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  1. January crafting: I’m halfway finished with one cross stitch pattern (a lacy mandala), and I’d like to finish it this month. I’ll also put some time into a new one that I started on January first. The new one is my first “lady” pattern, and I’m very excited to learn how to bead on her dress. I plan to wind all of my Christmas gift floss onto bobbins. And I’m in a few too many stitch-alongs this year. I’ve never done one before, and I may have gotten a little over-excited. I’m doing one withCarolyn Manning, a free one with Linens and Threads, a floral one with Caterpillar Cros
  2. I wanted to pull this bit out. I spent years trying to get my husband to treat me kindly, be a calm, engaged father, a reasonable husband. He made a tiny bit of progress, but the real change came when he realized he was on the spectrum too. I finally understood that my husband wasn’t a complete you-know-what the week after our second son was diagnosed. Turns out, I didn’t think DS2 was spectrum, but I did know that he and DH were A LOT alike. DS2 was diagnosed, no question, hands down autism spectrum, and my brain thought, “Wait a minute. Could? Holy crap. That’s what this is?!” Tu
  3. I’ve been very open on here about wishing I had medicated earlier. The day my oldest adhd/autism spectrum son took his first dose, everything changed (all three of mine are on the spectrum plus adhd). Suddenly, for just a few hours, he could follow directions. More importantly, suddenly, we could see how he reverted back to his “disobedient” ways when the meds wore off. He wasn’t cured, no way. He has complex challenges, but for approximately 7 hours a day (he takes an extended release stimulant), he can function, follow directions, remember that we don’t hit people when we are angry (yes, tha
  4. Another vote for Spark. I reread it every few years when I need a kickstart on my movement. It’s stellar. I adore The Winter Sea by Susanna Kearsley. It’s gorgeous. Most of her books are (except the ones that aren’t). Her writing make me feel like I’m wrapped in warm silk. But really, how can I narrow this down? I adored Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver and Prodigal Summer by the same author. Both make me want to go outside and understand the earth better. My comfort reads are the Laura Ingalls Wilder books and the Anne books (but only the first 6).
  5. I love this. Your husband is a keeper. You are so strong. And you are gorgeous inside and out.
  6. Selkie, I’m sorry. Slept a bit late this morning, but that’s ok, as I was tired and planned to do so. Morning people care done, washed my hair, packed up school and took the kids to a friend’s house. Schooled there, built some garden beds with them, helped them turn the earth, at lunch. took youngest to running club. Ended up with no children for a spell because they all parceled themselves off with friends, so I thought I’d take stock and figure out what I have left to do today. Print and read DS2’s aid application Coaching work make the guest bed, pick up any wa
  7. This is remarkable. I wish we could do multiple reactions. I wanted to like, laugh, and cry all at once. Yikes. What a story this will be in your family history.
  8. This is my first project on linen because I was afraid too. I finally made the jump because my favorite designer loves quarter stitches, and it turns out that quarter stitches are a lot simpler on linen than Aida. After I finished my last cross stitch, another humongous one that took years (and was full of quarters), I decided it was time to try linen or I’d lose my mind. It was hard at first, but i adaptes pretty quickly. I did go with a 28count (which would be an Aida 14) rather than the recommended 32 (18) to save my eyes a bit. And a friend thrifted a magnifying lamp for me! It couldn’t ha
  9. Yeah. I’m pretty blunt about this being the kind of friendship I love having, so I’ve found a few over the years. But even with my bluntness, it’s usually not there...
  10. Oh no. My heart goes out to you. Moving insurance sucks beyond belief (ours refused to pay for the missing mattresses because the boxes that were supposed to hold the mattresses arrived. They also refused to replace a bike wheel that they removed after the fact. They had labeled the bike but not the wheel, so they said they did their part by delivering the labeled bike. I was too exhausted and overwhelmed to fight anymore, so we replaced our stuff. I send strength and energy to you. And chocolate. And take-out food. You’ll need all of it. You can do this.
  11. This. I’m happy to have visitors with zero notice, drop in anytime, but I’m also going to keep doing what I was doing. If I’m cleaning, I’ll chat with you while I’m cleaning. If I’m schooling, I’ll tell you I’m schooling and offer you a place on the couch with some tea while I school. If we’re leaving, you can come along or leave. I grew up watching my mother drop in on her friends and her friends drop in on us (they all had kids who were our friends). And I watched all of those mothers model working alongside each other. Sure, they’d schedule a visit if it were a canning day and t
  12. Ahh, so glad she has a new kitty. That happened to me when I was 17. My mom ran over my precious outdoor kitty as she was pulling into the garage. I happened to be there (outside the car), watching and shouting at her to stop, but she didn’t understand what I was trying to communicate. It was heartbreaking, but we moved on. I harbor no hard feelings...it was an accident. I do miss my pretty Motley, though.
  13. I cross stitch. It’s the only crafting I can do, much to the embarrassment of my very, very talented mother. 😂 But, I love it and find it to be very soothing. This is my current project. It will eventually be an Chinese dragon surrounded by a lovely border. This is less than 1/4 of it. I guesstimate that it will take me at least 4 years (I started this one last Christmas).
  14. Sending strength, efficiency, and patience, and peace your direction.
  15. Good morning all! Today is a quiet day. I have not a single thing on the calendar!!! morning people care - DONE school with oldest school with littles (it feels like I need to separate the oldest from youngers for my own sanity. They really are two different to-dos) make the little boys play outside this morning before it gets hot. Fold the three loads of laundry I washed yesterday (someday, I’ll get my laundry system back on track) pay a medical bill call the dentist to schedule for me grocery store - thankfully, we only need a few things
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