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My dh's book

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I hope it's okay to post this ... My dh has published his first book. It's called "The Gift and the Defender". I am just so proud of him for getting it all done by himself. :001_wub:


For anyone interested in it, it's available at Amazon as a softcover or as a kindle, at Barnes & Noble as a softcover or as a nookbook, at lulu.com, and it will be able to be ordered from brick and mortar bookstores in a few weeks. It's also available for just about any other e-reader you could think of through smashwords.com.


Thanks for letting me share this with you all. :)


ETA: I just realized that this sounded like a sales pitch!! LOL Really, I just wanted to share my happiness that my dh was able to do this himself and how proud I am of him.

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Thanks, ladies! :D


That is so friggin' cool. If I were you I'd brag about it to everyone I knew. :001_smile:


Oh, I am ... I'm sure people are quite tired of hearing it from me by now! ;)


Cool! I agree that the book looks very interesting. Would my 12 yo son be able to read this book?


Hmmm ... well, there is nothing inappropriate in it if you are asking that, but my 15 yo neice who is reading it says it is hard to read. I would compare it to Tolkien & Lewis in that there would be unfamiliar words. If your son reads at a high school level, I would think the book would be fine.

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