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  1. BooksandBoys

    18 hr road trip, how would you do it?

    Not sure I understand what you’re asking? Do you want destinations? Or just ideas of how others do it? I drive 23 hours (and back) once a year. That 23 hours is with stops....more or less. I always do it in two days because 1 is impossible for me, and my children stress me out in hotels (loud!), so I don’t want to torture myself in hotels more than necessary. 1 night in a hotel each direction So, I leave early. Say, 5am. I drive as far as I can, aiming for 14 hours the first day. That gets me there around 7pm. I’ve fed the kids in the car (I pack tons if food), so we unload and head to the pool. We swim until they stop screeching and start to calm down. Usually around 9:30pm (which is 8:30 in our time zone. Then, we pajama and turn out all the lights to sleep. Me too. Next day, I leave slowly. Wake up when we wake. Eat slowly. Roll out. Often, it’s 10 or 11, but I only have 9 hours left. Totally doable. I stop at a playground at least once each day. We eat at rest areas so we can run around. Everyone goes to the bathroom Every Single Time we stop. No exceptions. I use devices judiciously. Mostly, we listen to audiobooks together. My kids, who are generally nutty and crazy, are spectacular travelers (except at the hotel).
  2. BooksandBoys

    Who's going to tackle Thursday with me?

    School - done Vacuum - done Costco run - done ABA - done Untangle the mess that is medical bills from a certain provider who likes to take my payments, lose the records, then bill me again. - almost finished. Just have to email billing with my arguments Set up a detailed, easy to use tracking system for that conpany’s billing so it’s easy to prove my payments in future without collecting all the credit card statements and what-not. - done Dinner - done Bedtime - done
  3. BooksandBoys

    Those who’ve done Whole 30 and coffee - questions

    No, I just blend the bit I’ll use that day (I have a stick blender), then stick the rest of the can in the fridge. For the separation, I shake it really well before I open the can, then mix it up a bit. I’m also ok with just dumping a bit of the water out if there is a lot of it. I’m with you on the cashew milk, and I don’t like almond milk in my coffee either.
  4. BooksandBoys

    Is requiring this "to be fine" reasonable?

    If I didn’t hike/camp with my kids without my husband, we wouldn’t hike/camp. I have a very hard time hearing about someone being coerced into carrying weapons they are not comfortable with or trained for (I carry pepper spray, no guns. Ever. For me. YMMV) or not being permitted to go enjoy nature, which we humans are meant to enjoy. I’m sorry. I suggest more conversations with your spouse in this topic to hopefully find a reasonable compromise. I have an great aunt like this. She is so fearful of abuctions, etc. and never let her children do anything she deemed dangerous. It’s been interesting to watch her grandchildren have all kinds of (reasonable) freedom in driving, hiking, camping, traveling and how hard that’s been for her.
  5. BooksandBoys

    Those who’ve done Whole 30 and coffee - questions

    I use canned coconut milk instead of heavy cream (which was my go-to before I realized I couldn’t tolerate dairy). I heat the coconut milk, then blend/whip it with cinnamon before adding my coffee. Delicious. I know you said no bulletproof, but this is closer to what you were doing before with heavy cream than bulletproof which includes extra butters/coconut oils, etc.
  6. BooksandBoys

    Sports and Playing a Grade "behind"

    I have really tall children. My middle son is literally a full head taller than any other child in his 2nd grade class at co-op. And he has a May birthday, so he’s one of the youngest. My other children are tall too, so I’ve been the parent hearing people muttering about my kids who are “too old” for the team. They aren’t. I do correct those parents, though. 🙂 I’m interested to know where you live. Everywhere I’ve lived (4 regions of the US), Rec leagues are set by age, not grade. We’ve mostly pulled out of Rec now because my kids can’t keep up with their same-age peers (who are smaller than them, but not autistic and motor-delayed) and the leagues don’t allow kids to play down (understandable). I’m sorry this is happening to you and your son.
  7. BooksandBoys

    Who's going to tackle Monday with me?

