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  1. Our state will not allow you to count high school credits in middle school for anything other than foriegn language and math. Obviously, if you have a stem kiddo, she is going to go on and do more science. More than likely do a few AP's in there too. We are getting passed the stipulation with AP tests. If he scores well enough, they cannot discount the courses. He still will have to take some science in high school, but it is far more open. Test scores can be your friend if they do not freak your student out.
  2. We were going to do Lukeion history or lit run next year, but Ds was feeling like it might be too much. He is taking second year Latin and Writing and Composition next year for sure. He took grammar through them this year. We will see how he feels as time moves on for Greeks and Romans or for literature. The descriptions list a fairly significant time commitment (1.5 hours) for the classes. He has asked for lit to no longer be tied to history (though he is going to free read it, so I do not understand this). He wants to study various classic lit selections, but not necessarily all from o
  3. We skipped the Daulaire's and went directly to Bulfinch's Mythology. Nathaniel Hawthorne's Wonder Book and the Tangelwood Tales were also favorites. Around 7, my humanities kid became obsessed with Ancient mythology, culture, and languages. He has never moved on (12 now). He writes papers entited "Feminism in the Epic of Gilgamesh: Strong Females in a Patriarchical Society" or "Ancient History Repeats Itself: Climate Crisis and the Fall of the Assyrian Empire" or "Oligarchy As the Downfall of Egypts' New Kingdom." It all started with Percy. Let her obsess and just strew quality materials
  4. My 12 year old would find it HYSTERICAL to ask non French speakers to sleep with him. If they understood, he would me mortified with humiliation! But if they didn't, a mess of giggles.
  5. Butting in is very appreciated! I know a bit at this point about language learning methodology, grammar for linguistics, an a lot of theory, but know virtually nothing about the specific languages themselves. Ds has agreed to doing one year himself to see if he actually wants to study the language or not. We have a friend who does translation for governments and travels internationally six months a year for missionary work. He is going to do the tutoring/pronunciation/question answering. After a year, we are going to re-evaluate. I am fairly sure he is going to want to continue. At tha
  6. Honestly, if the charter looked at the problems at all they moght have increased the grade because the work is so far above and beyond what is normally done in most math classes. A C in super rigorous class is equivalent to an A in hum drum, low level class. Ask questions, but recognize that unless it is printed out as AoPS Class Title, they are probably changing it to reflect the actual quality of what was learned.
  7. We had this problem. I had to start asking myself the same question, "What if it wasn't digital?" Screens have been an easy way for my son to develop avoidence habits. That is the only negative we have found. He will do school in bed or in his pajamas all day long because it is easier with a screen to just not get up. I definitely do not like that part. I honestly think it took longer for him to develop some of those personal life habits (get up, shower, comb hair & teeth; make lunch, clean up, eat, brush teeth; reasonable bedtime, get washed, brushed, ready for bed) because he could
  8. Great job. Even if you cave, which is not saying you will, you should, you shouldn't or any of that, just if you do, know you have already achieved a large victory. You stood up for yourself. You are not giving her power over tuo even in her absence. You can acknowledge you are freer. All such positive and difficult things. Way to go! No matter what happens, that is serious victory!
  9. I do not like reading from an iPad. I am old. I openly admit this appears to be a generation gap. Ds has no issues unless it is a much longer book (novel.) iPad schooling has greatly reduced clutter and increased engagement in our house. I am personally all for it in many arenas of life. Just not *my* books :)
  10. I would check on language, particularly things that would now be considered racially or socially insensative. I have a feeling that the founding history if Texas has not changed a whole lot. The only other part that might be different is the level of Nationalism and rah! rah! America. That sort of stuff drives me personally crazy. With the social movements happening in America at that time period, it might be pretty thick.
  11. I have a question about how to re-rail a thread (or conversation for that matter) once it has become apparent that it is sliding into the blinking red light territory. How does one get the focus away from aggression, name calling, personal attack, feeling defensive, and back to a place where people are actually making progress with discussion? Maybe this is not possible. I am personally terrible at it. Often, I say something and it turns out I worded it wrong. It normally blindsides me. Any others out there gifted at smoothing the waters once dullards like me get things all murky?
  12. Yep. It is considered history. Essentially modern history. It is a required course around here.
  13. My husband's high school calls it "Contemporary World Problems" or "Current Social Global Impacts" They have two tracks. Contemporary World Problems is a much denser course that covers history to understand what is going on. CSGI is just current event discussion and debate.
  14. Lukeion's Latin 3 requires three(iirc?) analytical grammar essays. It is a major part of the class. They focus on intensive translation and AP Latin prep. You could enroll her for 7th so she can practice.
  15. If you go to the mall, you will find jewelry she is most thinking of and she will probably get a whole little kit to feel very adult. My don go to put on a wizard hat, they took pictures, there was the picking out of the jewelry. It was a whole thing. When you go to a professional piercest, they are used to adults. It is short, sweet, to the point and a million times more expensive.
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