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    IT career

    Anyone have a child who obtained an IT job with an IT Associate degree and certificates? Or tell me about the IT path your child is pursuing.... DS just threw this at us...he would like to attend college his Sr. Yr of high school as a DE student to obtain his Associates in IT, this would put him one semester over his normal high school graduation date. Do I just scrape his Sr. Yr classes and let him? Thank you
  2. Do you mind sharing what 2 yr degree he obtained? Thank you
  3. Is your child in a separate room set up for special needs? Or mainstreamed? If it is special room, what are some of the items they have that helps your child? do they pair your child one on one with the same person every weekend? Or these people trained? If so does that person contact you and ask you questions about your child? If so what kind of questions? Please add any other information that you feel is important...big decisions thank you
  4. Ds 16 feels called to be a worship arts music director or a worship audio engineer/producer. Ds is a profecent key board player. Ds has done 2 internships in worship arts, the first one at a church with 500 attendees - the second with a church with 4000+ attendees. He/we were asked Oct. 2018 by the second church if he could apprentice with them in their worship arts and audio departments— 4 days per week(2 days are the weekend). So at this time he is still working with them with plans to do so until graduation May 2020. So far he has learned a ton and they feel he is a very talented young man. That being said last month they put him as a contract employee so they can pay him to work audio production for different events. And have offered him a position when he graduates as a worship arts music director. Also, Ds is a gifted dyslexic- so he struggles some and has to give extra effort to achieve an A in English and Math. WOW...sorry for the long background information, but felt needed for someone to give honest help. We have always planned on him attending college full time and getting a degree of course in what he feels called to do. So how would you handle our situation? Yes, I know broad question looking for pointers.(Dd was cut and dry undergrad followed by grad.) Do I mix up his Sr year with some electives in these two fields? Do you know of any online classes? Would love pointers from someone who navigatied College in Worship Arts specifically music director? And love help from someone who navigatied college for Audio engineer/production? Are certificate programs any good? Thanks for your input 😊
  5. I feel the difference would be if she does something during her time spent in the museums/science centers, as to how to count the hours.
  6. As far as objectives - needing basics...thinking mental, learning through exploring and living books. Is there a guide as to what they should learn or do you just allow them to learn? Would love some resources, thank you
  7. Knowing that the Christmas and New Years had to be hard. We continue to pray for your family- May God continue to guide and help heal in this very difficult time.
  8. There are traditional and non-traditional music degrees. For instance our son(16) feels called into Music ministry, at the present time he is studying 4 days(Weekend, 2 weekdays) a week with a large non-donomational church(over 4000 per weekend attendance) he is learning all... production, worship, and media. He is a keys(piano) player - the professionals in which he plays with have told him he needs at least 10,000 hours of practice to be in the professional ranking. Outside training(at home) he practices ear training, music theory, finger dexterity, sound mixing and being able to pick up any piece of music and play it flawlessly at a moments notice. He spends hours gets so ingrossed that I have to remind him continuously to do his core subjects 😂. So my advice is to sit down with your son...look up the best colleges for a music degree(google), figure out what is his main interest, pick a college or two and follow their admission requirements.
  9. So glad I stumbled upon this thread, DS and I have been on the hamster wheel, I now understand so much more and am excited to try the things mentioned. Thank you to all who posted - the struggle is real.
  10. Hugs...take it one second at a time if you need to. This is a tragic situation that will take time to process - talk openly with your children to see what they would like to do. If DS would like to play his music then so be it - let him. Music can be very soothing and may bring him peace in this horrific situation— Do not worry about school work unless your children wish to do so. Please seek a consular for all of you. Praying for all involved - May God wrap his loving arms and bring you and yours strength.
  11. Would someone please tell me which edition of Singapore math is recommended-primary, common core, math in focus, deminsions, thinking, USA? Thank you
  12. Thanks for the reminder- Have the kitchen table math and other living math books ...need to go dig in a box, the 11 years between learners and not having a large enough book case is testing my thinking skills ?.
  13. Yes and yes, I feel it is important to increase her natural ability - keeping it fun with her is a must because she is a very serious learner...she tends to get upset if she does not do thing 100 percent correct. Do you having any ideas how to handle the perfection? Unfortunately, I did not do the best with the first 2 on that issue. Thank you,
  14. Please give your opinion on a solid math program. Dd is 4 and is excellent at computing and actually does math play on her own. We have used the Critical Thinking Mathamatical Reasoning Book, but wondering if she may benefit from a different program. So what do you feel is the best math program for a child gifted in math.
  15. Congratulations- What a wonderful blessing! We had DS 12 years after DD...I was 39 And yes our gift has kept us young!
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