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  1. I have communal art supplies, but pencils and paper are a daily personal responsibility. Part of their morning habits/checklist is to sharpen two pencils for the day for their use. If they put them back in their top drawer, as they are regularly reminded, they have less to do. If not, they go on a pencil hunt. One has learned keeping track of a pencil or two is much easier than hunting down the pencils he used the day before. The other, not so much.
  2. It is! The badges are fun too. They work on habits and trying something new, rather than needing to be "smart enough." There are many reasons we like it.
  3. If you want to do any thing in Tacoma, it doesn't require always require a car. You can use the commuter train/bus system down to Tacoma and use the local bus that goes from downtown out to the park or elsewhere in town. Assume you'll make a day of it, and will walk A Lot, but it's absolutely doable without a car. The Washington State History Museum is a short light rail trip from the Sounder (commuter train) at the Tacoma dome. There are bunch of cute shops just across the street that I loved wandering. The Brew Five: Beer and Blues Festival is August 5th (Sat) in Tacoma. Plus
  4. Mainly, as bribery for getting school work done and a healthy form of competition between brothers. Electronics are very regulated in our home, so access of any kind is a huge treat. After work is done and corrected, they are allowed to work on Khan Academy. They are required to do five minutes each of at least two subjects. Math: at or below grade level for fun reinforcement. If there is a lesson that they are having a hard time grasping, they will watch the video. This is rare, however, as Math is my specialty. Computer: programming and computer science. DS11 is interested.
  5. We've used all of the levels of Math Mammoth, 1-3 for one, and 3-5 for the other. Honestly the biggest reason I bought it was because I'm cheap. Between a sale and a discount code I had, I got the first 6 levels (all that was out at that point) along with the links for printable worksheets, for under $50. I just print the books at the beginning of the year and put them in a three ring binder for each kiddo. As for the program, I liked that it works with the Common Core math standards without the extremely confusing questions that many of the public school programs contain. DS11 was in
  6. This sounds like what I did after DS#1. DS#1 was posterior and spun in labor, leading to a triple cord wrap. DS#2 was anterior, but I don't think his huge head would have fit any other way. I did use the Webster Chiropractor often, though, and unknowingly used the spinning baby positions naturally. DD was posterior as she had an anterior placenta. (I was told that with an anterior placenta, there isn't much you can do before labor.) She was posterior through early labor of three days. We used baby sifting, lunges, side stair climbing, walking curbs, etc. to help turn her. After that, a
  7. Our children are same aged so hopefully this helps: Each one is required in the morning as soon as they get up: Get dressed. Tidy bed (even the 4 year old can pull sheets straightish) Put dirty pajamas in hamper Wash face/Tidy hair Ask about breakfast. If I am making a hot breakfast, they are to read quietly until it is ready, otherwise they are given options. Evening: Reverse it! Dinner Dishes. (one rinses/stacks, the other washes, mom or dad come in and do the pots and pans and check for jobs well done) Baths/Showers/Faces as needed Teeth Pajamas and get out clothes
  8. Academics for DD4: Hooked on Phonics Confessions of a Homeschooler's Daily Learning Notebook for Preschoolers (Free!) Tag-a-long: Story of the World 2, trebuches, electrical experiments, Lego castles, and other crafts. Life Sciences Outside time/Nature walks
  9. I had great skin, and facials helped the little problems I had. I didn't see the results for a few days afterwards though. Unfortunately, whatever skin issues I had were external environmental factors. Now they are internal health issues. A dermatologist told me that when facials don't help, it's an internal issue that needs to be addressed. Hormones, food reactions (not all allergies show in blood or skin tests), chemical sensitivities, and other issues can develop without warning. ETA: Your gratuity was fine.
  10. Considering how often I have and will have these, I'm going to absolutely disagree with your entire statement.
  11. Usually 12 hours, but it depends on the medication. You will definitely need a ride home. Ask your anesthesiologist/nurse/dentist about it. And if they don't know, your local pharmacist once you get the name of the medications they will use.
  12. For my easy, going little guy that isn't so little and just turned 9. Language: WWE 3 FFL 3/4 (we may finish 3 over the summer, maybe not until fall) SOTW AG literature and TBD 4th grade reading list Spelling Workout D ZB 3/4 Language studies on Mango: Spanish and French Math/Logic Math Mammoth 4 Weekly fact tests Logic puzzles printed and bound with the worktext for fun breaks! History: SOTW 2 with big brother Horrible Histories as he finds the applicable books in our library. Science: Interest led or Quark Chronicles: Life Science or Mr. Q Life Sciences
  13. Not absolutely. I marked which ones I knew we had to do, but if I wasn't feeling well, youtube was our friend for that lesson.
  14. Just to add to this: there is now a printable notebook that you can use for your kids and it helps to provide a frame work for their lab notebook. My then 4th grader had a hard time with just a composition notebook, but my now 3rd grader is willing to write just because of the thought organization it provides. I just printed, hole punched, and added to a 1-inch binder at the beginning of the year. https://www.bereanbuilders.com/mkt/res/nb/9780989042406nb.pdf Also Rainbow Resource does sell a supply kit for the program if you really don't want to have to collect/shop for the material
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