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Who's going to tackle Monday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Good morning.  We start school today with youngest.  It will be a pretty light day as writing doesn't start for another month (WTMA), and co-op subjects start Wednesday.  I will be treated to a hearty chorus of "no faaaaaair" because big brother's school doesn't start until next week.  Never mind that youngest is done a full month before oldest.



-workout (plyo HiiT and abs)



-get cleaned out school room books out to recycling, trash, or car for donating

-post office with Stitch Fix returns and homeschool letter to county


-school with youngest

-summer work with oldest

-dinner (shrimp of some type)

-be Whole30 compliant

-start pre-reading Scarlet Pimpernel for youngest's literature class


ETA:  as expected, DS2 is in "turtle swimming through peanut butter" speed.  And I "only" had to raise my voice three times.

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Not starting school until end if the month but summer declutter mission is still in full effect.


-sort laundry and wash, dry, fold all day

-get the rest of the toys out of ds's room

-finish sorting papers from last school year (recycle most)

-work on organizing under stair storage space

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Good morning!


Ds17 is taking his physics final right now and then will be officially done with 11th grade (woo hoo!). He will be working full time for the next six weeks and then start his senior year in mid-September.


•school w/ dd

•office work (print & pay bills, file, more govt. paperwork)

•send two sympathy cards

•spray horses w/ frontline

•order a few things

•dust, vacuum, clean bathrooms

•do a few loads laundry

•make a big salad, make hardboiled eggs

•dinner: poblano and portobello fajitas with lime cilantro rice

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Pick up the house, throw some laundry in

feed the starving masses  growing boys around here some breakfast

run my oldest to a workshop we signed him up for, while me and my youngest ds take some items to a consignment shop

pick up my oldest then run him to a pro-force training session

come home and grab some lunch, flip the laundry

continue working on my desk area that we started over the weekend, going through the filing cabinets and desk area and pitching/shredding or filing the new stuff (yesterday I found electric bills from the 90's, what am I keeping this stuff for ???)

clean one of the bathrooms, I'll hit the other one tomorrow

order some medicine, and the last of the curriculum I need

make some fajitas for supper and clean up the kitchen

flip the last of the laundry, put it all away if I can

spend time with my husband, it's never enough thru the week b/c he works such long hours

read some bedtime stories to my youngest ds, who's growing up way too fast but still loves to snuggle

oh, and try to keep up with quiet prayer time, drinking water, checking sugar, eating healthy, fitting in a walk and a shower

But that's all... :coolgleamA:

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So they are resurfacing my road, and the beep beep grr grr is gonna make me crazy.  I need to just get used to it.  This is supposed to take about 2 months.  After that they are putting in a new sewer pipe on my property (to serve the folks up the hill).  Lucky me!

  • Woke early to try to finish some work ... did not finish.
  • Kids up & ready for camp.
  • Drove 1 kid to sleep-away theater camp.
  • Accomplishment of the day:  kid passed the lice screening!  Yay!
  • Took a nap, which is very bad but oh well.
  • Supposed to be done with this stupid project and a lot of other things.  Stressing out.
  • Have a conference call in 15 minutes, ugh, ugh ugh ugh UGH!
  • Eventually kid 2 will be home from day camp and has been promised some one-on-one time with me.
  • More work.
  • Kid to bed.
  • More work.
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First day home after a long vacation with extended family. It's kind of a re-entry day, but I also made a decision while on vacation that I really didn't want to waste any more of my life looking for things, so I need to do some flylady type reboot. 


Today, I've taken ds to an appt and to get shoes. The rest of the day is reboot.


Do dirty laundry from trip: 2-3 loads---whatever I can get done

Ds's load in drier; 1st load into washer

Finish emptying car (I was exhausted last night when we got back) 

Emptied my two suitcases

1/2 way down unpacking car 

Banking (I've been putting this off) 

Clear off living room coffee table

Pick up rest of living room 


Make dinner 

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human care done "good enough". 


pet care done including dealing with a sick cat who is going on day 3 of no eating.  No amount of warming up his food or trying to entice him with a bite or two is working.  Vet wanted to try out a new free (for now)  chat visit with me.  It was extremely frustrating because there was a huge (like ten minutes) delay between when one of us would send a text and when it would finally pop up on the other person's phone or laptop.  So ended up finishing up talking on the telephone.  End result - he wants to see Neko tomorrow morning.  Unless he magically gets better by then.


paid bills. 


Did  you know that there is a Waldorf Astoria in Boca Raton FL?  Neither did we. Until we got the credit card bill for $2000 worth of hotel stay there.  The absolutely stupid thing is that the credit card fraud alert knew that dh wasn't there because they called to check on some small purchases made at a pharmacy there during the same time period and he told them that he hadn't traveled out of state, let alone gone to Florida.  So why didn't they flag and stop the hotel bill?  Spent time talking to the credit card company.


Cleaned the kitchen


medical care done

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Oh Jean..I hope they get that cleared up for you asap!!! 


I was MIA this weekend because we had three of our four visiting their Grandma.  It was my oldest daughter's first solo road trip.   :w00t:   Our 17yo had to work most of the weekend so it was just hubby and I.  We spent most of our time watching Netflix in the living room since when the kids are home, we don't/can't (not kid appropriate shows ;)).  


We start our school year a week from today.  :thumbup:


Trying to get it in gear today. 

- Balance checkbook
- Grocery errands

- Make salsa, prep veggies for the week

- Dinner

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Jean, so sorry!


Good afternoon! I'm not sure when I was on here last because the last few days were busy. I hope you all are well!


We are in the throws of a new vehicle purchase and are going to test drive 3 more tonight. We are trying to get a crossover. We had talked about a car, but we already have a car and would love something with more room for cargo if we needed it. We sold dh's car, and dd goes back to school August 20th, so we only have until the 19th to get something. I think we can do it this week, though. 


Ds still has math to do, but we'll do it tonight after we're back from shopping. 


My house is a bit of a mess, so I need to do something about it, too. 





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