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  1. Wow! This is a wonderful story! It's a great testimony to the potential for creating your own breaks!
  2. Two are coming home, two are not. We are adding in a family of four from east Africa who are spending their first Thanksgiving in the US. All four young adults will be home for Christmas--let the merriment begin!
  3. Two current, quick, engaging reads: Gone Girl Where'd You Go, Bernadette
  4. My feet issues (including plantar fascitis) also respond to Chaco's. My go to winter/dressier shoes are anything by Earthies. I look for sales in off season, and I have built up to several pairs.
  5. You have been married for 20 years, and I'm pretty sure neither you nor your husband are the same individuals you used to be. This is a great time to take stock of who you are now, build the next stage of life together, and try to move past the grief that comes from change you didn't necessarily want.
  6. I find that BBC and Al Jezeera provide a solid, non-American perspective on the world.
  7. Beautiful! Don't you just love going in there and looking at it?
  8. Congratulations!!!!! :thumbup:
  9. Learning a new language takes a long time, even for a child. For an adult who is literate in his native language, research shows that it takes two years of study to become functional in the new language (even when immersed in it). Fluency takes even longer. Although a 7 year old will learn the language more easily than an adult, it is still a very long term process. This is why our city, which has a lot of immigrants and refugees, does not mainstream recent immigrant children directly into a school. The kids start at a Global Academy so that their classes will be taught with an ESOL overlay until they get their footing with English. Usually at least a year. Please help your friend educate herself about language learning. She will need to be patient and to use strategies that will help her son. If he had no English when he came and doesn't have access to a speaker of his mother tongue, he will be very isolated.
  10. I have been a member of a megachurch for 10+ years. I chose it because Jesus is front and center in everything the church does. The rest is secondary; and pretty great!
  11. " Dh said all open positions are posted on the website, and you should check there regularly." A person should be proactive in his own job search. If the relative is interested, he'll apply and then approach your dh to see if he can give a reference. Anything short of that is allowing you to do his work for him.
  12. Vineyard USA is an association of churches who share core values and a Statement of Faith. Existing independent churches may petition to become Vineyard churches, and other Vineyards begin as church plants. Each church expresses the core beliefs and values in a way that is relevant to its mission and congregation. Some churches are very small, others are huge. Some have traditional worship, others contemporary, and others may be a very non-traditional format. One of the core values is to partner with the Holy Spirit. Some churches may be very charismatic in expressing this value, while others will be more subdued.
  13. I'm a Vineyard, and I will begin working full-time for a Vineyard Community Center in two weeks. You can probably guess that my experience has been good :lol: . Is there something specific you would like to know? Vineyard churches can vary widely, so one church may not be a good fit while another could be perfect. Beth
  14. I can't help with the current problem, but every year I have my Dr. give me a prescription for Valtrex to take as soon as I feel one coming on. I keep a vial on hand so I don't have to go to the pharmacy. I have never been able to identify triggers for my cold sores, and Lysine, Abreva, etc. do nothing for me.
  15. When we were rural, neither softened or un-softened water was palatable. We always had reverse osmosis systems installed. They were worth every penny.
  16. My mom loves hers and is about to buy a second one.
  17. I agree completely. We own farms, and it's not unusual for people to take down trees with a tractor or truck putting tension on the ropes to get them to fall correctly. Nonetheless, I've attended funerals and been friends with more than one widow as a result off trees unexpectedly falling wrong. It's a well known risk. It's one of the reasons tree removal companies are so careful and expensive.
  18. I bought some extra large silicone muffin cups--like these, but larger. Once they freeze, I pop them out and store them in a gallon ziplock. One servings is approximately two extra large "soup cubes".
  19. Oldest dd will be working in her regular FT job, which she does not love (P&C Insurance Agent). She is making plans for a big change this fall. Dd #2 will be graduating in a couple of weeks, preparing for grad school, working on a recording for her indie band, and hopefully finding a part-time job that she can hang onto during the school year. Dd #3 did some quick legwork at the end of the year and landed an unpaid internship in NYC with a known contemporary artist's studio. She found a sublet in Brooklyn at a reasonable (for NYC) price, and we're helping her to make it happen. I also have an "adopted" son who lives with us and attends college in L.A. He is going to be attending the Aspen Music Festival this summer. I have loved reading about the interesting and solid things that many of our kids are doing this summer! Does anyone have kids working in a job in their hometown that helps them appreciate a college education? I'd love to hear the stories.....
