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  1. Yes, it covers all of the basic math elements. It is a complete math program. BA is a part of art of problem solving just for elementary aged. My son did Singapore math 1 and 2, then BA 3 -5 and now in AoPS algebra. It is not for everyone though. In my opinion, it is pretty hard. Love it, but hard. 😆
  2. oh I was in the same position about a month ago. They stopped after about 2 weeks or so. I almost called my carrier. It was weird. It looked like the original text was from an email, so I couldn't block that. I was getting pics of porn too. 😱😬 I would block the individual numbers if I can as well. Nothing seemed to work. My husband said whatever I do, don't reply. He was hoping it was a bot I guess. I hear google messaging can do a better job at blocking. But by the time my husband tried this out, the texts stopped. I do believe your carrier can do something.
  3. For American history, Pandia Press has History Odyssey. Level 3 is high school level. I don't know much about the high school level, but it is secular. Hopefully, someone else can chime in about this program. If it is anything like it's middle school program, it provides a guideline of what to do and read. Also, should come with a list of historical fiction books to read. Hope this helps.
  4. Thanks for the tips! You are right in the goal is to make history fun, interesting and to make connections. I guess I got nervous because my oldest is going into 7th grade and he hasn't done much of modern history. I feel better now. Thanks everyone!
  5. Hello, What does your history line up look like for 12 years? I'm kind of confused. I guess in my earlier years of homeschooling I thought we would do 3 rotations of Ancient, Medieval, Renaissance, and Modern + Econ and Civics. But now, I'm thinking probably not? Just confused for the middle school years. All I remember is in my high school I did US History, World History, Political Science and Econ. This is what I'm thinking: 1st grade: Ancient 2nd grade: Medieval 3rd grade: Renaissance/Early Modern 4th grade: Modern History 5th grade: Geography 6th grade: World History (perhaps Adam to US)? 7th grade: American History 8th grade: Civics / Econ 9th grade: World History 10th grade: American History 11th grade: Civics / Econ 12th grade: British history But that seems boring and repetitive. Do people double up on history in the high school years? For African History or Asian history or World religion, etc? What does your line up look like? I don't need to know details. Perhaps just the title of the program or the time period like I listed above. Thanks for any input.
  6. So sorry this happened to you. Glad you saw a doctor!
  7. Hi Lori, What spelling program did you use for your stealth dyslexic child? Thanks.
  8. For what it's worth, I heard nothing but good things for levels 3 and 4.
  9. Yes, but I have irlen syndrome. The bright lights overstimulates part of my brain, can make me sleepy and occasionally the left side of my neck hurts. My son has irlen syndrome too. We went to a specialist and got glasses for him. He doesn't complain about chest or head hurting anymore. I will probably go after this pandemic. My husband has irlen syndrome too, but he doesn't have any pain. Everyone is different.
  10. I see nothing wrong with you getting up and leave. Especially in this environment. I think it is understandable. I would definitely understand. One reason why we stay home is because my son has allergies year round and his sneezes are really really loud. I mean when he was younger his classmates called him thunder sneeze. 😂
  11. Just for a few things: I would donate to World Vision, Redcross, my church, my cousin's missionary school, and this local non-profit that helps the low income people get food, jobs, etc. Then see how much is left over. 🙂
  12. I'm so sorry. Sending lots of hugs and prayers.
  13. Yeah, that's right. I had forgotten about that. Well, it was what we needed. I was paying $1200 /month for bcbs and $400 / month for samaritan ministries. I guess it just depends on one's needs.
  14. When we were self-employed a few years back, we joined Samaritan Ministries. I believe one has to be a Christian to join though.
  15. How about writing and rhetoric from classical academia press?
  16. Hello, Anyone use Creatively Express Online? Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!
  17. Ok. Thanks. That was what I was worried about. Brave writer does great feedback.
  18. Great thanks Alison. I'm getting the feeling that beginner writers enjoy this more.
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