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Can't find a link that used to be here?  I did some housekeeping to keep the main list down to a reasonable length.  All removed links are in this post.


Obviously not free, but enormously useful.

EveryoneOn -- search available discount internet access programs for income eligible households.  Some also offer computers for $150.
PCs for People -- offers mobile internet (4G LTE) for as little as $10/mo (pre-paid) and computers.  A computer requires a modest donation.  This program has more generous eligibility guidelines than other programs (you need to make under 200% of the federal poverty level or be using SNAP, etc.).  I have personally purchased a computer through this program and highly recommend them.

Computers for Schools - free or discounted computers.

see also: Phonics/Learn to Read

Marvelous Explorations Through Science and Stories (MESS)


Hunter's Rainbow Curriculum - a complete plan for K-12 using free and public domain resources.
Virtual Homeschool Group -- live and "at your own pace" classes 
Baltimore Curriculum Project -  K-5 Lesson Plans for art, geography, history, literature, science, and music.  Based on the Core Knowledge sequence.  Requires access to a decent library to accomplish this for free.  
African Waldorf -- Scroll down to the English downloads. All subjects including math.
Discovery K12 -- complete online curriculum for PreK to 12th grade.  Parent accounts require a paid upgrade, but aren't required.
All-in-One Homeschool (aka Easy Peasy) and All-in-One High School.  
Georgia Virtual Learning â€“ Many free courses (referred to as “shared resourcesâ€) for middle and high school math, social studies, science, English, foreign language, etc.  MobyMax

Cross-disciplinary resources.  Resources that address a specific academic area are found under that topic. 

Journeys in Film: Educating for Global Understanding -- Lesson plans for social studies, science, math, language arts, visual arts, etc.
Homeschooling High School with Video - YouTube channel, videos sorted by subject
Teach With Movies
WatchKnowLearn - educational videos organized by topic
TED Ed -- videos for math, science, English, art, health, history.... and just about every other subject.



Arttango  - “ art lessons designed for K-5, though many of the lessons would also work well for older kids.  
KinderArt - Art lessons for K-12  


Smithsonian Education: Arts & Design -- lesson plans for K-12.
National Gallery of Art  -- art lessons with tie-ins to history, science, and writing.

Coloring Pages of Famous Works of Art 
Harmony Fine Arts at Home 
Art of the Western World -- video series


The Art of Watching Films - modern textbook, from archive.org
Film Appreciation -  Series of YouTube lectures, from MIT Open Courseware
American Cinema -- Film history from Annenberg Learner
Teaching Film in High School 


Zebra Keys - Piano, ages 13+ 


Music Appreciation Unit Study 
Classics for Kids Music Appreciation
Harmony Fine Arts at Home Music Appreciation -- Grade 9, Grade 10, Grade 11Grade 12


Bible Study, Charlotte Mason Style 
Kids of Integrity
Calvary Bible Curriculum
Teaching with God's Heart for the World - world missions emphasis, young earth timeline



Core Knowledge Language Arts
The Good and the Beautiful Language Arts -- PDF versions of grades 1-5 are available for free.


Shortcut to Manuscript: The Direct Path to Fluent Handwriting
The Amazing Handwriting Worksheet Generator


The Phonics Page -- complete, video-based phonics lessons.  Great resource. 
Progressive Phonics  -- Complete reading program with free phonics and alphabet books.
Reading Bear -- Beginning phonics lessons using video lessons.
Word Mastery - A Course in Phonics for the First Three Grades -- well-designed, easy to use phonics program.
Teach a Child to Read with Children's Books --  "This guide shows parents how to combine story reading, phonics, and writing to help their children develop into skilled and motivated readers. "   You can download the full text as a pdf. 


Khan Academy Grammar
Improve Your Writing (University of Bristol) â€“ Useful for older kids to use who need to brush up on grammar or learn it for the first time.
Grammar Rock playlist
Emma Serls' Grammar series -- Excellent vintage, Charlotte Mason style language lessons for the primary grades.

Primary Language Lessons 
Intermediate Language Lessons, book 1 (you can download it as pdf or epub to make it easier to read) 

Sheldon's Advanced Language Lessons -- vintage textbook for middle school.

KISS Grammar
Guide to Grammar & Writing


Scholastic Lessons & Ideas - lesson plans, unit plans, discussion guides, extension activities.  
Ms. Effie's English Class - Ms. Effie shares some of her best lessons from 40 years of teaching. 
Reading Quest: Story Mapping - also, this page has more worksheets that can be used with any book.
Charlotte Mason Narration (all ages) -- Use this technique of telling back orally, in writing, or other creative ways with books of your choice.
Hillsdale College - Great Books 101: Ancient to Medieval, Great Books 102: Renaissance to Modern, Shakespeare: Hamlet and The Tempest, An Introduction to C.S. Lewis: Writings and Significance
Invitation to World Literature -- video series
EDSITEment! Literature and Language Arts -- lesson plans from the National Endowment for the Humanities.
Glencoe Literature Study Guides

Novel study guidesNEA Big ReadNovelguideSpark NotesPenguin Teacher GuidesCliffs Notes
Shakespeare: Shakespeare Online Tales from Shakespeare 
Myths, Legends, and Folktales: 
Fifty Famous Stories Retold  -- by James Baldwin
Folktales: A Library of Folklore, Folk Tales, Fairy Tales, and Mythology -- sorted by topic, theme, and character.  
World of Tales -- folk tales sorted by region.


