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Who's going to tackle Monday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Get new arrival ready for school and walk him to bus stop


Feed person-up-the-road's animals


Milk cow


Feed chooks


All above with twins in tow


Garden all day


Pick new arrival up from School bus


Make blueberry muffins


Cook tea


Bath twins and process for bed


Do remedial reading work with new arrival


Lock up geese and chooks


Process new arrival for bed


Day done - sneak a chocolate ice cream

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Slept badly last night.  Woke up at 1:50 and didn't fall back to sleep until 4:20 something.  But I am glad I got back to sleep even if I overslept a bit this a.m.


To do:

Take 18 yo to his first percussion lesson at 9

Read while waiting for him

Meet oldest dd for breakfast afterward

(meanwhile 15 yo is home taking a bio test)

In p.m. make chicken broth and do something with left over london broil

2:30 AHG planning meeting with Pi/Pa leader (here)

At some point settle down with teens and study for NLE

Dinner?  Whatever I can concoct from leftovers.

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•Get house back in order after a weekend of having fun and slacking off on chores

•Laundry, laundry, laundry...

•Dust entire house

•Vacuum doormats

•Replace fire extinguishers in house with new ones that have been sitting in garage for weeks

•Do a little food prep

•Fill grain bins with 500# grain that is arriving today

•Split dog's pills (hate having to do this when I'm getting her food ready)



•Dinner= black rice seafood risotto

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Good morning!

A regular school day here.     Not a very good one, but tomorrow is another day.
Help ds make cookies for CS banquet tonight.
Make sure ds finishes his CS activity.
Help dd review for NME.

dinner-mexican (at Cub Scouts)

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  • breakfast
  • laundry (lots of it) -- DD15 took forever getting her own done.  I will launder tomorrow.
  • exercise
  • go over calendars for the week -- I did for tomorrow, still have the rest of the week to look over
  • write up task list for the week -- started
  • confirm all med adjustments from recent dr appt have been accomplished
  • Add to today's list as I think of more
  • music lessons
  • meal plan for the week and today
  • maybe stop by a grocery store for one or two ingredients for tonight's supper



I cannot trust myself to do more today.  I've already injured myself and broken something, so I'm calling it good.  I can have a fresh start tomorrow.


Good night, everyone!

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Good morning!  DH off again for the week on business, oldest has the day off of school.


-shower/get ready

-usual Monday school routine (while listening to youngest whine and complain that it is "no fair" oldest doesn't have school but he does...remind youngest for the umpteenth time that he finishes school at least 5 weeks before oldest)

-take youngest to 2 enrichment classes at co-op (Dangerous Book for Boys and App Design)

-laundry (at least 3 loads, preferably 4)

-feed everyone (no idea or prospects at the moment)

-get oldest to conditioning gym (stay for the 90 or so minutes and read in my car)



ETA:  so much for that plan.  Youngest just got out of the shower and showed me a huge/covers the entire side of his hip bite of some type.  He has had Lyme before, almost looks like an off centered bullseye. We live in FL so could be anything.  Off to call the pediatrician.  UGH.

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Good morning! Dh took dd2 to morning practice, no school today. The kids have planned some fun. So work in the morning (ds2 has his cc class), guitar lesson, then we are all meeting to see a movie. Then the regular practice schedule.


To do:


daily chores

clean kitchen

calendar updates (summer dates starting to roll in...)

guitar lesson


get ds2 to dmil's house to do some chores for her

practice swim/swim/aikido

leftovers for dinner


Have a great day!

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Monday! No school, so the kids are sleeping in. Unfortunately I woke up at 4am and never went back to sleep. Grrrr...

Boxing class
Take a nap

Family chore time:
Vacuum, sweep, mop, dust, bathrooms

Go on a walk with a friend
dd to cheer practice
Ds to friends house
Dinner - broccoli cheddar soup

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Morning, all!  Still raining here...wanted to do something today, but don't know what and where.  


To do:

Target for Rx and returns

Pick up some bread, milk, and eggs

vacuum upstairs

lesson plan

research altered books on pinterest for an upcoming project


Sign up for drawing lessons!  I was humbled greatly this weekend at my art class.  In general, I lacked skills.  When a class description says no experience necessary, and you emailed instructor about no experience... :crying:   Yeah, I was bad. I gave one dimensional a new meaning.


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Alarm clock ran out of battery while I slept.  Oops, LOL.  Luckily I got up at 9:something.


Kids are off school, but they have some work to do.  I hope they are responsible about it.


I have lots of "work" work to do.  I believe I may have 2 conference calls, UGH.


A bit of reading, exercise, housework.


Need to check if the kids have gym tonight.  [They do.]


Pay some bills.


Review the kids' homework.


AHG spiritual pin work.


A science activity.


Kids to gymnastics.




Kids to bed.



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human care done

pet care done

medical care done

pill boxes filled for the week

finished paying regular bills.

Need to make phone calls on medical bills and pull EOBs.  I wonder if business offices will be open on Presidents Day?

school has been started

Dh unloaded the dishwasher, which means that I will not be able to find anything for the next month.


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Well I haven't done a productive thing yet...other than surfing the board.


I need to:


  • get my reading done
  • Chart on a client
  • Stretch my stiff back muscle
  • Put heating pad on said muscle
  • Keep an eye on the rivers and check phone for er notifications
  • Dust living room
  • If all is well, drive to work and facilitate group
  • Have a cup of rooibos and fall over



Can I just say that I envy those of you who can dust a whole house in one day!

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