  20. I work with a number of hotel housekeeping managers. Everyone should believe that they have been exposed to bed bugs. The real issue is whether management has a proactive plan when the bugs are suspected/detected. How did the library find the bed bugs? If it was with a bed bug sniffing dog, there is the possibility that there aren't live bugs, but just residue from bugs that have previously been there. I am choosing to take reasonable precautions, but I am not willing to avoid going places that I would otherwise frequent due to bed bugs.
  21. I'm in Chicago right now and come here pretty regularly to visit my dd. I am going to recommend looking into a CityPASS. If you are planning to go to enough of these attractions, it really does save money. Even better, you will get to stand in a priority line rather than the general admission line. Summer brings many tourists, and the shorter lines with the CityPASS definitely make the experience better! We have really enjoyed Chicago Shakespeare Theater. Here is a schedule of free performances in the parks this summer--A Midsummer Night's Dream.
  22. I've been wearing a Fitbit One daily for several months. It is very secure, and I wear mine on my waistband.
  23. Agree on all counts. I also point out that this generation doesn't have the same "climb the corporate ladder" career opportunities that we might have had. Many young people are having to create their own opportunities regardless of field of study. Heck--I've had to create my own opportunities after years of raising children. The world is changing. Always. ETA: I have one dd who has had some fancy academic opportunities. It's funny, because some people believe that she's my kid who is "good enough" to have a career in her field. Haha! Nope. It doesn't work that way--once you hit a certain level (which encompasses training at many, many schools other than major conservatories), you are "good enough". The rest is hard work, controlling the mental game, creating opportunities, and lucky breaks.
  24. The book I'm going to recommend comes at this from a different angle. The book is called The Search for Significance, which is a study on who we are in Christ. You read a chapter in the first half of the book and then work through the corresponding study in the 2nd half. A counselor recommended this book to me when I was in an emotionally destructive situation, and it helped me work through some things inside me that contributed to how I reacted to and felt about the situation. I couldn't control or change the situation, but I could control whether I grew and healed apart from it. I'm also going to recommend the book The Emotionally Destructive Relationship, by Leslie Vernick. This is also a Christian book, and she has a website as well. She is very empowering about helping a person look at the destructive relationship, see the destructive sin patterns for what they are, and make empowered choices about what to do. Her voice is one that is often lacking in the Christian counseling world--perhaps it would resonate with you. Healing is a journey, and it's not only about getting over something. It's also about learning so that the same patterns don't repeat themselves. I wish you peace.
  25. Here are a couple of thoughts.... You are correct about the roof. We replaced sheeting (swapped out 3/8" for 1/2" inch) and roof a few years ago. Expensive, because you do have to tear everything off. My surprise was that it really didn't take very long--a crew swooped in and it was done in about 1 1/2 days. I would call this problem a: "roof needs to be replaced in ___years and will cost ____." Adjust the price accordingly. As for the cracked beams, try to find someone to assess from a structural aspect--how serious is it, at what point does it affect integrity of the house, can they be fixed by bracing or must they be replaced kind of thing. I would definitely get more information before making decisions on this aspect. Moss? You can't beat nature. She will exact her pound of flesh. Fireplace: TThe phrase "taking on water" makes me ask, "Will the bricks have to be tuckpointed?" That is something that would have to be done so the chimney doesn't crumble. I think the fireplace liner issue is fairly common around here (I live in a mid-century house). Adding a chimney liner is a common thing if you are going to use the fireplace. For us, it didn't matter, because we never use the fireplace. If we did, I would consider adding a high efficiency insert along with a liner. Mold: Figure out the source--basement dampness? Incorrect bathroom venting into the attic? Not enough attic ventilation (would get fixed along with the roof)? I would figure out what it would cost to remediate the cause, not just get rid of the mold. Then require the mold to be gone. When you sell the home one day, your buyer will expect the same from you. Electrical: Sounds normal for mid-century. We fixed similar issues in our house. Not a big deal.
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