How to teach writing using the Charlotte Mason Method 
How Ben Franklin Learned to Write

Graphic Organizers
Time Magazine A+ Papers Graphic organizers and example papers for 8 types of writing: biography, book report, compare and contrast, how-to, literary essay, news story, personal narrative, persuasive essay.
Story Starters (K-6) 
Edu-Place Graphic Organizers 

Writing Programs
CK-12 Writing FlexBooks -- Commonsense Composition, Journalism 101, The Glyfada Method
NaNoWriMo Young Writer's Program 
Writing in College: A Short Guide to College Writing
Glencoe Composition Practice Workbooks
The Writer's Workbench: 50 Tools You Can Use

The Elements of Style (1918) 


CK-12 Spelling
K12 Reader - K-5 spelling curriculum 
Spelling for Success (pdf)
Dictation Day by Day  
Grade Spelling
Glencoe Spelling Power Workbooks  - gr. 6-12


Vocabulary Word Study --  for ACT and SAT prep. Very visual.



Public domain e-books: Project GutenbergLit2goSurvivor Library (sorted by topic), ebook @ adalaide (nicely formatted)

Internet Archive  --  vast collection of public domain e-books, audiobooks, software, as well as a lending library for checking out modern books.

LibriVox -- audiobooks read by volunteer readers.


Open Culture - Huge directory of free language learning resources for just about any language you can imagine. 
Linney Latin Class -- uses The First Year of Latin, which is in the public domain.
Wheelock's Latin 6th edition  and Study Guide
Latin Tutorial - culture, history, and Latin grammar.
ASL: Start ASLASL University
Mi Vida Loca  (BBC) - an interactive video drama and Spanish language course.
Learn Spanish with Señor Jordan - YouTube series for beginning Spanish.  



Hillsdale College - video-based courses for US History, World History, Economics, etc.
History.com  - video clips and articles


America's Story for America's Children -  vintage history by Mara Louise Pratt-Chadwick.  Vol. 1Vol. 2Vol. 3Vol. 4&5
The Great West -- vintage history by Mara Louise Pratt-Chadwick
Liberty's Kids -- animated series about the US Revolution. 
American Heritage Curriculum -- 3 levels: elementary, middle, high school
America's History in the Making -- video series for middle or high school.
A Biography of America -- video series for high school.
Online U.S. History textbook
Wikibooks US History -- printable and pdf versions are also available.
Reading Like a Historian: US History  
Digital History Project
Teaching American History - Uses primary sources to guide students through US history.  There's also an optional monthly faculty-led discussion webinar.


Drive Thru History: Ancient History --  At least for now, TBN has the videos free to stream on its web site, the study guides are also free.
Crash Course World History Curriculum  -- Instructional materials that correspond to the “Crash Course World History†videos on YouTube
Reading Like a Historian: World History
World History for Us All
Big History Project
Student's Friend -- 2 year history and geography program.
The Western Tradition -- video instructional series for high school and college.


Geography Resources from the Smithsonian
Places in the News
New York Times Five Themes of Geography
Operation World - 12 month and 60 day prayer calendars.   Each day has information about a different country or region.  
Applying the Five Themes of Geography  to Literature
Using the Newspaper to Teach the Five Themes of Geography
Five Themes of Geography - Interactive Notebook/Lapbook
Five Themes Country Study - links to a lesson for Ecuador, but can be applied to any country.
Home Geography for the Primary Grades, Elementary Geography, and Geographical Nature Studies - Vintage geography books
Geography Blobs -- Getting Started with Geography Blobs and How to Draw a Blob Map of the World 
National Council for Geographic Education Geography Club (years 1-3) - for elementary students  
Knowledge Quest Globalmania: Master World Geography in 7 months or less  - ebook
Seterra  -  a map quiz game
Megamaps - Giant printable world maps


Bill of Rights Institute
C-Span Lesson Plans


NY Times Global Economics
Newspapers in Education: Financial Literacy
Wealth of Nations
Communist Manifesto
Crash Course Economics
Build Your Own Country
Economics - 16 week macro- and microeconomics course from The Christian Scholar
Economics U$A -- video series

A certain level of bias is inevitable.  I've listed resources that make a reasonable attempt at objectivity and don't appear to have an extreme left or right bias.

