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  1. This is our summer of the pool, bike riding and as many library books as possible. I need a break more than the kids!
  2. I was under the assumption these were Pre-A books?
  3. I am in the same boat with Algebra. Robby sort of skipped algebra this year and did lots of random maths including some Jacobs Mathematics a Human Endeavor. We did some of AoPS Pre-A, Alcumus, Zaccaro Real World Algebra then around the election he began Stats on Khan Academy out of his own interest. I think I might have him do the second half or 2/3s of Jacobs along with AoPS or Foresters word problems. I don’t know if that would be enough to consider it “honors.” Is that even something to consider for middle school math credits on a future HS transcript? Is there a test middle schoolers can t
  4. I have been looking at Polymath Classical Tutorials Classical Mathematics One. This is Euclid. I don’t own it or have used.
  5. I have not heard of this, but this is quite an interesting idea. I'm all ears.
  6. I will try to write more tomorrow, but wanted to recommend The Daily Poem podcast by CiRCE.
  7. AoPS Alcumus is free. Also free videos that coordinates with the texts on the AoPS site. https://artofproblemsolving.com/videos Pre-A and up Eddie Woo has great videos on YouTube for math as well. CNN10 has free daily kids news. CiRCE posts a daily poem on their site- https://shows.pippa.io/the-daily-poem Duolingo is free and offers a lot of languages. Seterra is a great free site for geography.
  8. I think just reading widely and listening to audiobooks at a higher level than reading ability can't help but improve scores. I’ve never heard of readtheory.org How does that site work?
  9. Any particular thing you use to test their knowledge or offer the student for these reviews?
  10. I second this. When we come a topic my son doesn't understand and I am unable to teach it and we cannot or don't want to wait for ”Professor Daddy” to explain it we’ve been able to find (usually) a multitude of videos on YouTube that explain the topic. When he was little we went down the math picture book rabbit hole. Many of these titles are listed in SWB’s WTM book. Maybe you could watch some videos and then teach a few concepts? I have seen a lot of fruit from this.
  11. Was it just to be a cute photo op? Obviously the toddler isn’t preparing the bottle and mom/dad/caregiver was nearby to take the photo(s).
  12. Any British humor? I loved watching Mr. Bean when I was younger.
  13. We are about 50 lessons into Getting Started With Latin. My son has does well with it. For a time I was adding all of the practice sentences/vocabulary into Anki App on my phone for him to use. We haven't used the Anki deck as much as I'd like. I forget about it, honestly. Our routine at the moment is my husband who took 4 years of Latin in high school teaches our ds on Monday evenings 4-5 new lessons. Then he makes flashcards to review the grammar/vocabulary throughout the week. Since my husband started making the flashcards to review I think our Anki has fallen out of use. Now I am be
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