    Tackling. too discouraged to make a list. 😞 I guess that means my priority today is my attitude, doesn’t it?
  8. I’m really impressed with you!
  9. I’m working part time outside the home again after 8 years at home full-time. Doing well there is my biggest resolution and it’s going well. I’m also working to add an extra 15 minutes of housework daily to make up for the hours I’m at work when (ahem) nothing seems to get done.
  10. BooksandBoys

    Get rid of it all 2019

    It’s fun to see your progress, everyone. Nice work! The kids and I decluttered the basement/toy area yesterday. Three bags of trash (WHY do my children keep everything??) and a bag to donate. Yay!
  11. BooksandBoys

    Does anyone else watch Hoarders...

    I, too, have decluttered frantically when I’ve watched that show (and won’t watch it anymore because it’s sad to see the exploitation of mental illness. I liked Clean Sweep more because it was less extreme/seemed less exploitative). I’m a minimalist except in 2 areas. Food and books. Books, I combat by refusing to buy more shelves, not allowing myself to stack them, and decluttering regularly. There isn’t a huge emotional component to books though, more the IDEA of the possibility of learning they hold. And I can declutter that when it becomes clear that we won’t use that book, or that I no longer need that topic. Food is a bit different for me. I grew up food insecure because my father had a hard time holding a job and wouldn’t allow my mom to work (she was amazing at barter and work for trade as a result) or food stamps, etc. So, I tend toward food hoarding and work hard to keep my food storage in check. I’m very proud of my progress in this area (I look pretty normal when compared to other friends who have kids with huge appetites like mine), but it takes effort for me to maintain that “normal.” My preference is to have 4 bags of oatmeal, but I work hard to have only 1 until it is half gone. I buy my rice in a 20 pound bag at Costco (lasts about 2 months here), but I have to fight the desire to have a back up bag (or 2-3) in the basement. I don’t HAVE a back-up bag, but I WANT one. There’s mental effort there that I wish I didn’t have to go through. (One of my brothers stores much more food than me and is candid that he’s preventing his kids from every being hungry like we were). Our other brother (younger) doesn’t store at all - if asked, he doesn’t really remember food insecurity).
  12. BooksandBoys

    kids with EF issues and cleaning bedrooms

    Daily straightening is what we do (my older two have EF challenges). If I let it get bad, even I’m overwhelmed. Daily straightening is really straight-forward. Stuff on shelves, pillow/blanket on bed, clothes in hamper, art supplies on desk, trash in trash can. They have this listed on paper, tacked on their walls because they get overwhelmed and can’t remember what to do. My oldest can do the daily clean up alone now (10) IF we do it daily. I have to help the younger guys. I also go in once a week (yep) and work with them to fully straighten up (books with books, toys with toys, clean under the bed, etc). If I don’t maintain the weekly straighten, the daily quickly becomes too much for them (and if middle is overwhelmed, he gets paralyzed, so we try to avoid that). Every couple of months, we declutter. Only takes a few minutes. I know this sounds like a lot, but really, it’s three minutes a day (per kid) and ten minutes once a week. It’s worth it to me. Especially since oldest is a collector of collectors like your DD.
  13. BooksandBoys

    Get rid of it all 2019

    This is the problem, yes. So, I’m devluttering books, but very carefully. I’d rather still have too many than not be able to find what I want/need. The collections seem to be shifting more and more to very current works, and when books are lost or retired due to damage, they aren’t replaced. I worked on my closet (one of the post-move dumping grounds) this week and made some progress. Relocated some things and threw away/donated three bags of randomness that I haven’t touched since we moved in. 🙂
  14. BooksandBoys

    Get rid of it all 2019

    I’m unloading books too (yikes!), but I’m struggling because in the last few years, I’ve noticed a significant drop in the library’s retention of the old books, even the really well known ones. I’m trying to be brave. I have way more books than we can reasonably read in the next 10 years of schooling. 😂
  15. BooksandBoys

    Did you keep or get rid of your wedding dress?

    I got tired of moving it after the 8th move, so I kept parts of it. I cut the front of it, all the detail, away from the skirt/back with the goal of making a wall hanging of it. I’m envisioning a 12x24 or 36 inch wrapped canvas style thing. Of course, that was 2 moves ago and I’ve still done nothing with the fabric. 😂
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