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  1. I'm sorry, but I don't know the answer to this. Maybe you could email HSBC to ask.
  2. Good to know! I hadn't decided what to get yet, but I'll mark this one off my list and get it at evanmoor.com :thumbup1:
  3. I don't see where anyone has shared it yet, but the Homeschool Buyers Co-op is offering a Mother's Day freebie again this year. You get your choice of one free item from their Vendor Hall page now thru Saturday 5/14. If you're not a HSBC member yet, you will need to join before taking advantage of this offer (It's fast and free.) and if you could use my affiliate link I'd really appreciate it. :) (You also earn 100 smartpoints just for joining.) My affiliate # is:138440 It looks like they're offering some Bravewriter guides, a Critical Thinking Company book, some Evan Moor books, and more!
  4. Check out the Process Skills in Problem Solving books for more hand holding or Singapore's Challenging Word Problems books for less. Samples of both can be found on the Singapore Math website. We've used both with great success.
  5. I'd skip the WB, before the TB. The TB helps to teach the concepts, whereas the WB is strictly practice. I'd say the WB and IP are more similar in format than the WB & TB. So for a 9yo working at a 5th grade level I guess I'd recommend HIG, TB, replacing the WB w/ IP & adding CWP. HTH!
  6. I'd add Twenty & Ten to the above recommendations if you're going to cover WWII.
  7. Yes, it is. It's something like $500 retail, but I was able to ILL it.
  8. Is this maybe what you're thinking of: http://homescool-ed.blogspot.com/2007/04/sonlight-books-arranged-by-well-trained.html There are an abundance of sotw reading lists out there.
  9. Besides the green cards there are also: Suffix tiles Silent E Book New phonogram cards (yellow) New sound cards (red) Homophone list 1-1-1 rule 8.5x11 New word bank 8.5x11 for lvl 3 ED word 8.5x11 New syllable division 8.5x11 with 1 rule added to the bottom
  10. I think Lowes recommends the clinics for 5+, but I've taken, and registered, tag-alongs as young as 2 without any issues. Thanks for sharing OP!
  11. Garlic oil has worked quickly here. It's just olive oil with a little garlic sautéed in it.
  12. I'm not familiar with the two you linked, but we used a Bruce Coville book first. The Lamb & Nesbit books are available free on Gutenberg if you're interested in them.
  13. We only have the first 3 levels at this point, but so far, so good.
  14. I hate it too! The bottom rack is smaller and I don't have the option to remove the silverware rack to make more room like I did before.
  15. We use this: http://www.walmart.com/ip/Snap-N-Store-Collapsible-Index-Card-File-Box-Black/14931708. It was a little cheaper when I bought it.
  16. You could choose independent reading that's at a lower level for now. Give him some practice with fluency & perhaps build confidence.
  17. Treasured Conversations? We haven't used it, but I think it meets your criteria.
  18. My boys share a community closet. I bought a couple of those 2 tier garment racks and a set of plastic shelves. Each boy has a rack where his shirts hang. Pants & pjs get folded on the shelves & socks and underwear are in plastic bins on the floor under the garment racks. The closet isn't exactly in a convenient place in our house. But overall I love it! All clothes go to the same place. It's only one area to keep organized & as someone outgrows something I just move it to another shelf.
  19. Buy more forks. Then they're sure to turn up.
  20. This! With a 3rd grader I'd make sure that he actually understands the logic behind the operations. If he does, he should be able to talk his way through the problem without actually "remembering" anything.
  21. The lit guides were a flop here: way too much busywork and just a tiny bit of actual "meat" to them. Maybe they get better in later grades?
  22. I've never cared for Danny, Tommy, etc. as male legal names, but Abby as a female name wouldn't bother me. I have no idea why though.
  23. You could check out the lists at CHOLL (Classical House of Learning Literature) - http://www.classicalhouseoflearning.com
  24. I second the Activities for the AL Abacus book suggestion. You can buy it directly from Rightstart or Rainbow Resources also carries it. Tons of activities there and it starts at the very beginning with counting.
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