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Who's going to tackle Tuesday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Still at my grandmother's house caring for her.

3km walk

Sweep back deck

Help grandmother get up and dressed takes about an hour

Tidy kitchen

Sit and engage in small talk for most of the day

Paint front ramp and mini veranda

Thai for tea (dinner) 

Sit and more small talk

I am finding the very slow pace very slow. I am so use to rushing around all day long

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Good morning!  Hope everyone is doing well.

-get DS14 ready for his day
-work as teacher's assistant all day
-finish reading my book
-make call to pest control
-text friend about getting together
-library to pick up book
-cook something (anything...) for dinner (this is getting tiresome as it is just DS14 and I here and I could stand to miss a few meals)

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Good morning! My kids were hoping for a snow day, but there's not a flake to be seen.

  • Dd to tutorial
  • School with ds, who is super-grouchy because of no snow. 
  •  Deskwork! Must pay a bill today and write some checks.
  • Register kids for camp?
  • Get gas
  • Library   Tomorrow!
  • Make dinner - tacos  
  • Ds to/from Science class. 
  • Clean out and organize bathroom cabinets!   Nope.
  • Check dates for consignment sale.    Yikes, it's a month earlier than usual! SO glad I checked!
  • Make cookies?  





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Good morning!

  • school w/dd (which she is not happy about - all the schools around here are closed due to weather, and even the boys' college classes are canceled)
  • office work (need to focus on this, because I haven't done diddlysquat in the past week)
  • reschedule Jinx's vet appt. - our roads are going to be drifted over once the wind picks up this afternoon, and I don't feel like driving through that mess just for a kitty checkup
  • horse chores - get everything ready for a very cold night (-30)
  • cleaning, laundry, kitchen stuff, the usual...
  • dinner: spring roll bowls
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I'm gonna see if I can stay awake this morning (though thinking about it is making me sleepy).

Got the kids off to the school bus barely on time.  Only one of them fell on the ice.  (Of course, the one whose coat I just washed 2 days ago.)

I have lots of work to do.  (That thought is making me tired too.)

Also have a chiro appointment mid-afternoon.  Need to take a shower and wash my hair before that.

Kids each have 1 activity this evening. 

Kids' work - hard to plan as we think they will have a snow/cold day Wednesday.  They have a test Thursday and if there's school Wednesday, serious test study needs to start today.  If no school Wednesday (meaning also no after-school practices), then the studying can be spread out.  So I hope the schools post the closing early.  🙂

If I get around to it, I want to sign the kids up for their summer camps today.

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Good morning! It is in the single digits this morning which is the coldest it has been this winter. Dh bundled up and headed out to bike to work. He would love to retire in New England- but he would have to do it without me.

I am drinking coffee and sitting by the heat dish in the freezing cold kitchen. Thinking of Spring and summer, starting to plan the front garden.

  • coffee/paper
  • write
  • school with ds3
  • letter to ds1/package of mail
  • other chores
  • errands with ds3/lunch
  • home to more things to get done
  • SAT tutor for dd2
  • ds3 to tennis
  • jen things
  • figure out dinner-probably pasta

Have a great day!

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  • Coffee, breakfast, meds
  • Express Scripts
  • BCBS hassle for daughter
  • Compassion International- get tax records/write to kids/send and set up birthday gifts
  • read book club book (need to finish by Friday morning) 
  • take advantage of rest day ---- Dh working from home and everything is cancelled because omg, we can't decide at 3am to cancel, we have to cancel day before (snow or rather no snow stupidity where everything institutional is cancelled including Base being closed but at least my plumber is here fixing my leak)
  • probably more planning and cleaning and laundry


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16 hours ago, Margaret in CO said:

drop off thank you note and a present to the lady who took the boys dog sledding


At first I read this as "the lady who took the boys' dog sledding" and I was like, wow, people take really good care of their pets... and the people who take care of their`pets! 😃

Emails: See, the problem is, procrastination works. I had to do them today, and I did, but I could've done them any of the last dozen days!
Promote the general neatness - expecting company later in the week; current status is Moderately Bad. Deferred to tomorrow, because the emails took hours.

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Dog sledding! Wow! That sounds amazing  

personal care, get DS3 ready and off to school 



call my friend 

drop off/pick up prescriptions 

vacuum, straighten kitchen after lunch 

coaching work 

spend a bit of time on the insurance/medical billing stuff 

ABA for older boys 

pick up youngest 

defrost dinner, pack mine 

three loads of laundry + fold/away 

Go to work 

go to bed

i want to add more, but I’ll never get more done. 😂

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In the middle of office work now.

Got my usual things done - outside work, cleaned kitchen twice, working away on the laundry.

The boys are coming down for a visit this afternoon (their classes are canceled until Friday). I hope the roads will be okay. They said they're not going to stay overnight, but I'm going to try to persuade them anyway.😉

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Well the kids are off school tomorrow and Thursday.  Yay!  They have a big test to study for, so now they can take their time vs. cramming it all in at night after school and sports.  Plus, it's great to have a break from the insanity that is Wednesday for my eldest.

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