Stossel in the Classroom  --  Stossel is extremely conservative, but he includes a "Both Sides of the Issue" section.  "To assist teachers in presenting a balanced lesson on some of the issues that John Stossel addresses, we have paired short videos that present an opposing view."
PBS Newshour Extra  (7-12). Lesson plans and resources for teachers and students. 
Smithsonian (Teen Tribune, Tween Tribune, TT Junior)
Scholastic News 
CNN Student News  - ten minute, commercial-free, daily news program for middle and high school students.
Student News Daily 



Kids Health in the Classroom
USDA My Plate Activities


Life. Live It.  First aid and safety education for children, from British Red Cross.
St John First Aid Fact Sheets  and Click to Save First Aid Course
Wilderness First Aid - from Boy Scouts of America
Wilderness and Remote First Aid - from the Red Cross



Games for Dyscalculic (Math LD) Learners -- Ronit Bird's books are the go-to resources for kids with math learning disabilities.  She teaches through the use of manipulatives and games. Her books are expensive, but she shares over a dozen games for free on her site, as well as 35 videos on YouTube.
How to Tutor Math -- Efficient instruction from the same person who wrote the Aphaphonics book.
Ray's Arithmetic Video Lessons --  these videos go along with the free Ray's Arithmetic series (K-5).   You can find free downloads of all of the Ray's books (arithmetic through algebra) here.
Mathematics Enhancement Programme (MEP) -- complete elementary and middle school math program. It's from the UK so some of the money lessons will need tweaking. 
CSMP (Comprehensive School Mathematics Program) -- funky, awesome program from the 1970s.  Go to the video section of the web site to see it in action. 
Developmental Math - An Open Program: Arithmetic, Geometry, and Statistics


Flipped Math - Covers Algebra 1 (traditional and Common Core options), Algebra 2, geometry, pre-cal, and calculus.  Video-based with downloadable videos and pdf assignments.
College of the Redwoods -  Pre-Algebra, Elementary Algebra, Intermediate Algebra
Pizzazz Worksheets for Pre-Algebra, also Bridge to Algebra, Algebra, and Geometry.
Algebra Worksheet Maker
CK-12  Textbooks for Middle and High School Math 
Llevadas Algebra I  -- complete course, free pdf textbook and videos.
The First Steps in Algebra (Wentworth)  -- vintage textbook, kindle version
A First Book in Algebra: New Edition (Boyden) -- vintage textbook
Algebra In Simplest Terms -- video series
Against All Odds: Inside Statistics -- video series


MathTV - 10,000+ math tutorial videos (arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus)
School Yourself - interactive, video-based lessons  
Khan Academy 
Yay Math -- video lessons for Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, Trigonometry, and Statistics.  Each video includes a worksheet and quiz.
HippoCampus Arithmetic - nicely done video lessons by Art of Problem Solving, WhyU and others. 



Science News for Students
CK-12 Science -- E-textbooks for Middle and High School
MS Nucleus -- K-8 science curriculum
Annenberg Learner   -- Navigate to Interactives or Lesson Plans and then select Science. 


Ag Science -- Georgia FFA
Learn About Ag -- K-12
Oklahoma Ag in the Classroom -- K-8


Mr. Q's Life Science - Complete life science for upper-elementary or early-middle school students 
Introduction to Biology and Anatomy & Physiology - Carnegie Mellon / OLI 
Guesthollow Biology - Creationist perspective.  This is an edited version of the CK-12 Biology textbook.  References to evolution were removed, and videos and additional content were added.
Middle School Biology Curriculum and Activity Guide - created by Carlsbad Caverns National Park
Marine Science I Student Book and Teacher's Guide



Inquiry in Action for K-5 and Middle School Chemistry -  courtesy of the American Chemical Society
Energy Foundations for High School Chemistry - "Exercises, lab investigations, videos, and demos focus on the fundamentals of chemical, mechanical, nuclear and gravitational energy." 
 The World of Chemistry and Chemistry Challenges (both are video-based instructional series).


Code.org -- Home of the “Hour of Code.
Code Academy
Computing at Khan Academy 
Scratch -- free programming language community, create your own interactive stories, games, and animations.


NOAA Earth Science Curriculum - pdf student and teacher materials for weather, ocean, and atmosphere related topics.
Owlie Skywarn - Science and safety lessons for young children from the National Weather Service 
Earth Revealed -- geology video series for high school.
The Habitable Earth: A Systems Approach to Environmental Science -- Video series, online textbook, interactive simulation labs.
Astronomy - State of the Art - a beginners course
Big History Project â€“ includes discussion of some science topics (big bang, solar system, evolution, etc.) 


