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    I'm a Michigan native in CO, raising my 3 kiddos.
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    Cross stitch, scrapbooking, reading

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  1. I like romas! Tomatoes do very well for me here in CO, in general, but I like romas and they make lots of tomatoes.
  2. I'm so very sad, and so very sorry, to hear this. Dear, sweet Moira. Oh, how you will be missed.

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    Need TM, Textbook, and both Workbooks. If all else fails, just the TM and Textbook would work. Thanks!


  4. Thanks SO MUCH for posting this, Nance! I have TT4 to follow our MUS 3 - I have a dd who is not at all "mathy" and this seemed like the best solution. I've read other things that made me second-guess. Your post tells me that she will most likely do very well. Phew! :)
  5. Actually, I forgot about the whole facebook thing. I just happened to be here when I thought about it. =)

  6. I did get my box. I'm so sorry I didn't tell you! Is this like a sneaky way to pretend I still have Facebook? Ha!

  7. Hey, did you get your box??

  8. I just saw that you used to be involved in English Setter rescue & I wanted to wave Hi! I have a field ES that I adopted from a rescue :). They're quite rare here so I waited a long time for it all to come together. I adore him. He's a bit nuts, but I adore him anyway :D

  9. And here's one back for you! I wonder how this is different than PMing? I guess this is supposed to be kinda like FaceBook?

  10. Gah! I'm all confused. Here is a message test for you!

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