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  1. Beautiful! Don't you just love going in there and looking at it?
  2. Agree on all counts. I also point out that this generation doesn't have the same "climb the corporate ladder" career opportunities that we might have had. Many young people are having to create their own opportunities regardless of field of study. Heck--I've had to create my own opportunities after years of raising children. The world is changing. Always. ETA: I have one dd who has had some fancy academic opportunities. It's funny, because some people believe that she's my kid who is "good enough" to have a career in her field. Haha! Nope. It doesn't work that way--once you hit a certain level (which encompasses training at many, many schools other than major conservatories), you are "good enough". The rest is hard work, controlling the mental game, creating opportunities, and lucky breaks.
  3. Dd is in a dual program between two colleges, and she doesn't feel like she if firmly planted in either one. On the other hand, she knows that her soul would wither if she gave up one or the other. Her remedy? Get rid of Facebook so she doesn't have to confront the general self-promotion that goes on there (be it achievement, lofty interests, or social nirvana.....) She's ready for a break. :001_cool: Edited: because I don't know the difference between whither and wither LOL!
  4. I just want to give you some :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: . I am also at a "life is too short" stage, and I feel you. Hang in there. Beth
  5. Foot exercises/ice/stretching alone won't take care of the problem for me. I believe that I develop spasms or trigger points in my soleus muscle (lower calf), that then pulls on my achilles tendon, and my plantar fascia. Massage would help work out the muscle contractions, but I use the methods described at this website. You don't have to buy their products--I've discovered that my dog's tough chew tennis ball works just fine :lol:. Beth
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