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  1. Any Canada peeps or those familiar with travel there that could give me ideas? Dh and I are planning a road trip from where we live in the Midwest to Quebec City and back. We've done a lot of road trips in our time and it's our preferred method so we know what we're getting into as far as driving goes. I've never been to Canada though and dh has only been on the West coast so I'm not sure what we might want to see. Right now, I am planning a few nights in Toronto, Montreal, and Quebec City. I don't want to add too much but I am curious what we might want to make sure and see on the way or even add a night or two somewhere else if it's worth it. We would actually be entering Canada around Windsor so if there's anything before Toronto we're open to that as well. We've been to Niagara Falls on the US side so it's not high on our list this trip. We enjoy national parks, museums, history, and any scenery that might be worth a drive. As far as weather, we would probably be going in October so I think it should be mostly nice.
  2. I'm so glad we're done with public middle and high school! What I hated the most was schools giving us grief for taking vacation during the school year because we should wait for the breaks?!? I don't mind some work over the summer but spring and winter breaks should be off limits. One Christmas we had to scramble while driving to find wifi for oldest to turn in assignments. We started doing our vacations during the school year when we knew not much was due or they were able to do it ahead of time.
  3. I really hate how some always turn these discussions into, "Because you don't believe guns should be everywhere then you must not want to protect innocent children". 🙄 I would most definitely do all I could to protect my own as well as other innocents. I just disagree with the choice being pulling a gun to do so. If I pull that gun, I mean to kill and that would never be my goal.
  4. For me personally, I know a gun is only used to kill so we own none. I'm someone who grew up with guns, hunting, target shooting, and dh was in the military but it's not something either of us is OK with now. Using other precautions that could end in injury but not certain death is all I'm morally comfortable with now. I don't think badly of those churches that feel differently but I don't want to attend them. I worry about it though. I have found myself worried at church, at the movies, shopping, while eating - the list goes on. I just personally don't feel more guns is the answer.
  5. I had so many people recommend that book and I ended up disappointed. It wasn't awful but I also didn't think it worthy of the praise I was hearing either.
  6. I'm planning on just the New Testament (chronological) because it's honestly been a while since I've been intentional with daily Bible reading. So, I'd thought I'd start again with that.
  7. Pride and Prejudice It sits on my bookshelf and I've tried so many times but I always give up because I really can't stand it.
  8. I think taco leftovers are why I have so many small mason jars. I now put most of the toppings directly into the jars after chopping / washing / cooking and everyone spoons out what they want. Then I just pop a lid on and into the fridge it goes.
  9. I just wanted to chime in and point out that some don't do well with a high fiber diet. It actually causes awful constipation with me.
  10. I've never heard of buffalo chicken dip but I've added it to this year's NYE food! We love seeing the cold Knorr spinach dip with Hawaiian bread. I make it once or twice a year here and my bunch gobbles it up.
  11. I don't feel like cooking so the next few nights are easy and mostly done in the oven. Tonight was panko breaded chicken cutlets, small red potatoes, and asparagus all baked in oven. Tomorrow is salmon with a garlic butter sauce (wrapped in foil) in the oven, rice in rice cooker, and I'll probably toss some broccoli in the oven as well, or I'll steam it in microwave. New Year's Eve will be all finger food/appetizers and super easy as well. I don't have anything planned for NYD yet so I need to figure it out.
  12. Joker


    When we had it, we went to one of those specialized places that use some sort of heat dryer and comb out (no weird shampoos or chemicals!). This was after trying the prescription from the doctor that didn't work. I didn't even wash anything other than sheets but it never came back. I was able to use our HSA card to pay and they guarantee it for 30 days and will check and retreat for free during that period. If we ever have it again that's what I'm doing. The one we used was called Heads Up Lice Removal but I think professional lice removal places are everywhere now. Good luck!
  13. I do think this is more of a case that we have a kitty who is skittish to begin with. The dog has done great with training and listens well but the cat is the exception. He just loses his mind when he sees her now. I noticed today that the poor cat seems to be losing hair now so I assume that's because of all of this since it's definitely a new development. I talked with foster mom and she actually has 3 cats that the dog was fine with there. She was nice about everything and is OK with taking him back. I absolutely hate it but I do think it will be better for both the dog and our cat. I'm definitely not doing another dog adoption until dd and her cat move out, which is probably not for another two years. It just feels awful to do this.
  14. Is there anyway to help a dog and cat get along? Our other dog has always been fine with our cat. The foster home for our new dog told us he was fine with cats, but here we are two months later and he's actually getting more aggressive. The cat won't even come downstairs anymore so we feel like she's all alone most of the day now and that stinks. She used to hang out with us down here most of the day and night. We've put a gate at bottom of stairs so cat can come down but dog can't go up at least. It's becoming an issue and I'd like to find a way to fix it as I've never given a doggie back but this isn't a good way to live for our cat either. Help!
  15. I used mine a lot when the kids were little and I baked a lot, but it just takes up space now. I think I only used it once this whole year and that was when I decided to make macarons - which I don't think I'll ever do again! I now understand why they're expensive but now they seem worth the money. I'll probably get rid of mine this next year and be happy with the extra counter space.
  16. I ordered from the Lego website. I've never seen it in stores.
  17. The biggest hit with my young adults was a Stranger Things Lego set! They hadn't been given Legos in years but I think I'll get another set next year since they enjoyed it so much.
  18. Less gifts! I love buying Christmas presents but even the kids this morning said it's too much. 🤦‍♀️ They are almost 18 and 20 and just don't need or want much anymore. They want to donate our time and money more next year so that's what we'll be doing.
  19. I've seen malls listed a few times but all of our local ones are booming. The closest to us is even getting a Dave & Busters in a few months. So, at least some of them are still doing quite well.
  20. This has happened to my mom twice with Amazon and once was an expensive Dyson vacuum. Amazon wanted nothing to do with returning it since it didn't show on their end. She ended up selling the second one. It seems so crazy!
  21. I've never participated but I would like to try this year. We're going to be empty nesters soon and I would like to get back into reading more. I actually have a stack of about 20 books just from our bookshelves that I haven't read yet (or it's been a while and would like to read again now that I'm older) to get started.
  22. Yikes! How about under a thousand. The last time I bought a nice camera (I think it was an SLR?) was probably around 2005 and I think it was $300-400. It was amazing! I had no idea they were so much today. Hopefully we can get something pretty decent for less than a thousand.
  23. The only thing I can really think of is grocery stores. I do think it will be all self check out / scan and go. I think most grocery store employees will become those who are only shopping for customers picking up or having orders delivered. I guess with all the food delivery options I could also see most fast food type places becoming mostly take out/drive thru/delivery only (like so many pizza places are now). So many around us look empty much of the time due to the amount of delivery / drive thru happening anyway. I don't really think most things will change that much.
  24. What camera for an 18 year old who loves taking photos? Dd actually takes some amazing photos with her iPhone but would really like an actual camera. This won't be a Christmas gift but something for 18th bday/graduation in a few months. It's been so long since I've taken a photo with anything other than my phone that I don't even know what's out there. This dc is super good at taking care of expensive things so price isn't too big of a deal.
  25. Both of mine have changed their first names. One has done so legally and youngest will do so next year. It was easier than I thought it would be. The first few months were tough to always remember but now I always think of them with the new names. Oldest changed his because he's transgender but he kept his very feminine middle name because it's a family name. I didn't ask him to do so but he wanted to. Youngest just really doesn't like their name and, honestly, the name they picked suits them better.
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