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  1. If he attended college on an rotc scholarship, he would have some kind of college degree, likely technical, and would have served as an officer, not enlisted, as a very junior leader during his time in service. You may want to search for info about medically retired vs discharged. I have no idea how accurate that link is! If he is medically retired, he may receive care at a military base rather than (or along with) the VA, though I’m not sure how that works? As a college graduate and having served a tour in combat, there would likely have been an assignment and training before the deployment, so don’t make him too young! Sounds like a fun book!
  2. I have 3 different gmail accounts. I am able to toggle through them through the gmail app on my phone. For a long time, I just used my personal email on my phone and did work emails at the computer, but I feel like I need to check my work email more often now, so I added it to my phone's gmail app. I don't think you have to set up a new email account for your phone you can just use one you already have. I think you can decide if you want to access all of your current emails on your phone or just have access to one on your phone. I shut off notifications on my work email over the weekends so I don't get those notifications when I don't want them, but I can open it up and check it if I feel like it. I am also able to switch between gmail accounts for google docs and sheets. I keep my work calendar separate from my home calendar... I have an older yahoo account that I am also able to access on my phone, but I don't check it often... My husband and I share facebook. He doesn't have messenger on his phone, so if we get a message that is meant for him, I'll make sure he sees it when he's at home.
  3. A box of brown sugar is also 2 cups (packed). Now I need some blondies!
  4. It happens to us all the time. Last time it happened, I went in to the library the next week and found the missing books on the shelf, then carried them to the check-in clerk to have them scanned in. The check out clerk let me know that I was NOT supposed to do that, they had a process for finding books.... I said, it’s been a week since I put in a “missing book†request and nothing has been done. She made me feel like I was trying to trick her somehow by finding my own missing books. I’ve started taking a quick photo of my book pile just before I put them in the return slot, just so I have some proof for myself that I actually turned them in - I always start to doubt my own memory when they tell me I didn’t turn something in...
  5. For my work I recently had a meeting with a representative of the police chief in our small town. He let me know that a major concern in our town is that when a high school kid gets suspended, their missed school work can not be made up. Missing more than a day or two in high school and not being able to make up the missing work often means that a struggling student is now failing their classes. Failing a class (or all of your classes after a 3 day suspension) means why try. Why even attend school for the rest of the quarter or semester if there’s no possibility of passing the class. So suspension leads to truancy and dropping out and all kinds troubles. There must be a better way to deal with inappropriate behavior. What kind of punishment just allows kids to stay home and sleep in all week and then leaves them with no possiblility of graduating on time? A friend recently cared for a young man who was suspended from elementary school for a week. She was able to work with him on his (very delayed) reading and math skills during the day. If she hadn’t been able to babysit for him, the boy would have stayed home alone playing video games all week while his single mother worked full time. My friend is a school board member and also said there’s got to be a better way to work with these kids!! Does suspending a student accomplish anything?
  6. In our small town, parents are still asked to drive on field trips. My suburban is awesome for field trips! There’s a large dodgeball tournament at the middle school every year, it’s a big pta fundraiser. The kids also sing and perform Christmas carols for the school Christmas programs. Not just winter songs... So, yes for Christmas, dodgeball and parent drivers, but you absolutely cannot bring homemade treats to school. We recently lived in a larger city outside of DC, where all of the above would be a no, except the homemade treats. You can still bake your own cupcakes for your elementary birthday... When I was in 6th grade in the 80’s I drove to a youth leadership conference in my 6th grade teachers VW Bug. Just me and him. Seemed strange even at the time, but really odd today.
  7. I bought a lovely oval table a few years ago - it was for a breakfast nook, and was really cute. It came with a very nice table cover, made of like a faux leather one the top and felt on the bottom, with something really hard inside - heavy cardboard or something. It folded up nicely into storage and was expandable for with or without the leaf. Something like this: The table was in near perfect condition when I bought it, and the owner told me that she had raised her kids with the table. I'm sure she kept the cover on it with a table cloth at all time. I never used the cover, and you could tell! Just regular plates could scratch the table finish! So, get a cover and some table cloths and use them all the time!! My dh built our regular dining table almost 20 years ago. It is made of oak and is a very basic farm table. He finished it with a varathane finish that is super strong - I think it is used to finish floors. That finish has put up with all sorts of abuse and still looks good. It is not shiny, it is more of a matte finish. Maybe you can "pre-finish" the table with a couple coats of varnish - you probably can't just brush on something new without sanding off the old, though.
