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  1. Memrise.com does free foriegn languages. They are like the next step after Duolingo.
  2. Portland State is no longer accepting independent study students. Enrolled students can do distance learning from their degree program only.
  3. One thing to keep in mind is that many gifted kids grow in bursts. Dh exploded at around 3-4 until about 6. Then he calmed down and we could use a standard curriculum. Around 9 he took off again. We have hit a groove at 12, but I know it will not last more than maybe a year or two. Then he will be off again. So your son might be just frantic at one point, eating up anything you can give him (workbooky stuff often helps here to tread water, Khan Academy helped, Easy Grammar, Great Courses, Audible) and then settle into a curriculum mode where you can round up new long range resources
  4. It is music festival season around these parts which means I get to hear Xanadu and The Lute Player over and over and over.......and over í ½í¸’

  5. How significant is your grammar background? The best thing I could have donefor Ds is to give him an entire year of formal grammar instruction. We used a lighter book, because he was young. If he was going to start in fifth, I would have gone with as hardcore of a textbook as I could find, drill academic names and complex diagramming, and really make sure he could take apart a sentence. Over and over it has paid off. He is not trying to learn Latin and grammar at the same time.
  6. Does anyone know what level of multi-cultural approach this course takes? Is it strictly the standard Pro-America, Protestant, white, male view that is so traditional or does it provide perspectives - both pro and con - from different strands of America? ETA: typo
  7. I had a feeling. Ds loves video instruction. Even if he doesn't need it, there is instant buy in with videos.
  8. If AP Chem goes well this next year, we are opting for this option in 8th. Some part of me is holding out hope that MIT, or another wonderful free internet resource, will magically come up with videos for the other half.
  9. So Ds and I just talked about the difference between the feelings of having academic success and having friendship success (for lack of better terms). When he succeeds at giving a speech to a giant crowd, or at organizing this large group of people to a great cause, or at kicking the snot out of a hard math problem, "the emotion is inspiring. It is an adrenoline rush. It keeps me wanting to strive and move forward through the tough spots. I think it is what they are calling "grit." When he is just joking around during teen summer reading gatherings, or during Magic the Gathering clu
  10. I would honestly visit Robinson. I know that is easier for us, since we live in the state, but the atmosphere was off. It was ULTRA competative feeling. It was not fun. It was not kid-like only in college. It felt like kids going to work (and my kid currently gets paid more than I do when he is working!). Most definitely did not feel emotionally safe for Ds. That doesn't mean your Dd would feel that way, but it definitely surrendered the fantasy for us. Robinson also has standard college tuition. Without meeting residency requirements it is expensive!!!! The other colleges we have
  11. Ds did not look very fancy in third grade. We were far more average appearing since he hadn't really taken the reigns at that point. I am sure that when your kiddo finds their thing, you might be holding on for dear life to keep up :)
  12. You've got three! There is no way you should consider yourself underachieving. If I had three, I'd be lucky if I could locate my own pants.
  13. I am trying to embrace it. I have purchased Creek Edge task cards for history next year, only Ds wants to edit them so they have the Roman Roads stuff and a few Great Courses added. I asked how this was any different than just listening to the GC and doing Roman Roads. I could easily not spend the 25 dollars. He was just shocked I would not recognize that with task cards you got a task card. It was a card. It had your weekly tasks on it. All beautiful and box checky. Meh. Fine. But I am going to just call it history! If I adapt, things tend to run smoother. I just have to find a
  14. Ds has begun Catcher in the Rye.... Ds: "The neighbors think it is inappropriate that I am reading this book." Me: "Really?" Ds: "Yeah, they said I should not read about a kid in a mental hospital. He is only in there because he wouldn't conform. They do realize that they think I should be in school to get socialized don't they? They basically want to assylum me so I would be made to be like everyone else....bunch of phonies...." Yes, well perhaps we will be reading less outside.
  15. This was the age Ds did Apologia Exploring Chemistry with Creation (2nd Edition). If you go with edition 2, there is very little religious content (I was worried). The book is an extremely simplistic high school chemistry book. The conversational tone, handful of well established, high quality problems, and pre algebra math level made it just right for my son. The books are cheap on Amazon (or they used to be). We did much of it together, and it was a great text book intro. I feel really good about delving deeper this coming year with a total lab science year after the foundation it
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