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  1. I have gotten these SS number calls. So odd!
  2. My daughter once cried out that she wanted to ”eat the color pink.” She was pretty small and I tried to understand what she was asking, but it wasn't pink candy, etc. Maybe she has synesthesia?
  3. I think is very true and a reason boys are more commonly redshirted.
  4. In The Gospel Coalition article there is an image of a question of the week. I would love to know how to access those. Anyone know how to find these? I tried to locate it on the CLT site, but didn't see anything.
  5. What a neat opportunity for the Teen Glight program! Is this a national or just a local group?
  6. I was a Bonner Scholar in college which had a lot to do with the service I did in high school. Definitely a great scholarship program to look into if your student will have significant hours.
  7. What math would the student need to complete before using this text/video/lab?
  8. That a great distinction, but aren’t lots of baby chairs, swings, etc. inclined? I have a 6 week old baby so I’m quite interested to understand why this one is so much more dangerous than other products.
  9. 30 deaths is a lot, but over 10 years and millions of uses for countless hours this does seem very tiny. I don’t want to debate vaccine or other products, but what are the statistics for injury/death there and they are not recalled.
  10. If you’ve not purchased/used MUS in previous years is this an option to use only these years?
  11. I am assuming he has mastered or leveled up on some skills during mission questions but then missed a similar question during a mastery challenge. You can level up on some skills by getting 3/4 questions correct and level up to “Practiced” then miss that skill’s question the next time it appears and it will go back to category of skills not yet practiced or begun. I’m on my phone and the app doesn’t show this part like on a web browser on the computer.
  12. I haven’t read everything because I get too emotional thinking about these things, but my mom was not breastfeeding and they treated her for mastitis multiple times before she ended up in the ER after debilitating pain—she drove herself to the hospital during labor/transition(!!!). She was not someone with a low pain tolerance, but could not get off her bathroom floor. It was inflammatory breast cancer. Please read about that.
  13. I’d love to hear more about Reader’s Theater. How would one do this at home? I have my 9 yo/3rd grader read aloud to his K/1 sister everyday to listen to his enunciation.
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