  8. My dd’s team did a box of your favorite cereal. Or a favorite candy. It seemed to get bigger and bigger each tournament. Not sad that when we moved, her new team does not do team spirit swaps.
  9. The spouse club and the FRG (or Key Spouse program in the AF) are actually different things. I think if you are not into the goody bags and parties, you don’t have to sign up for those. The calling and emailing part is actually important, in my opinion. It is often not used until a deployment, so that’s probably why you haven’t been asked to be involved with that yet, though you have heard about in the training. Each commander decides how the program should be run in that unit, so it will not be the same everywhere. Those calls and emails are how you can reach out and support other spouses through the deployment. You are lucky enough to have a lot of outside support and the experience and strength to know that you can get through a deployment. There are other spouses (younger or older) who may not have that support or experience and if you are willing to be involved, you can make a real difference in the life of someone who may be struggling with real concerns and issues. By involved, I don’t mean Halloween parties, I mean, reaching out to say hello, checking in to see if they are okay, offering a listening ear, etc. (plus, those arranging silly goodie bags are just trying to find a way to make connections - as an experienced spouse, you may have other ideas to create meaningful connections - if you want to be involved in that way, you can bring your own ideas to the table.) I’m bad a social situations, but so thankful for kind spouses who have been there for me through difficult deployments. I am okay on my own, and I work hard to find a support system in whatever place we are assigned, and I’m still overwhelmed with gratitude when someone invites us over for Sunday dinner during a deployment and is just a nice human! I think the era of ladies teas are over, but military spouses can still support and lift each other up. Even if it is an assigned friendship. You certainly don’t have to be involved, but if you do want to support other spouses, you can find a way to do that that is comfortable and meaningful for you. I’m looking at a year deployment starting in July. I don’t want to need any help. I’m fine. I got this. But if I can help a younger spouse feel confident in her first deployment, that will help both me and her, because even though I don’t really need the help, and I certainly don’t need an Easter egg hunt, (this is totally cliche, but still true:) being part of a strong community strengthens all of us. (Go Air Force)
  10. We only have laptops and we really love them. Easy to hold, portable, no desk needed, take it to give a presentation, take it when you move, take it to college, etc. Last year, after 8years as laptop owners we learned the #1 disadvantage of laptops. They are not waterproof! If you spill on the laptop keyboard, your laptop will very likely be dead. Spilling near your desktop is much less dangerous! After we killed our favorite MacBook Pro, we bought a laptop to replace it, but we probably should have gone with a desktop.... but so far we’ve kept the “no hot cocoa near the laptop†rule!
  11. I keep my phone within arms reach. I tend to wake up at about 2am, and my phone allows me to read something to help my brain shut off and help me get back to sleep. I used to have to get up, go to the couch, turn on a lamp and read. Now I can just click on my book and get back to sleep within just a few minutes...
  12. I can't quite read what the situation is, but as a volunteer coordinator at a small non-profit, I'd ask you to talk to the actual paid volunteer coordinator. Or send an email if you want to keep some distance. I don't always know what goes on day to day and I rely on the observation of the other staff who may be at the event but not "in charge" of the volunteers. They are often busy doing what they are paid to do and not getting a sense of what the volunteers are doing. If it is something that is meaningful to you, maybe the volunteer coordinator can step in and reiterate the purpose of the volunteer program and steer away from the mean girl mentality.
  13. I read her theories in Better Than Before and it really helped me understand my husband and difficult teenage daughter better (somewhere between Rebel and Questioner). I think the idea that knowing your tendencies can help you make lasting changes is awesome. That you can work with your tendencies to find solutions for you, rather than get frustrated and give up when someone else’s perfect answer to ____ problem just doesn’t work for you. No guilt! No universal “right wayâ€.
  14. I think it was something like she was headed to the dentist or something and there was no time to come by, since my house was 2 blocks in the opposite direction from the school/dentist. I was able to call another friend to help me out, but it really made me feel used...
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