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  1. Keep trying. It took me several tries. Just glancing through, it really looks interesting!
  2. Spinoff questions: has anyone done one of their classes? Are they any good?
  3. OK, so ummm...I appreciate all of the work this entails, and am utterly impressed with what's already assembled up to Algebra2, but I really need some pre-calc here, guys!
  4. Am I the only one reading all these positives, wishing a man would chime in with boy-perspective? Boys are such different animals...
  5. I agree!! A friend of mine went the "free" route, divorced her ex. (who happens to be one of the premiere Angus bull-producers in the country) and she ended up with nothing more than $300 mo. for child support for their two kids.
  6. My dad is a small-town attorney, which means he's done a little bit of everything. But in a small town, not only do you have the typical headaches of a divorce, you also get pissed off husbands who stalk your kids, or you know both parties, or their kids are your kids' friends… He hated doing divorces. I vividly remember the year Dad finally decided he was doing well enough he no longer had to do divorces. He never did another.
  7. Me too. I'm tired of having to do a board search every time I need to find it! lol (I should bookmark...)
  8. Well you're supposed to add both butter AND coconut oil, and personally, I can't stand coconut oil straight. And I add a couple drops of stevia (forgot to add that in my first post). Mine IS somewhat sweet...
  9. I don't know about bio-hacking my body, but I do know it's an easy way to get my CO in for the day. ;)
  11. If you forget about it and it cools to the point that the coconut oil starts to refirm, then it'll separate. (this is when your children will say, "Ewwww, Mom! Your coffee got weird!" lol) otherwise, nope, it'll stay emulsified. I have been using green tea, lately... 8oz brewed tea/coffee 2 T coconut oil 1 T butter 1-2 oz cream (both butter and cream are fresh from a girl friend's cow. Yum!) 2 tsp cocoa whip it up with my stick blender
  12. No, that's not it, either... It's been one of the basic fonts on Macs for more than 10 years, because I used it for my web design at least that long ago. Probably more like 15-20. I first saw it as that rounded grade-school-type print, Comic Sans (typed in Comis Sans here, btw) also, on my MacBook, as well as my desktop, a Mac mini. After the hub-bub, I had to look it up on my iPhone and then I see the cursive font. What's more interesting, is that it's just a font generated in the pull-down in the reply window. I wonder if my iOs would read it as a script font if I found it on a webpage, or if it's just something here... ETA: OK, so I'm a nerd. I just went to a webpage with Comic Sans and my phone is defaulting to Verdana or something blocky like that. It's something on the forum that makes iOS go to this quirky script font, not the device itself.
  13. Holy smokes! However, in the commentary from the same page: except that there's no way Pa Ingalls could have been involved in the vigilante justice meted out on the Benders. As blogger and literature Ph.D. candidate Kate points out at the Condensery, the Benders weren't actually exposed until 1873. This was two years afterthe Ingalls family left Kansas. So why tell people that you left a story out of your memoir, when that story is not true? That's an interesting question, and I think it calls up some of the key issues involved with writing about your own past — especially your own childhood. How much do you actually remember about early childhood?
  14. Us too! In fact, the kids named our Jack for hers. :)
  15. I have dachsies. Of course they burrow under the covers. lol The shorthairs will usually stay far within the depths of the blankets, while the long hairs will usually have to have a nose/head/backside sticking out for temperature regulation.
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