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  1. I think that is a good suggestion. The author of IEW has a son who is dyslexic. I know different from stealth dyslexia, but still that may help knowing.
  2. Hi. I’m glad you were able to that and that you took the time to do it. Glad you are at peace with things.
  3. Sending hugs. So sorry for your loss.
  4. We only delete threads that are requested to be deleted. I hid a thread last Saturday because it got reported and I haven’t had the time to investigate it.
  5. Please see a doctor. Hope you get better soon.
  6. I'm sorry. I hope she feels better soon and it's nothing serious. 🙏
  7. I’m so sorry about your sister. I pray that she will recover quickly. thanks for the info.
  8. I’m so happy the vaccine worked! Glad nothing serious happened. Thanks for letting us know.
  9. 🙏 Praying everything turns out alright.
  10. Yes, and I appreciate it because I don’t go on Facebook often.
  11. Oh this is good to know. Thanks for the heads up. One of my daughter and my son has been using happy mask for last 2 months and has been fine. My other daughter put hers on and said it didn't fit. We assumed it was because she has a bigger nose (my husband's nose) than my other two kids. But it makes sense now. The mask didn't fit my husband at first either, but he fiddled with it and fits now. I haven't tried mine yet. If you could keep us updated on this thread, I'd appreciate it. If not, no worries. I know life can get busy!
  12. Oh that’s great that the doctor figured it out!
  13. Praying! I hope they figure it out soon. 🙏
  14. Apparently, I'm not making myself clear on the word "Christian". 😆 I'm sure you are right about the White Evangelical Christians. My point was that I just see the word Christians blah blah blah posted. That's it sometimes. No matter. I don't know how to explain myself in any other way.
  15. I get reports. I go to these threads and I see lots of people just saying Christians. Without the word some in front of it. That’s all I was saying . If you are one of them, then yes it pertains to you. But I’m sure there are others out there. im just a Christian. I’m human. Will I make mistakes. Yes. I will not always know how to do what is right. Just like non-Christians. We all are just humans. We have different beliefs. We make different decisions. But in the end, it is our decision.
  16. Yes. I hear you. I understand what you are saying. You don’t have to keep repeating yourself. 🤫
  17. I’m not saying you are stereotyping. That remark was for everyone else. and we can agree to disagree.
  18. Oh yes, I forgot about the embryonic cells. I don't know enough about it to comment on it. Thanks for the info.
  19. I'm sure it is. But there are plenty of non-Christians like this as well. Every time I get a report I read part of the thread, and I see people type Christians. Rarely, people say some Christians. I think it's more valid if people say some Christians. Just like I wouldn't say Asians are smart. Or Italian men are very fine. Just stereotyping. It's more acceptable to say the word some in front.
  20. I totally agree. It is irresponsible. Even vaxxed, I'm still not eating indoors. I'm hoping to just kill this virus by stop spreading it. But that will probably not happen at this rate. We will have to learn to live with covid. and I rather be vaxxed then have long Covid. or worse die from it.
  21. My response was to your reply about Christians, that's why I stated about the death certificate. People are making excuses no matter if they are Christians or not.
  22. I think they are the loudest group. I mean for the last 100,000 deaths does it say Nonvaccinated Christian on their death certificate? Not being vaccinated as a Christian doesn't mean that we don't love one another. It's not that black and white. There are various reasons for not getting vaccinated. and if one can still stay on lockdown, then one doesn't have to get vaccinated. I can still "love thy neighbor" by staying on lockdown. I was hoping to do that and not get vaccinated for a little while longer. But since my husband has to go into the office once a week, we got vaccinated. It's the crowd that goes around nonmasked spreading it. One can still spread it being vaccinated and nonmasked. Everyone in my congregation is vaccinated. I know many Christians in my last congregation in another state are vaccinated. I have Christian family members who are vaccinated. I don't know why some Christians are stating religious reasons for not getting vaccinated. But I just think they are the loudest group. Just like in the news, most news are about bad things happening.
  23. I'm getting frustrated at my friend too. I feel for you. I know what you are going through. She has plenty of articles she's going to give to me today or within the next few days that will state her case. But the reality of it is, she knows plenty of vaccinated people and are fine. but for some reason she's believing what she's reading. That's what I'm trying to get through to her. Her parents and sister are vaccinated. our mutual friends are vaccinated. me and my extended family. I told her this today. So, I'm hoping she will listen. Because this is first hand accounts. What better source then first hand accounts? She doesn't have to read about it in the papers. 😆 That's all i can say. She has articles and I'm sure I can find some too. But all we have to do is ask our family, friends and trusted doctor.
  24. Just to chime in. I'm a Christian and am vaccinated. I have a nonChristian friend who is antivax. She thinks I'm misinformed and I think she's misinformed. 🤣 Most of my friends are Christian and are vaccinated.
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