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  1. Oh, yes! Anxiety has become an issue over the last few years and I have no doubt that is exacerbating the problem. I’m very hesitant to start meds because she’s pretty fragile emotionally/psychologically right now. My older dd tried three different meds for adhd in 2019 and it didn’t go well. I’m very hesitant to try them for this kid right now at least. The psychologist’s office is recommending TDCS (brain stimulation) and we are strongly considering it as a first treatment before trying meds. Thank you for the recommendation of Ronit Bird materials. I’m working my way through them
  2. Thank you! My dd is almost 14 and already feels like she’s stupid (her words). It’s so sad and we’re working on that but she really just needs to have some success. I’m afraid these videos would feed that thought because the children in them are so young. The info is good though so I could use the ideas for teaching but I wouldn’t show her the videos. Thanks!
  3. Thanks for responding! It’s not that she’s just worked slowly. She hasn’t got a firm foundation. Her math facts are very shaky. We would work on a subject, like fractions, she’d understand then forget it once we moved on to something else. That tells me she didn’t really have a firm grasp of it before we moved on to the next. She’s had a lot of interruption in her instruction over the last two years, which hasn’t helped at all. I have BJU 6th grade at home and she’s seen the topics but wouldn’t be able to complete the level without significant instruction. I just don’t know if I should star
  4. Hi Everyone. It’s been a while since I’ve come on. I thought my homeschooling journey was over after 11 years but it is not. My youngest daughter started BM school this year but came home after a month for a couple reasons - mostly due to health issues. I am now reimagining homeschool (she’s always been homeschooled) in light of information I finally have. DD13 was just diagnosed with ADHD and a slow processing speed. She has some emotional issues as well, which has made learning in a group (coop/school) difficult/impossible. I honestly think that, if the emotional issues and processing
  5. When I contacted them, it took a couple days but then they were on it.
  6. My dd is taking Mr. D geometry and likes it very much. He speaks very fast and complex issues can be a challenge but, I'd imagine they would be with any similar format. DD enjoys math and tends to "get it" very easily. She has ADHD and the short, no fluff lessons are ideal. She tends to start and stop the video, forwarding if she knows something already. The quizzes will sometimes include a stray question that wasn't in that lesson but dd loves the fact that she can retake the quizzes with no penalty. She finds that very motivating to figure out why the questions are wrong so she can get a per

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  8. Can anyone offer insight into this online option? They offer some options I'm very interested in for my rising 7th and 10th graders. https://www.collegeprepscience.com
  9. :lol: I was seriously thinking, at 12:01 last night, that I hoped I wasn't alone. Sorry, ladies. :lol: DD is in too! Honors Chem. Signed up for Monday but could do either.
  10. My dd started out in WH Geometry this year. It's a challenging class, mainly because of the pace/online format (for us). It was dd's first online class and she wasn't prepared to jump in and work as diligently as necessary for that class. Homework assignments do include Level C problems. From our experience, half or so of the Practice Problems for each section were assigned for homework but usually two sections were to be completed per class (2x/wk). I like the book and wouldn't hesitate to use the book with a bright student. The online format (2 long 90-min classes 2x/wk) is what did my dd in
  11. I will second the quality of WH Honors Physics. Mrs. Jester is fantastic. The text is well done and, IMHO, no doubt honors level.
  12. Thank you for the advice! I'm going to start ASAP. DD actually attended a private school for all of middle school so we may be able to test there. I'll have to put on my pitiful face when I go ask. :-) It seems to me that that this is a common-enough occurrence that it should be relatively routine and easy. I suppose it is not so with bureaucracy.
  13. Oh...what timing! I was just discussing this with my T1 DD yesterday. We are just beginning the process for the PSAT and I had no idea there was more involved than just applying for the accommodations and then contacting the local school. That is certainly frustrating. I'll be watching this post as you get responses. (No, it doesn't help you one bit. Sorry.)
  14. :hurray: We're all MUCH happier! She stayed in Honors Physics and has a 94 this semester so far!! It was just a huge learning curve for her adjusting to online classes. Once she dropped math, we could all breathe and then really had a fresh start after Christmas. Thanks for rejoicing with me. :-)
  15. My daughter has just finished chapter 1 in Mr. D Geometry after dropping Wilson Hill Geometry. She loves it. The lessons are very direct and quick. He speaks very quickly and there's no fluff. DD got bogged down in the wordiness of a 90-minute class and, once she was behind, couldn't catch up. Mr. D teaches differently than WH (Jurgensen) but I find she's understanding so much better. She has not had to memorize as much but the information is sticking much better. The wording of the quizzes can be a little confusing and I'm not crazy about completing multiple choice math problems but it makes
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