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  1. It's been live more than a week now. I’d love to hear what everyone thinks. My son has an 8-day streak now.
  2. Very fascinating. My son now 10 is 2E, they diagnosis was specific learning disability-reading, but he doesn't seem to have much issue with reading now. He is very much a visual thinker. He still has much difficulty with spelling though.
  3. Most programs have placement tests. If we use say Singapore for awhile then want to jump to AoPS I can look at their ”Are you ready for ___?” test. We also use Khan Academy course challenges to see what if anything he has missed in a grade level. My son is accelerated and sometimes he will work on a grade level and seem stuck for a bit then we switch to a different format and he has a jump in understanding. Then will plateau again, etc. We jump all over, but we have printed out all the math standards from our state Department of Education and use Khan to help make sure he is solid in all areas. He might get stuck or bored with a topic then want to jump over to geometry/trigonometry then back to preA/A. So placement tests help a lot. Also just having a wide assortment of math resources available. Sometimes he likes to go backwards and work on speed or 100% accuracy. I guess this is similar to SWB on reading saying to complete below level, instructional level, and advanced level readings.
  4. Can someone explain to me why the income standards like that of U of Chicago says for a family with an income of 125 or University of Washington in St. Louis 75k (they say no loans will be apart of the financial package) is not based on income/family size? This makes no sense to me. A family of two (single parent plus child) with 75k vs. a family of 6 with annual income of 75k are totally different scenarios. Our student loans, taxes, and health insurance premium is a sliding scale based on income/family size.
  5. What is Froehlich? I quickly Googled, but didn't see anything? Are you doing any phonics/reading or math?
  6. Do you have a homeschool DI group? I would love for my kids to join this.
  7. There are quite a few remedies to stall or stop foreclosure if it comes to that. My husband used to be a bankruptcy/troubled taxpayer attorney. I heard him talk about cases of pending home loss often. If you needed to get the money to pay the arrearage could you refinance? I know that doesn't help long term, but if it means possibly losing your house... I would be asking the county government/lender/insurance company/etc. to remove the escrow account and set up a separate savings account in the future. I used to work for a homeowners insurance company right before the recession hit and so many days I’d talk to someone who's policy was canceled due to none payment because the lender didn't pay the insurance company. Mortgages were being sold so quickly they would get mixed up. No one would notice until they were filing a claim. It's worthwhile to call your insurance company once a year to get the current declarations page and update your coverage especially for personal items as these things change frequently.
  8. Oh I missed it!! Do you know of other group buys? My children have been begging me to renew.
  9. I have gotten these SS number calls. So odd!
  10. My daughter once cried out that she wanted to ”eat the color pink.” She was pretty small and I tried to understand what she was asking, but it wasn't pink candy, etc. Maybe she has synesthesia?
  11. I think is very true and a reason boys are more commonly redshirted.
  12. In The Gospel Coalition article there is an image of a question of the week. I would love to know how to access those. Anyone know how to find these? I tried to locate it on the CLT site, but didn't see anything.
  13. What a neat opportunity for the Teen Glight program! Is this a national or just a local group?
  14. I was a Bonner Scholar in college which had a lot to do with the service I did in high school. Definitely a great scholarship program to look into if your student will have significant hours.
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