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  1. I don't know if there's a "shop" exactly, but there are several people selling leather on ebay. That's where I always buy mine... All you really have to know is that leather is measured in ounces to mean how thick it is. Purse leather is around 4-5 oz leather, belts are more like 7-8, where a fine skirt would be around 2-3... The above explains better what you're looking for.
  2. Thanks :) I whipped mine up in OpenOffice. I don't like being limited to someone else's idea of "planner," KWIM?
  3. I'm still using my home-built planner on a daily basis. Clipart for the front and back covers, a Bible verse I like, laminated and spiral bound with my Cinch. I have my name, address and some pretty clipart in my first pages: An inspirational quote, my calendar's commitments, a spot on the left for menu planning and other daily chores and a moveable bookmark with post-its on the back. A place for short notes, priorities (with check boxes, since I decided I really liked that about bullet journals) And in the back, standard notebook paper and a couple of small folders to hold flotsam and jetsam.
  4. Keep trying. It took me several tries. Just glancing through, it really looks interesting!
  5. So I want Buck to have an online class or two next year and their Biology class uses the M/L Macaw edition (which I think looks fairly easy for my 10th grader who is finishing Chemistry this year...) This would be his first. Has anyone done any of their classes? What did you think? Worth the money? User-friendly?
  6. Spinoff questions: has anyone done one of their classes? Are they any good?
  7. Buck is only a sophomore next year, but he wants to either go back full-time to B&M his junior year, or part time with a college class or two. I'm feeling a *lot* of pressure to get him ready to be back in a place where he has to wear real pants in history class... And for school next year? History/lit will be fall-of-Rome-to-renaissance range. Math is pre-calc/trig. Science is biology? (Maybe? He needs three lab classes, did chem this year, but *wants* to do physics next yr) Auto Shop has become an easy fill as he's forever working on a vehicle. Wood Shop is equally easy since he helps me with the house I'm building. And that's what I have "organized" so far. *sigh*
  8. OK, so ummm...I appreciate all of the work this entails, and am utterly impressed with what's already assembled up to Algebra2, but I really need some pre-calc here, guys!
  9. Am I the only one reading all these positives, wishing a man would chime in with boy-perspective? Boys are such different animals...
  10. I agree!! A friend of mine went the "free" route, divorced her ex. (who happens to be one of the premiere Angus bull-producers in the country) and she ended up with nothing more than $300 mo. for child support for their two kids.
  11. My dad is a small-town attorney, which means he's done a little bit of everything. But in a small town, not only do you have the typical headaches of a divorce, you also get pissed off husbands who stalk your kids, or you know both parties, or their kids are your kids' friends… He hated doing divorces. I vividly remember the year Dad finally decided he was doing well enough he no longer had to do divorces. He never did another.
  12. OneNote is only available on Mavericks, IIRC. My laptop, for example, can't update to Mavericks so no OneNote for this computer. But my new Mac Mini, OTOH, is going to be updated shortly for the specific reason of getting OneNote. ;)
  13. I do the exact same thing and for the exact same reason. ...Though instead of "having it" spiral bound, I just bought a Cinch binder
  14. I make up my own in OpenOffice. Format the note/calendar pages exactly the way I need, with the sections I need (and no space devoted to the stuff I don't need), add fun clipart, make a snazzy front and back cover (usually with some sort of cute clipart), laminate covers and divider pages and bind the whole thing up in my handy-dandy Cinch spiral binder. I like carrying it around and holding it. ...And that makes me more likely to USE it. ;)
  15. Me too. I'm tired of having to do a board search every time I need to find it! lol (I should bookmark...)
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