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  1. So today I saw that the promo was an error and many Amazon orders are being cancelled and others voluntarily cancelled their orders. There will be a 40% off code next week. Here is a link to a letter from the company
  2. I just bought the game for $12.50. I don’t know how long the deal will last. The discount doesn’t show up until you go to checkout.
  3. I hope the local office works out for you. Reading this I realized 2 of my 3 know the hospital they were born in but they were born in military hospitals that are most often referred to by a location name rather than proper name. I guess I should make sure they know the proper name as well especially since one hospital changed proper names.
  4. I just tried but FB purity isn’t available for use on iphone and that’s where I view FB. Any suggestions for something similar that will work on iphone?
  5. I got this set by Cuisinart. I love it. It cleans up very easily and cooks well.
  6. I actually ended up getting 3 different sets of cookware for Christmas and dh got me exactly what I was looking for so the ones from this post got returned.
  7. I just looked and they have these at the Navy Exchange here! I’ll have to go try some on.
  8. I’m to the point where I think I might have to wear my athletic shoes almost all the time. My knees are having issues again (I’ve done PT previously) and know that my footwear choices are not helping. I am living in Hawaii though where sandal and flip flop wear is most common and confortable. I love the ease and comfort of sandals here but the pain is not worth it. Are there sandals that are supportive that will hold up through almost daily wear? I’ve had bad luck in the past with pricy sandals falling apart on me.
  9. Also you can get the phenobarbital prescription sent to a regular pharmacy and have it filled. It was much cheaper for us to do it this way.
  10. Why am I the only one capable of putting dirty dishes into the empty dishwasher or asertaining if the half full dishwasher has clean or dirty dishes? Why do I keep hearing “Well I don’t see it” when someone is standing at the open fridge looking for something I just told them the location of?
  11. For something absolutely ridiculous and funny I liked Galavant.
  12. Yu have to upgrade to Design at least to import svg files. I only upgraded to Design and able to do all I need to do. Like pp said Swing designs typically has the cheapest upgrades.
  13. I recommend watching videos from silhouette school blog. That has really helped me learn how to use both the machine and the software.
  14. Dh has been Navy for 16 years now. We bounce between a few bases and most of my friends have been civilians because u til now we didn’t live in military housing. I still keep in touch with my civy friend from the location we’ve bounced back to a few times over the years. Otherwise I keep in Facebook touch with some mitary wives I’ve met.
  15. What military branch and specialty? I know in the Navy there are big cultural and organizational differences in ships, subs, aviators, and other communities like cyber.
  16. I got a cameo3 for Christmas. It does have a big footprint. I do like that once I have designs in my library I don’t need internet to use it. So far I have made a few shirts, vinyl stickers to decorate various things, and some things out of cardstock. I order my vinyl online and find it not too expensive. I can post pics later of my creations later if interested. Eta: I don’t think the cameo3 works with iPad. I’m not sure if any Silhouette products do. They do plug in to usb though.
  17. Dd12 is teaching Winston to play hide and seek. She seems to think he is a people. She also sent me this pic while I was at OT with ds.
  18. I had this issue with the doc we saw for ds’s ADHD meds. The “appointment time” was either 15 or 30 minutes before the doc was actually going to see him because vitals and paperwork but they also asked you to arrive at least 15 minutes early. It took me a few appointments before I caught on to this and asked about it. I just thought the doc ran late a few times. So frustrating!
  19. I just ordered the hairbrush. I’m pondering the can opener.
  20. In high school I was part of a group of girls that wore big hoop skirts to events (think old South) as ambassadors of the city. My biggest hoop was 5ft. I am 5’2”. The steel is flexible though. I even drove in it. You did have to sit carefully.
  21. @Story girl Thank you for the well thought out advice. We do also have the problem in that where we are now is not where we will be after next school year. We are at the whim of the military and all we know is that we are not likely to remain in our present place after next school year. DS was evaluated by the DREAM clinic when we were in Maryland but would another updated eval especially now that meds are helping us short some of what is ADHD, what is deafness related, and what is other.
  22. Thanks Lori. He has actually been diagnosed for a few years now and I guess I feel like I have seen the progress but not enough where he could go to a public school classroom and follow along at all. I feel like either way we go he’s going to get picked on. He’s either going to be the slow/stupid kid (although he is in no way stupid, people just assume) or the old kid who repeated a grade at some point. I desperately hope he suddenly clicks with so many things and we are fortunate in that both speech and OT and working on writing skills typically not covered by those therapies in an effort to provide the continual reinforcement needed.
  23. We are considering having ds repeat 5th grade. He is way behind in math and writing because of his ADHD,hearing loss, and coordination disorder. Help me work through any cons to this plan. His sisters will be in 4th and 7th next year. He turns 11 mid-Feb so not a late or early birthday. We have been independent homeschoolers for the past 4 years but are applying for a charter next year. The following year the kids will be returning to ps. To me it seems a solid plan to hold him back but I want to make sure I’m not missing something.
  24. Not long Podcasts, each is only 10 minutes, but I’m loving That’s the Way I Heard It by Mike Rowe. It’s alot like Paul Harvey’s Rest of the Story.
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