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  1. TH Whites King Arthur series: The Once and Future King?
  2. My daughter is year 6 and we are just starting these books this year, so don’t feel restricted by the suggested timeline. Admittedly, I don’t intended to get through the whole series, it’s just too late at this stage! We are doing 2 this year and 2 next year then moving onto the next series. I’m focusing on a mix of her favourite topics and a couple of areas of her study that has holes in it.
  3. Thanks for your thoughts Bluegoat ☺️ This is our 6th year HS so most of this is tried and tested and I have all the texts already. I just want to be sure I’m not leaving anything out. WWE has good days and bad days here but overall I like the approach and the literature selections so we stick with it. Out of curiosity though, what do you use instead?
  4. Thank you! I looked into that after posting and found some a great thread suggesting the same thing which I believe is more than likely going to be the case. Ive also just noticed she is finishing up WWE 3 not 4, so we will do the end of level assessment which will more than likely suggest continue on with WWE 4 for this year.
  5. I switched over to the New Syllabus and buy from education reformation ☺️
  6. I’m finishing up my planning for my year 6 daughter and would appreciate any feedback. Have I covered everything? Or am I being overly ambitious? ☺️ Her favourite subjects are Language Arts (though writing/composition is a weak spot), world history (I thank SOTW for this), art, languages and loves nature and science though this will be her first year with Apologia. I haven’t included art/music appreciation in my plan as I’m still searching for something easy and child led. It’s likely we will end up at the library here. Any and all suggestions welcome! Thanks in advance
  7. I 2nd adventures from the book of Virtues. Also, the adventure of young Marco Polo was really well done and inadvertently educational.
  8. The art of cursive? https://www.educationreformation.net/copywork-books
  9. My daughter is starting year 5 next in the new year. She is about 2/3 of the way through First Language Lessons 4. Is it important we finish this or should we just move straight into Grammar for the Well Trained Mind 1 next year? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Thanks HollyDay I think this might be it momchiroto2 http://web.archive.org/web/20150909202152/http://www.redshift.com/~bonajo/SOTWmenu.htm Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Yes! I just saw Pandi Press. I really liked the look of it - its colourful and well organised (and the stickers would be a hit as well) Thanks for sharing :) Do you use their curriculum as well or just the timeline?
  12. Lol we are the reverse here! I loved the book of centuries however my DD never got into it. She is very visual so I think laying it out on the wall is going help make it click for her. I will take a look at Knowledge quest.
  13. I'm trying to balance my creative and practical sides and would love to hear what has been your favourite way to do the timeline. I like to ease of just buying the blank pages from rainbow resource however with postage that's $30 AU. I found this printable which I like the idea of however it opened the door to all sorts of creative possibilities! I would love to hear/see how your doing it in your homeschool if you would like to share with me.
  14. Here's the link for WBL also http://www.adnilpress.com.au Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. We will be using our sun burnt country https://www.homeschoolingdownunder.com/product-category/history/ As well as little black princess https://www.educationreformation.net/history I've heard wide brown land is quite good also. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. Of course, sorry if I've been unclear, that's not what I was thinking. DD has already completed SOTW so we won't be working through it chapter by chapter. It will just be there as a resource for further reading along with the encyclopedia. I'm preparing resources to use for summaries/outlining etc Hopefully we will get to the library but I just want back up options ready because there are times where it just doesn't happen. I'm probably overthinking it! I just want her to be prepared with everything she needs so the time with her uncle is used efficiently. I won't have time to work w
  17. I am planning for 5th grade History and would appreciate your thoughts regarding sourcing books for the extra reading. My daughter will be studying history with her Uncle so she will need to have all the books with her to take to his house. The plan at the moment is to have a quick look at the pages to be covered in the week ahead (we will be using Usborne EWH as the spine) and borrow books on the topics she thinks she may be interested in studying further. In addition to this I'm going to buy a second hand encyclopedia set and we have the SOTW books which she absolutely loves. This i
  18. Fabulous, thanks Ladies! Of course - seems so obvious now that you have pointed it out :)
  19. Thanks for your thoughts guys. So it looks as if I have been looking at the small picture rather than the big picture. This makes sense. We have been using lots of manipulatives and she loves that and she understood, or seemed to. We then reverted to solving a written problem in the work book so she just relied on her memory and was quitely confused at my insistance that we take the long route. I will expand on it at our next lesson to include bigger numbers and how we "smash numbers together" :)
  20. Last year I started DD on the Singapore Maths program. Today we did a lesson on how to add a single digit number to another number between 11 and 20 by borrowing from the smaller number to create "10", then adding the remaining units. This is the strategy I learned at school so it feels quite important to me, however as DD has memorised these facts through her Kumon work, she found the whole process superfluous and is having trouble grasping the concept for her own calculations. Frustration for both of us ensued. Writing this out has me realising I am asking her to take 3 or 4 steps to do
  21. Oh wow, the penny just dropped so to speak! Of course she is a visual learner :) She has said many times, she takes a picture with her mind and this is how she remembers things. How funny I haven't put this togther before! This is the piece of the "puzzle" i have been unable to articulate! I know that she understands because, well...Im her mother and I just know these things ;) I can see the words getting stuck in her head as she struggles to find a way to express herself. Now, I am coming to an understanding that she can probably see images from the story or text in her head but doesnt
  22. I hadn't thought of it being about learning style. Its not something I had been able to put on my finger on before but I now that I reflect upon it again, she does seem to very much lean towards visual learning. Interetsing! I will keep this in mind.
  23. Thanks for your reply. Maybe this is what is happening with us. I will give this approach a try and see if that helps :)
  24. She is fantastic with facts, information that is interesting to her. She remembers stories we read together very well and I'm amazed sometimes at her detail. Which is why I am at a loss with her struggle with narration :) How do I work out if she is having trouble remembering the facts or if she doesnt hear them in the first place? Yes its the detailed questions in the narration. Then the summary at the end as well. We (finally) get through 5 or 6 questions and then I ask "can you tell me one thing you remember about what we read?" and more often than not she will say " I don't knooooo
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