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  1. Thank everyone for your responses! I welcome any new ideas as well! MJ
  2. Hi Claire! Was the camping trip at a campground or in the wilderness? The bronze certificate expedition requires 1 day and the silver certificate requires 2 days, the gold certificate an overnight. We have a few ideas for the gold certificate overnight. The day experiences are the harder ones IMO. Do you have examples of things that have been approved?
  3. DS has been plugging along with this over the past year. The volunteering, fitness and personal development aspects have been moving along nicely but the exposition/exploration component has been SO hard! We've brainstormed as a family and thrown around a variety of ideas but they don't seem right. Perhaps we're not clear on what is involved. For exploration #1 ds decided to try something foreign to him--birdwatching. Okay, we live 40 minutes from the nation's largest bird refuge so he packs his binocs, a camera, bird guides, lunch etc. and we head for 6-8 hrs on the hottest day of the year. Where are the birds? Huh! Is this for real? A local resident points us to the building that houses the local Audobon Society and D's gets material on summer birds and a group that meets on Wednesday mornings to watch together. So now we're set up for a little training by the experts. The date is 2 weeks from now and he has time to familiarize himself w/ birds of New England. Then he'll spend time on his own! Now...all this work and we're not even sure this will be approved! LOL! Learning at its best though! Here are other possible ideas: Spend a day observing a daycare center setting(never been in one) I think this would go great coupled by a day observing a senior daycare! He won't consider that though & it's his award. Spend a day on a lobster or fishing boat. Spend a day on the job with the town maintenance department. See what life is like for a deaf person. Any suggestions? Is he/are we on the right track? There is no preapproving ideas so it makes things difficult. Suggestions and experience appreciated.

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  7. Dear Ann,

    I am very interested in talking to you about Christian Light Units as I know no one who uses this curriculum. Can you please call me at my home in Massachusetts? It is 6 o'clock-ish Eastern time here? It's just easier to speak on the phone than type. my telephone number is 978-258-0122. If you prefer me to call you, we have free long distance telephone.

    Thank you so much!

    Mary-Jane Rice a.k.a. motherdear

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