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  1. More of my dismay had to do with the relative's attitude than the dish. She *asked* if she could bring something, so I said to bring whatever she wanted. That was not sufficient apparently, so she insisted that I tell her what to bring. When she arrived with the dish, she complained about how much trouble it was (deviled eggs) and huffily tossed it on countertop with such force that most of the eggs bounced up against the lid or sides. No one went hungry for want of a deviled egg; I had enough to feed army. I often make doggie bags with little plastic bone stickers on them for guests'
  2. We usually host somewhere between 12 to 18 for Thanksgiving. Our home has two fully equipped kitchens. I do not request that anyone bring anything. If they ask what they should bring, I tell them to bring whatever they would like. Adopted this policy since a passive aggressive relative brought what should have been an easy dish that was not even edible. Wondered if it was intentional on her part. I also had people who brought an item and wanted to finish prepping it at my home, which was rather inconvenient for me. Another person could not be counted on to remember to bring dish if th
  3. I worked throughout treatment but on a reduced schedule. Actually it was helpful and centering to have a purpose other than tending to medical issues. Interestingly, the Arimidex temporarily was the death knell for work. I was on it 4 1/2 months until I decided could no longer live that way. Side effects were debilitating so that I barely work for two months. Switched to Tamoxifen and have been working regularly ever since. I worked full time until eldest child was two and a half. Then stayed home full time three years and had two more kids. Then worked part to full time during bus
  4. I should have clearly stated that I do not believe marijuana is especially harmful, which is primarily why I would pass. Of course, financial distress would not be a deterrent to a crime I would report. We have no solid information from original poster that subpar father/officer is involved in the marijuana sales. With nationwide eternal electronic records, a drug conviction for a drug I consider harmless could affect the young adult's ability to get loans for college, to get gainful employment and complicate his life in general. Plus the father and sons could lose their apartment depend
  5. Older son is the one dealing pot, not the policeman father. Are police required to report their children's crimes to authorities?
  6. I would pass on reporting to any agency out of fear father will lose his job and retirement. Family probably already stressed financially from divorce so job loss would be devastating for the entire family. No indication that father is abusing his sons but just making some poor parenting decisions. Agree with you on forbidding your son to go to their apartment.
  7. You are being paid from petty cash. Based upon information provided, it sounds like you are a statutory employee. If that is accurate, the company should be withholding income tax and social security taxes from your pay and issuing you a W-2. If you are an independent contractor and if company issues you a 1099MISC for non-employee compensation, you will be liable for all income and self employment taxes.
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    I would say that the majority of the do-not-copy-cut-or-paste-because-will-delete-later threads follow the same path. If the post has to be deleted later, should it be posted in first place? Original posters understandably want sympathy. When members' speculations or questions get uncomfortable for original posters, original posters mete out details in effort to support their position on matter while basically remaining mum on the whole story. Advice cannot be given in a vacuum.
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    When the teachings of a faith drive a wedge between parent and child, for me, the relationship with child takes precedence. Honestly, if I were Scarlett's son and learned of various people giving their sympathies to her in regards to my behavior (which sounded like "concern trolling" to me), I would high tail it out of that town and probably that faith first chance I get. Hopefully son will let bygones be bygones and work on restoring the relationship.
  10. No, it is not helpful at all. However, I assume that person saying it is doing so out of kindness and concern unless there is overwhelming evidence to the contrary.
  11. Had my first and only (so far) colonscopy two years ago. Was ordered after my genetic testing for breast cancer revealed a mutation for colon and other cancers and also to see if it was source of my severe anemia. You will be "cleaned out" when your output looks like early morning urine with no solid matter. I was cleaned out sufficiently without finishing the mega jug of solution. You do not have to have a sedative or anesthesia for the colonscopy if you prefer not to. Procedure itself doesn't really hurt, just feeling of pressure. I needed to head back to work after mine was
  12. Corpses of adults in our household will be donated to the local state university's medical school. Their body donor program covers all expenses except to transport body from a long distance. In event that you die while on vacation, the university will coordinate donation to a facility near area where donor died. University pays for cremation when they are finished with cadaver and return ashes to family members if family members want the ashes. My father was planning on cremation after death until I told him about the university's body donor program. He donated his body to the univers
  13. When I had surgery to remove 4 cm malignant breast tumor and lymph nodes, the hospital had a pathologist on duty to immediately examine the tissue samples and lymph nodes. The oncological surgeon told me that the re-excision rate (having to redo surgery because did not get clear margins around tumor) was dramatically reduced when they decided years ago to have pathologist on duty at all times. However, I live in area of around a million people. It is common for a small rural hospital to not have a pathologist on duty. I'm glad your husband did not get bad news from pathologist.
  14. This is exactly what I do for excessive posters even if I am in complete agreement with their political, social and economic philosophies. If poster has a lower volume of posts, then I merely scroll past. Although I am a regular facebook user, I do not have enough emotional investment in it to get upset by squabbling, baiting or vaguebook posts. I simply ignore them. If that upsets other facebook users, I figure I can use fb however I wish as long as I do not violate terms of service.
  15. Walmart sells Relion meter and test strips. You do not have to have a prescription. The test strips are $17.99 for 100. This is less than some insurance co-pays. Kroger also sells its own brand meter and 100 test strips are $6.50 for 50. Easy Trak seems to read a *little* low compared to Kroger, One Touch Ultra and AccuCheck Avia, but it is within reasonable parameters. I prefer my AccuCheck Softclix lancing device. It is little less painful than OneTouch Delica, the only other lancing device I've used. You can get cheap generic brand lancets for it from Amazon. You cannot see
  16. Odds are about 85% benign and will not require treatment except to be "watched" on followup mammograms. Radiologist may attach tiny metal clip to any area that they need to follow. Depending upon type of lump, it may need to be surgically removed even if not malignant. Lumpectomies are typically easier to recover from than mastectomies. Of course, radiologist will have much better idea when he/she reviews diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound. I went to a cancer center's women's imaging center. They had all-female radiologists on staff who do nothing all day except evaluate imaging a
  17. Because of past direct personal experience and observations of the lives of those around me, I have a lifelong deeply ingrained fear of poverty and its consequences on financial, mental and emotional health. I knew I was finished having children when I reached the number I felt I could support as a sole breadwinner in event my husband died.
  18. I add shredded leftover roasted chicken or deli roasted chicken to my corn chowder to make more complete meal. Sometimes I also serve a side salad or, better yet, roasted okra.
  19. Conversation police. I would trust mutual friends to be sensitive on as needed basis to the friend going through difficult time. Maybe your friend with injured daughter would enjoy hearing updates about her friends' children heading off to college.
  20. I would promptly leave the group and begin a search for a nicer group.
  21. Have not read any of the replies. If host preferred you bring a specific dish, host should have made the request upfront. I would attend with the dish I had already planned to prepare. I *may* also prepare the requested dish, but certainly would not feel obligated to do so and would only do so if it were no extra trouble.
  22. The suicide would have no bearing upon my purchasing decision. Would I want to know before buying house? Wouldn't make a difference to me one way or the other as long as residue had been properly removed and cleaned and sanitized,which it has been.
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