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  1. Memrise.com does free foriegn languages. They are like the next step after Duolingo.
  2. It is music festival season around these parts which means I get to hear Xanadu and The Lute Player over and over and over.......and over í ½í¸’

  3. How significant is your grammar background? The best thing I could have donefor Ds is to give him an entire year of formal grammar instruction. We used a lighter book, because he was young. If he was going to start in fifth, I would have gone with as hardcore of a textbook as I could find, drill academic names and complex diagramming, and really make sure he could take apart a sentence. Over and over it has paid off. He is not trying to learn Latin and grammar at the same time.
  4. Does anyone know what level of multi-cultural approach this course takes? Is it strictly the standard Pro-America, Protestant, white, male view that is so traditional or does it provide perspectives - both pro and con - from different strands of America? ETA: typo
  5. Ds has begun Catcher in the Rye.... Ds: "The neighbors think it is inappropriate that I am reading this book." Me: "Really?" Ds: "Yeah, they said I should not read about a kid in a mental hospital. He is only in there because he wouldn't conform. They do realize that they think I should be in school to get socialized don't they? They basically want to assylum me so I would be made to be like everyone else....bunch of phonies...." Yes, well perhaps we will be reading less outside.
  6. You might be a homeschool mom if you McGyver your child's swimsuit to fit using a spare binder clip in your purse.

    1. ScoutTN


      "McGyver" as verb!Excellent!


  7. One of the coolest things about studying the mythology is to see how so much of it is similar to the Christ and Biblical stories. Iean down right word for word in some instances. The flood mythology, the Book of the Dead, there is a very strong arguement in a lot of it that there is one resounding story told in different languages through the ages.
  8. Ds just explained that he doesn't like jow stressful procrastinating is. "Perhaps we should plan and start earlier." I am SO glad that has finally gotten through!

    1. Tsuga


      How many years did that take?

    2. EKS


      Congratulations! Now if only my almost 20yo son could figure this out...

    3. mathnerd


      You are doing a good job with him. He is so young and already realizes that. I am old and am still a procrastinator.

  9. On Pinterest they have a craft where you build an Archimedes' screw out of household stuff that picks up Fruit Loops! I found this beyond exciting! Seriously played with it for far too long in absolute glee. Ds, not so much.....Darn Hum kid.
  10. Ds could not find the word/picture for butter in First 1000 Spanish Words book and thus concluded Spanish speakers must not have such a thing. Because..you know..there are only 1000 Spanish nouns in the entire language....
  11. One of my son's mentors is obnoxiously attractive. I feel ridiculous, but it is very hard to focus during our meetings sometimes.

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    2. MrsRobinson


      Our pediatric dentist. Very attractive, great teeth, in the reserves or gaurd or something like that. Seriously, a lab coat AND military uniform?! Uggh. Thank goodness I only have to see him every 6 months.

    3. Monica_in_Switzerland


      dd's old violin teacher. Swoon. lol. It's a real problem! People should warn you about this kind of thing!

    4. EndOfOrdinary


      It should be a chapter in that all inclusive homeschooling book that one if us writes someday!

  12. "We should read some more Rudyard Kipling, Mom." I think this Classical education thing might be working

  13. I use a lot of the questions listed for the lectures in Great Courses. They get very specific and sometimes the vocab is too advanced, but a quick revision is not difficult. If your library carries The Great Courses (many do), look at the guide books. Each lecture normally has two questions. They are wonderful to use again and again as you learn more history as well. Much like "Why did Rome fall?" Initially the answer might be very superficial, but as different facets of various constructs are learned social disparity, gender inequality, wage gaps, resource allotment, etc all start to cha
  14. "So that's why they call it pepper spray!?" while rubbing aloe liberally all over his hands and stomach. "How long does the burning last? Can we test out different types to see if it makes a difference?" I don't know how he is going to survive the teenage years.
  15. Dh and Ds are being sweet and have decided to make me tea. It is about the cutest thing in the world listening to them try to figure out how to make tea, which flavor, how hot, sugar or not, how much sugar....most complex tea I have ever consumed, but made with lots of love!

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