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  1. I would find out why they are getting more wrong than correct. Are the questions they are missing the review questions or the challenging questions? I already plan that if my son can do the review questions, but not the challenging questions to move forward. It is ok with me if he can’t do the challenging problems. You are correct in that AoPS prealgebra can be the next level after BA 5. AoPS is insanely hard and I don’t think it’s for everyone. If they are not getting it, then I would switch programs. There are plenty of math programs that has prealgebra. Math USee, Mr. D, dereck Owens, teaching Textbooks, and Principals of mathematics to name a few. you may want to look into math mammoth too. Other programs such as Jousting Armadillos and Jacob’s may have prealgebra. I can’t remember if they have both prealgebra and algebra. anyhow, I hope that helps.
  2. I’m sorry this is happening. All are good suggestions so far. Can she isolate in a hotel room? Perhaps spray Lysol every now and then? Won’t cure anything, but makes me feel better. Hope she doesn’t get Covid.
  3. I'm so sorry to hear that. I hope that your life gets better. It does sound like you have a lot of good things going for you, and I'm glad you have those things. I'm sorry I am not equipped to advise you. I don't know anything else except for look for a support group. People who have been through the same thing would be a great help for you.
  4. This is so true Rosie. I'm sorry for your hurt. You are a good human and worthy of love and respect!
  5. You feel like you have no self worth? Do you like where you are now? Sometimes thinking of the positive(s) outcome can be helpful. I was a bit bitter with my parents once for years because they wouldn't let me choose what profession I wanted to do. I had to be a pharmacist. That was it. That or hit the streets. But now, I look back and I am happy with the way my life has turned out. (Even though I didn't do anything with my biology.) I wouldn't be here if they hadn't insisted I become a pharmacist. I don't believe forgiveness happens overnight. It'll take time and healing. Perhaps a support group?
  6. I was in this situation once. Someone offended one of my daughters. She was 5 I believe. Made her cry that night. We approached said offender and said offender didn’t think she did anything wrong. For me, I prayed for the ability to forgive said offender. Also, I just tried to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Because the offender doesn’t think he or she did wrong or realizes how offensive he or she was, it may be repeated. At least that is what I think will happen. It can depend on the situation I guess. But my daughter was young enough where I could always be with her whenever said offender was around. Can’t now because she is 11, and we have moved to another state, so we aren’t around said offender anymore.
  7. Oh I’m so sorry. Like someone said go get tested. Another URI virus is going around. So it really could be nothing. Glad you and your parents are vaccinated. sending good thoughts and a prayer.
  8. No. I'm not going to ban you over this. This is not what moderators do. But it's not healthy to keep up that type of conversation. It is against the board rules to have the last word.
  9. I'm sorry to hear about your mom TexasProud. I hope she gets better.
  10. Spycar and TexasProud please stop talking to each other. No one has to have the last word. Just let it go.
  11. Please take this to the political board. We've had too many reports on this thread.
  12. Hello. My kids are in the elementary program in Spanish homeschool academy. I like it. One teacher didn’t go slow enough for me, so I switched. This one is perfect. I didn’t look for qualifications. As far as I know, they are all native speakers and I think from Guatemala. I think they have a script or program they follow. Hope this helps.
  13. I'm so sorry! I pray that everything will turn out alright. Sending love and hugs!
  14. Thanks for sharing! Always good to hear those occurrences!
  15. Sending prayers! Glad he is in Texas.
  16. Folks, you know this isn’t a political board.
  17. Hello. 1. I think explode the code would be a good addition. Sorry, I’m not sure about other grammar programs would be a good fit for your child. 2. yes. FFL 1 is an easy program. We did it orally. Skipped some lessons as it was too repetitive for my kids. As for spelling, I think all about spelling would be a good fit. From what I’ve used most program has a writing component. I feel writing is essential because it is like reading and math-it builds upon itself and can take years to develop. 3. Not much at this age. 5 mins handwriting, 15 mins phonics, 5 mins spelling, 5 mins writing, 5 mins grammar, and 5 mins copywork. And of course lots of reading which you already do. For spelling and phonics, I usually taught them the rule and then they would go running around the couch or jump on a trampoline while practicing to read or spell. Hope this helps.
  18. My kids like it. I do too. We just watch the videos. they came out with a math section now. Not sure which grade levels though. i think it’s worth it. Eta: I guess if you do a lot of science already, then it may not be be worth it. But we don’t do a whole lot of science, so I think it’s worth it.
  19. Like others said it can be another virus. I will tell you my story. my husband, with a 5 layered mask, went back to work in an office on a Monday. July 26th. Most people did not wear a mask where he worked. 2 days later my husband’s breathing is irregular, and my son, one of my daughters and me had a temp of a 100. I also had a headache. We were only sick for about a day. My husband and I took an at home test. Negative. Two days after that, my husband gets an email saying someone was positive on Monday. The only day he went into work. So, he went to a testing site Friday evening. Negative. a few days later, my other daughter is congested for a day and my dog was sick for 3 days. My dog had a fever, was sluggish, and I am pretty sure loss his sense of smell because he wouldn’t eat his treat. He’s only been sick one other time when I suspected we had Covid before lockdown. we didn’t go anywhere prior to that Monday. In fact, I can testify that we didn’t go anywhere that whole month which was July. We did go to the store like 4 times and the library in the end of June because we were celebrating that we were vaccinated. 😂 this delta variant may be more easily transmissible than we think.
  20. In my household (and I’m not saying I’m correct), I read aloud almost all the books I feel they will balk at. there are a great number of historical fiction books out there. Check out beautiful feet, simply Charlotte mason, story of the world, or bookshark for a list. I’m drawing a blank for science though. Science comics? My older 2 read some of those. At that age, I didn’t make my kids read them. Nowadays, for my oldest who is 12, I ask that he give it a try. Read about 1/3 of the way and if he still can’t get into it, then we skip the book or I read it. Some kids are not going to like reading nonfiction and some are not going to like reading fiction. I can tell you I don’t like reading nonfiction. 😂
  21. Only in the movie "Where the Heart Is" like prairiewindmomma mentioned. Pretty name!
  22. That does seem unethical. 🙏 that your dh gets a new job soon. So sorry this happened to you guys. Hopefully, he'll find something else soon.
  23. Glad you found something! Those basic rules makes sense to me too!
  24. What cintinative said is true. However, there are other companies who sell logic books. what does discovery of deduction teach? formal logic? You can go over to the critical thinking company website and see what they have there. There's the Critical Thinking books 1 and 2, James Madison critical thinking, and something else I forgot. One of those should teach formal logic if that's what the discovery of deduction teaches. The same thing holds true if the discovery of deduction program teaches informal logic. I'm sure the CTC has something. I would search on amazon as well. Knowing CAP, it's the same format (Just like with most programs). So, if it's boring to your child now, it'll be like that for the rest of the program. Just my assessment.
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