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cartoon documentary recommendations

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I asked this question earlier in the year or something very like it and got some great suggestions. I have tried searching back through my old threads but cannot work out how on this new forum. Sorry about having such a similar thread twice in one year ? 

 I am after some cartoon documentary recommendations. for my twins. We cannot watch anything silly as they have many developmental problems and one of them is ACTING OUT IN CLOSE DETAIL ANYTHING SILLY THEY SEE. 

 What we have watched and loved and watched a gazillion times is The Magic School bus. we have since watched the Octonauts, and Dinosaur train.

They don't seem to be able to sit and focus on an actual documentary yet - though I am hopeful they will be able to do this in the immediate future.


Is there anything along similar lines that anyone can recommend? 

 All suggestions will be very gratefully accepted



amazing what information they can recite  from watching these cartoon documentaries

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Pipo's Animated History, maybe.  Art Classic Stories is another one on my Amazon Prime watchlist.  You also might look for some of the PBS shows:
Wild Kratts
Sid The Science Kid (not animated, but Muppetry)
The Cat In The Hat Knows A Lot About That (a little bit of silliness)
The Dr. Binocs Show

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The Eureka science videos are great - eureka sicneec videos  You'd have to check for silliness levels... I don't think they are any sillier than Magic Schoolbus, probably less so.

Schoolhouse Rock is another great older series, but again, I'm not sure exactly what type of silliness you want to avoid, so you'd have to check.  



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We have recently discovered TedEd videos on YouTube. They are amazing! There are hundreds on many topics, we've watched mostly history and science. They are animated, but not silly at all. They are only 5-10 minutes or so. They are entertaining enough for younger kids, but informative enough for olders too. I often learn things from them! Just search TedEd and add animals, science, history, human body, etc. You'll come up with tons of stuff!

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