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  1. We'll be starting our 10th year homeschooling and I'll have an 8th grader and almost 2 yr old. My soon to be 8th grader will be doing BJU Distance learning again. She has totally excelled with this program and I've been very happy with it. Last year we used Notgrass From Adam to Us and loved it. I can't afford Notgrass this year so she'll be doing BJU's American Republic. We're adding in "Plague!" Problem Based Learning by Shelagh Gallagher. I purchased it a few years ago and just found it while cleaning out my closet. She's old enough now that I think she'll get a lot out of it. For PE she does competition karate. She is training for 2024 Olympics. She's trained in Lake Placid at the Olympic Training Center and in early spring she'll be competing in El Salvador. My almost 2 yr old will be doing tot school.
  2. This is what I think of when I hear "school at home". As in, public school at home. Legally, it's not homeschooling so it's called school at home.
  3. My daughter is doing the 6th grade BJU DVD's and it's her absolute favorite subject. I like that she can watch the experiments even if I don't have all the supplies.
  4. We are using Notgrass Uncle Sam and You this year for 6th grade and will be using Notgrass From Adam to Us for 7th. I love Notgrass.
  5. This is my daughter too. I could have written your post. We've been through MUS, CLE, TT and have hit a brick wall with all of them. She loves to take her work and go do it alone. She absolutely hates sitting with me (or anyone) for lessons. I'm clueless on what to do for 7th grade.
  6. I haven't read all the replies either but I just want to say that two years ago I was caring for my terminally ill mother in law and thought I would have to put my daughter in school. There just wasn't enough hours of the day for me to properly school her, take care of MIL and get all the other things done that needed to be done. Where we live the schools are awful and the thought of putting her in there just made me cry. I found BJU Press Distance Learning. It's not cheap, but it's way cheaper than Christian School. We were only going to use it for the one year but we both loved it so much that we have continued with it this year and will also use it again next year. The DVD's are awesome. My daughter loves that she doesn't have to sit with me lol. It freed up the time for me to care for MIL and now this year I've had custody of my newborn granddaughter, which would have completely set us back if I had to spend the time teaching every subject.
  7. For sure: BJU Press Life Science BJU Press Writing and Grammar/Explorations in Literature BJU Press Spanish 1 Notgrass From Adam to Us for History Plague! Problem-based learning by Dr. Shelagh Gallagher I'm stuck on math. My daughter struggles with math and we've hit a brick wall with Teaching Textbooks and Christian Light Education. I need something similar to Teaching Textbooks that does the teaching for me.
  8. I haven't checked with the Dept of Ed yet. I called HSLDA and they advised me over the phone what I needed to do and then emailed me the state law. When I sent what they told me to do they rejected it so I emailed HSLDA. I hope to hear back from them tomorrow.
  9. "hospital employee qualification law" Is this a law or policy?
  10. I did send them what they needed according to the law. The letter from the homeschool association proves we were in compliance with state law, which allows a parent to issue a homeschool diploma. The SC ed dept website lists the names of homeschool associations which are in compliance with state law. Ours is listed. So I have proved that our family is in compliance and so is our oversight association. That is all that needs to be provided according to the law. Hospital policy does not trump state law. They want a STATE issued or verified diploma. My daughter was not STATE educated, she was HOME educated lol.
  11. My daughter graduated homeschool in 2013 and has a home-issued diploma. My state requires us to join an Accountability Association but they do not issue her diploma. She applied at a local hospital and was offered a job, she is supposed to start on Monday. They seem to have an issue with her homeschool diploma. They requested a state verifiable diploma. I talked to HSLDA and they told me to send them the SC laws and a copy of my association letter. I did. Within 10 mins of me sending this info they emailed my daughter and told her they were delaying her work orientation until the end of April. They need a "source verified" diploma. I'm so ticked. ETA: My daughter is in her third year of college and they had no problem accepting her homeschool diploma.
  12. She has been working on the grade level ahead because that is where she placed on the placement tests. She isn't mathy but she did pass 5th and 6th TT. That is why she has been working on 7th. I'll look into all the suggestions, thank you!!
  13. Something similar happened to me with a stroller/car seat combo I ordered. The tracking said it was in transit. Never showed up when it said it would be here. Called and they sent another one that I received in three days. The next day, the first one showed up. I called them up and told them both came and they told me to keep it. So I did.
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