Project Based Engineering - not really a curriculum, just some fun projects to whet a kid's appetite.
Audio & Speaker Electronics and Guitar Building - from MIT's High School Studies Program
DiscoverE - 400+ hands-on engineering projects, lesson plans, videos, virtual field trips.


Opening the World Through Journaling: Integrating Art, Science, and Language Arts - from the California Native Plant Society 
John Muir Laws Youtube Channel - nature drawing, exploring nature, nature journal club, and a lecture for educators called How to Teach Nature Journaling.
Outdoor Hour Challenges, Getting Started with Nature Study (all ages) - Uses the "Handbook of Nature Study" which can be downloaded for free from archive.org


Intro to Physics- Landmarks in Physics - video course for beginners
How Things Work (Coursera)

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Survivor Library has a lot of public domain textbooks broken up by subject.



African Waldorf. Scroll down to the English downloads. All subjects including math.



Newspapers in Education


There are lots of math books, but my favorites are the math sections included in the multi-subject books


And the financial literacy


Again great supplements to an otherwise vintage-heavy curriculum.

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Love this list! Thank you for compiling all of these wonderful resources. Guest Hollow also has several free curriculum for history and science. I haven't checked it out too much, but I am looking for my almost 4th grader now.




Think he might something like this?  Time Warp Trio Lesson Plans  It looks really fun.  I *so* wish I'd found these when my kids were younger.

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New York Times 5 Themes of Geography worksheets. These can be used over and over and over for years, and for more than newspaper stories.



I know I am a broken record, but again, this fills in holes of a vintage-heavy curriculum.


If mom doesn't have a printer for the generic worksheets, she can use the questions for discussion.

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For months I have not been able to find the New York Times curriculum guides main page. I finally found it today.




As well as the geography guide I linked above, I really like the economics one, too.


There is also high school English and theater, civics and human rights, and science.


So much "free" stuff requires home wifi and a printer. These have been useful to me on just a tablet, and as I said earlier are not vintage.


I think I bookmarked the page. My old bookmark shows a slightly different address. I think they moved them.

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Thanks for sharing your list! I'm off to explore several of the links I hadn't seen before...


I did not see the Core Knowledge History and Geography and Language Arts curricula on your list, which contain a sequence of history, literature, and science-themed lessons for elementary school, aligned to current standards.


Dude. How did I miss Core Knowledge?   Adding it now :) 

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The national gallery of art has some great art lessons. Many are interdisciplinary. I used their "elements of arts" lessons for mine in 1st/3rd and they were just enough for a couple of months worth.




Thank you for sharing this! The lessons are so nicely done.  I'm going to do some of these with the girls this week.  

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Stossel in the Classroom will send free DVD's to schools and home educators.  Good for current events and critical thinking. 


Love this: "Both Sides of the Issue" I think mainstream news for adults could use more of this.  (Thanks for sharing this resource!)


To assist teachers in presenting a balanced lesson on some of the issues that John Stossel addresses, we have paired short videos that present an opposing view.

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In search of:  writing programs and resources for younger, middles, and older students.  It might be set up like a traditional curriculum, be a series of youtube videos, free e-books, a web site with tutorials, etc.  


So, if you have a friend who is broke and needs help teaching a child to write, where might she go for help?

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Just found out about this: Comcast Internet Essentials program offers high speed internet service for $9.95/mo to low income families.  If you have a child in public school participating in the National School Lunch Program, your family will qualify.  Students in homeschools or private schools have to show proof that the family is on SNAP, TANF, etc.  In other words, the income guidelines are *much* stricter for these families.   :(


ETA: more options at EveryoneOn

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I think Word Mastery available from Don Potter is the best free phonics resource that is easy to use. It goes up to a 3rd grade level and starts with the letters that are easiest to blend, it is very well designed.


(While my favorite is Webster's Speller, it is not easy to use.)



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Shiny, I see you have Annenberg, but do you have the video series directed at 9-12 students?



For individual subjects click on "video series". Scroll and click on "video Programs". Click on the desired subject and then "9-12".


World of Chemistry is a bit dated but still excellent



Chemistry Challenges and Solutions is a bit newer, but I don't think quite as good.



The Western Tradition is a classic.


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Homeschool Commons has been moved to Homeschool Base, and I no longer know how to easily access this resource. But I used to like this.



The content is here. I just cannot find any table of contents.


Classics for a High School Transcript: Fiction

It is entirely possible to craft a high school literature course of study using free public domain ebooks. While there are some great works of modern literature currently under copyright, and these should be considered as well, there is such a diverse collection of classic works that could keep a student busy for years.


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I have used this algebra worksheet maker
To supplement A First Book in Algebra
The book is public domain an been retyped by Gutenberg, not just photocopied



Wentworth Algebra is free in a nicely retyped version at Gutenberg as well as the Boyden text. Wow!

Both books are beginner books and have answers in the back. Wentworth is even easier than Boyden. I'm doing a happy dance.


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