cases in my county. Fortunately, we did a bit more stocking up last night since college boy will be home for the next three weeks so we plan on just staying in for now. Thankfully we can since dh already works from home.
  5. Ds' university in Indiana just announced they will move to online learning for two weeks following spring break. They will reassess beginning of April. Campus housing will remain open but they're asking students to remain home.
  6. I have seen a lot on Twitter about students complaining of no guidance right now. I've seen one international student say he needed to stay due to his Visa and after graduation plans. It seems like they made the announcement but didn't think things through.
  7. I'm mostly worried about everyone really freaking out now. I'm starting to see people around me going from not caring to caring too much. ETA: I say caring too much as in starting to obsess a bit and panic buy.
  8. So, when they start using words like containment areas and National Guard it does start to freak me out a bit.😥
  9. Apparently, Harvard is also making all students move out of on campus housing by this weekend.
  10. I wonder if more will do like Berkeley? Their statement read they will still have some small in person classes, such as labs, the arts, and physical education.
  11. I just read Harvard is switching to online learning after spring break. I'm thinking most here in the US will choose to do the same. Ds' university has spring break next week and many of his professors opted for online classes already this week.
  12. News just stated that all of Italy is now on lockdown?!?
  13. I don't know about the original poster but we just had an elementary school here in Indiana shut down for four weeks due to a student testing positive. Two weeks of online learning followed by their regularly scheduled two weeks for spring break.
  14. Joker

    Lori Vallow

    I thought they already checked the storage unit. Did they have more than the one? I know in one they found a lot of the kids things.
  15. Apparently the passengers on the cruise ship in California found out that 21 of them had the virus by watching Pence on the news. 🤦‍♀️ We really suck at handling this.
  16. Joker

    Lori Vallow

    I've been following this and it's crazy how many people connected to her and her husband have recently died. The whole story is so unbelievable that they were able to get away with so much. I feel so bad for those kids.
  17. Yeah, I mentioned we canceled our trip but part of it was a theme park which seems silly to do at the moment. Our college kid is coming home for the weekend but we're driving down to pick him up and will spend some time there. We're not bunkering down but we are being more careful and picky in where we go and what we do.
  18. I didn't think anyone in my very conservative Midwest area cared about the virus, but noticed yesterday that the stores here are completely out of hand sanitizer, wet ones, and rubbing alcohol. No food or tp shelves empty though. We were supposed to leave Saturday for vacation but canceled. It was just domestic travel but we didn't want to risk picking it up and bringing it back since there are no cases yet here.
  19. Dh and I are in our mid 40s and enjoy tea a lot more now than we did in our 30s. But, we have one off at college, the other is following this fall, and dh now works from home. Dc's college is just an hour away so we still see them often. We're both just really enjoying it being the two of us at home again. I don't expect it to stay this way forever though.
  20. Yes, and they decided to road trip there from their home in Nevada for no good reason. Dh couldn’t believe it. I’m really hoping they didn’t pick it up. Not just for them but for those they will come in contact with now as well. I really don’t understand what they were thinking.
  21. We’ve had the same talks here because we just found out my in laws decided to take a road trip to the Bay Area last weekend to hang out with friends and family. 😐 They are not in the greatest of health but aren’t at all worried about this virus. Hopefully they didn’t pick up anything.
  22. Just read that a patient in San Antonio was cleared by CDC and released into the public. It was a false negative and they now test positive.
  23. The only thing that has ever worked for dh is actual pills prescribed by a doctor. I can't remember the name, but no self care or topical ointments ever worked for him. After taking the pills once, he's never again had issues.
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