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  1. Mine use Messenger Kids as well. They use it to video chat and leave text messages. You can probably use it on any device.
  2. I have major depression/anxiety and have had no trauma or abuse or anything like that. My ds has many of the same issues with no trauma. My dad has similar issues and I don’t believe he had any trauma either. (Although there could be parts of his life he hasn’t shared). With my ds, though- I have been with him every single day of his life. I whole heartedly believed that I could raise him “right” and he could be spared some of my issues. I did everything from healthy eating to never letting him cry it out, etc. Doesn’t matter. In fact, I kindof think that his complete lack of real trauma causes him to experience slight discomforts as trauma. Like, if we don’t go where he wants for dinner, he accuses us of loving the other kids more because we went where they wanted. Stupid stuff like that. Every day. He has been diagnosed with all kinds of things. And I’ve completely given up thinking I can do anything “right”. I think this has a genetic link.
  3. Apparently, I am paying too much too. Ds’s were $7000.
  4. Wooden train/train tracks. Play doh might be something special if mom doesn’t want to deal with the mess at home.
  5. Oh, I wanted to add that neither my dad or my brother thrive with “low pressure” lifestyles. They thrive with being completely immersed in something. With my dad, it was his work. With my brother it’s work, but also working out/martial arts/boxing, etc.
  6. Ha! I didn’t realize this was almost a zombie thread.
  7. My dad is bipolar type 2. He is a very successful person. He had a good, long career and has written a book. He is retired now and writes for a website that focuses on mental health. He was not diagnosed until he was probably 50. There was no abuse/significant trauma in his life or in my childhood. There were times when he was emotionally absent from us, but my mom did her best to shield us from that. He could be described as a workaholic. (I was shocked that he retired at all- although when he did, he frequently “filled in” for people. He didn’t relax or anything.)That’s how I viewed things when I was young. I thought he just cared so much about work that he didn’t care about us. This was before he was diagnosed/medicated. At any rate, he is certainly independent and has had a good life. My brother and I have significant issues that are inherited from him, although not a bipolar diagnosis. I’m diagnosed with persistent major depressive disorder. We were both diagnosed and medicated in our college years. I have not had trouble holding down a job, though I have been home with my kids for a really long time! My bro is quickly climbing the ladder in his chosen profession. He has also found that martial arts/boxing/working out helps him a lot. So he does that. A LOT. Anyway, I wanted to share a “success” story. It is HARD. But it is doable.
  8. You guys are very inspiring people. We just went white water rafting as a family. I feel like more adventure opportunities are opening up now that the youngest is not little. (Well, he’s 7, but the age for rafting was 6!) Not carting around baby stuff and kids all being able to handle themselves is great.
  9. Thank you for this explanation. I strongly believe that Simone does NOT owe us a reason or an explanation, but this gives me an understanding that I did not have. I am so glad that she had the self awareness to pull out. I’m so glad she did not end up with a severe injury.
  10. I would be open to it. I would wait until my youngest was at least in his later teens. I don't want parenting help from someone who isn't my kids' parent. But I would want someone to be with after my kids have flown the nest. I have told my dh that I want him to remarry. I want him to be happy and I think he would be happier married. I would hope that he would marry someone who would love my kids. I'm sure he would pick well, he has good taste!
  11. If I was cognitively impaired to a level where I would not be able to care for a child, I would hope that the people who cared for me would care enough to prevent me from becoming pregnant.
  12. We met at church. What is kinda funny about it is that he never would have gone to my church because we had a female pastor on staff, except that his ex (who was trying hard to not be an ex anymore) told him he should try it because we were doing the 40 Days of Purpose Bible study. The ex lived in a different state. So, he comes by to check it out, but he has a female friend visiting from out of town that weekend, so she was with him. I was a very polite and welcoming to both of them. The next week, he came alone, but I didn’t talk to him because I had seen him with his friend before. My sister hadn’t seen him the first weekend, and the second weekend she was like “Who was that hot guy and why weren’t you talking to him?!?!” Eventually he showed up alone enough times that I talked to him. After we finally went out, we were engaged and married fairly quickly. sorry if I wasn’t very clear. It’s the middle of the night and I can’t sleep.
  13. Around here, the fast food places are closing early or opening late or closing on Sundays because they can’t get people. I drove through Arby’s the other day and there was a flyer in my bag saying they were offering a sign on bonus and if you stayed 3 months, you got another bonus. (Not a big bonus- but I bet they have never offered that before!)
  14. Well, someone who lives in the house my parents used to live in got a letter addressed to me. I haven’t lived in that state or had my maiden name for 16 years. They wanted me for jury duty. If the people living there now didn’t know our family, I never would have known. They gave the letter to my sister, who opened it, took a picture and texted it to me. (I told her to) The letter stated that not receiving the letter was not a good enough reason to not respond?!?!? Google, Apple, and Target may know me pretty well- but the government is not keeping up very well.
  15. We don’t use it, but my in-laws have this really strange habit of referring to their female dog as both he and she. Like, sometimes they use he and sometimes she. I have always found it to be extremely weird.
  16. Thanks for the ideas. They are helping me think this through. I also have a 10 year old and a 6 year old that I am homeschooling too. Right now, the plan is to send them to school next year. Not only would I rather the kids all be doing the same thing, but I am *exhausted* from dealing with the oldest and I just am not up to homeschooling anymore.
  17. He has not generally been compliant with doing online school. We tried Calvert for awhile, but he would just pretend to do the reading and bs his way the assignments.
  18. Also, I AM worried about suicide. While I don’t think it’s an immediate concern, I am afraid of it becoming a concern. There are a lot of mental health issues in my family.
  19. We have appointments lined up with therapists and a psychiatrist. But the psych can’t see us until May. If he doesn’t do school, I don’t know how to keep him busy during the day. All he wants to do is play video games. If we don’t allow that, he will just sit, sometimes rereading the few books he’ll read. He refuses to do anything except youth group at church. Which is positive, but it’s only on Sunday and Wednesday.
  20. I need advice. Please be kind. I homeschooled my 13 yo boy until this year. He was refusing to do any work and we were fighting so much over school, that I made the decision to send him to school this year. He has always been depressed and anxious but the school year started off okay. Not great, but okay. They were hybrid for a long time, only attending in person 2 times a week. They have recently gone to 4 days a week. My son started pretending to be sick to get out of going. Then he gave up pretending and just flat out refused to go. (He’s also refusing to go to TKD which he has loved for years) Our doc referred us to a partial hospitalization program and he went to that for a week and a half. They discharged him on Friday. Well, it’s Monday and he is refusing to go to school again. I have NO idea what to do. He knows if he doesn’t go, he doesn’t get electronics, which is the only thing he cares about. But he’s still refusing to go. It’s not completely a behavior thing- he does have significant depression/anxiety which we are attempting to medicate. But it is partially refusing to even try. I have no idea what to do. Anyone have suggestions?
  21. I'm another with nothing but sympathy. Mine is diagnosed with all kinds of things ADHD, ODD, every kind of anxiety you can have. You're not alone.
  22. I would choose by itinerary, BUT if I was taking a kid who would want to stay on the ship, I would choose by amenities. If, when you get off the ship, you're just doing beaches, it wouldn't matter to me where the beaches are. I like excursions! I've only gone on Royal Caribbean so I can't compare.
  23. I have Pioneer Woman stuff and I LOVE it. It's bright and beautiful. I think that things you have to have and use all the time should be something you like to look at.
  24. Workouts on YouTube? There's some great ones. Challenges like doing a certain number of pushups every day for a month?
  25. Ticket to Ride can be played online. We love that one.
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