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  1. I'm looking for collections of classics similar to what's available for Kindles on Amazon (i.e. Louisa May Alcott Collection 39 Works), but for other readers (epub format?). I know most public domain books are available for free, but I'm willing to pay a little to not have to search for each book individually. I just can't keep up with the 2 kids I have reading these. I know about yesterday's classics. Any other ideas? Thanks! Carrie
  2. How do they differ? Do your children prefer one or the other? Do you? Thanks! Carrie
  3. Thank you. That book is exactly what I was looking for! Carrie
  4. TGHEALTHYMOM- Hang in there! I could have written this post a few years ago. I struggled with homeschooling for years before my husband began to see the benefits. This last year he had a conversion experience and his whole attitude has changed (about more than homeschool). After years of praying for him just to go with us (my dd and I) to church, God blessed us beyond what we had asked- dh started taking us to church, read the whole Bible in 6 months, began being an active family leader, and wants to make homeschool and character materials a family budget priority! I found The Wise Woman's Guide to Blessing Your Husband's Vision CD very helpful at this time. I'll be praying for you. Carrie
  5. Hi, all! I'm glad you're here and I hope you don't mind my asking a curriculum question here. I would prefer to have answers from like minded believers :001_smile: . We live in a state where we get a tax credit for home school books and materials provided they're "nonreligious". (Lets not start on whether that's bad or good, my dh has decided we'll claim the credit.) Could you give suggestions for books your family has enjoyed and didn't find objectionable that could be considered nonreligious? We're young earth creationists and don't mind small references to evolution (we use evolutionary comments as learning opportunities), but right now we're looking for books that can be enjoyed unsupervised. We also avoid books with children who are disrespectful of their parents and treat their siblings badly. We're looking for- reading books science books history books art books My children are 7 and 13, but we only expect to qualify for this credit the next 2 years, so items that can be used by multiple ages are great. Thanks so much! Carrie
  6. Do you know of one? I'm looking for my 8 yo and my 13 yo. Maybe 2 seperate books are needed? Thanks, Carrie
  7. For those of you with large families (or just quick minds), We have 4 children and, Lord willing, we'll be having more. However, both my husband's family and mine won't be happy about it. Our youngest is about to turn 1, so I'm sure we'll get lots of questions at Christmas about if we're planning more. Any advice for how to avoid them without being outright rude? Thanks! Carrie
  8. Thanks for the info! Do I need to order Thinking About You, Thinking About Me and the Think Social! curriculum or can I use the other products without them?
  9. If you've used either of these, could you please chime in? I'm looking for something for my 6 year old with ADHD. Now that his ADHD is under control, we'd like to help him with his social skills. He doesn't understand any subtle social clues. I really need something open-and-go. I know there are many free things available on the internet, but I would like something to hold my hand and guide me step by step. I think Social Thinking looks more complete, but my ds loves anything on the computer and remembers what he learns using it, so Social Skill Builder looks good too. So, what do you think? Should I get Social Thinking Products or Social Skill Builder? Or both? I'm willing to pay for some hand holding, but do I need them both? Thank you for sharing your experience, this is new territory for me :001_smile:.
  10. Is it best to use all their recommendations? Can we use just the Omnibus? Would I need to start with the first Omnibus in 7th grade? Or can we stick with MFW for 2 more years and hop in at Omnibus III? Do we have to do Latin? Do we need to buy all the IEW they recommend? That's huge $ and I'm pretty comfy teaching writing from a good book. How much do I have to buy? Can I use my library for somethings (we have great inter-library loan for secular resources and an okay church library). What would you suggest to purchase vs. borrow? Will this kill my daughter (12) coming from MFW and ATTA and Nature Journaling? Thank you for your help, I'm so lost :confused:.
  11. Thanks, Jenny! Sorry, I forget not every state has PSEO. It stands for Post-Secondary Enrollment Options and it means they take college classes in 11th and 12th grade. The college my dd has her heart set on only offers World History and Geography to their PSEO students so we need to do American History and Civics in 9th and 10th to meet our state graduation requirements.
  12. Please excuse the "rade" and replace with grade- baby kicked keyboard and posted this before I could fix it! Help! My high school plans have been blown to smithereens! What would you use for American History and Civics in 9th and 10th grade before doing World History and Geography PSEO in 11th and 12th? We had planned to use MFW for high school, but dd would like to do PSEO at the "college of her dreams" (insert middle-school-girl drama smiley).
  13. I bought this this year too! We played around with it a little. I really liked the emphasis on writing as a form of service. I have a very verbal dd and I was able to point out that the same rules apply to speaking. I haven't decided if we'll continue using it or not...
  14. Those already mentioned and/or Old Fashioned Education , vintage textbooks (I asked about those once here), and The Robinson Curriculum booklist from Rosegate Harbour.
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