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  1. We never saw the results ourselves , but the neurologist said that they were normal. She didn’t elaborate. She just said that they were normal and that meant he likely wasn’t having seizures.
  2. It was sleep deprived, but it was only 22 minutes long. It actually took longer to put the electrodes on and take them off than to administer the eeg.
  3. All he has had checked is CBC and metabolic panel which were all normal. He does take a multi vitamin though.
  4. I actually asked the pcp for a 24 hour and somehow wires got crossed with the scheduler and we ended up with the 22 minute one. I might need to ask again. I’m still not sure what happened there because the patient portal said he ordered a 24 hour.
  5. This could get long. I have a 14 year old son who has always been basically healthy. In March he was altar serving for Stations of the Cross for Lent. They had been standing there holding candles for about five or so minutes when he suddenly tipped forward a bit and dropped the candle. He glanced up surprised and then he bent down and cleaned everything up. The person who is in charge of altar servers ushered him out and gave him some water and he returned a few minutes later and finished the Stations. It was presented to us as near- fainting, probably from locking his knees (though he doesn’t believe he was locking them). We thought it was a one-time deal, but actually it was the start of daily “events” that he describes as beginning with his vision blacking out or going smokey followed by tingling in the arms and hands, and sometimes the tingling travels to his legs, head, face and even gums. The tingling is distinct from what you get when a limb falls asleep — he says it’s not like that. It can be more or less intense. Sometimes his hearing will go distorted, sometimes he is unresponsive or can’t talk, rarely he says there is chest pressure or a rush of blood to his head. He does get flushed and he makes a certain face every time. Sometimes he says he can’t get his hands to do what he wants during one. A handful of times since March they have caused an actual fall of some sort. Once he slumped to the side and slammed his shoulder, once he fell while getting dressed in the bathroom and smacked the back of his head and passed out (the door was locked so I don’t know if he passed out then smacked his head or smacked his head and that caused him to pass out, he doesn’t remember anything beyond getting a spell and waking up lying there). All of them are less than 1 minute. He gets them while laying, sitting, standing, eating, even a few while sleeping (he wakes up from the tingling). He does get them after just standing, but not every time he stands. He also gets them from stretching, arching his back, and sitting up straight. Sleep deprivation is a trigger too. I’ve spent a lot of time recording everything because it takes ages to see a specialist here. Our pcp felt we should explore possible seizure activity and didn’t feel it was heart related so he ordered an mri which was normal. He also did a short eeg which was normal (though my son didn’t report having any events during it). We finally saw a neurologist and she took one look at his slight frame (91 lbs and 5’5”) and said I think I know what it is — orthostatic hypotension. Literally that’s how she entered the room, already with a diagnosis. She had him lay for 10 minutes, took his BP, then standing, she took it 3 additional times. It remained stable at 113/69 ish the whole time. Heart rate went from 78 while laying to 85-94 while standing. She said we need to see a cardiologist and doesn’t think it’s neurological. However, she wouldn’t let me explain what his symptoms are at all. She kept saying dizziness and lightheadedness, which he doesn’t have, but were apparently written in her notes on the computer. He even had an event in the office while sitting there and she was about to leave to get a paper and my son said that he was having one and she just left. I’m not convinced she fully understood his symptoms. We see the cardiologist in August. But I’m just looking for any insight here in the mean time. It’s possible more than one thing is going on...any insight or ideas would be greatly appreciated. ETA: the neurologist suggested more hydration and Gatorade which we had read and were already doing. He is drinking 100+ ounces a day of water and no caffeine.
  6. Speaking as a Catholic, you are welcome at Mass. Don’t hesitate to come if something is drawing you there. As far as the issue of suffering, Hubert van Zeller has an excellent book on the topic called The Mystery of Suffering. Ironically, part of why I became Catholic was because of their developed theology on human suffering. JPII also has an excyclical on Redemptive Suffering.
  7. OP here-I messaged my pcp and he said I should come in for labs and imaging. So I have an appointment for Thursday. My midwife mentioned the twin thing, but I really don’t want to grasp at straws. Been trying to grieve and move on for two weeks and the sliver of hope is bitter sweet for me.
  8. So I started spotting two weeks ago when I was supposed to be 8 weeks pregnant. Heavy bleeding started that Thursday with cramps and now is pretty much over. I never had an u/s to confirm a pregnancy (I’ve had enough pregnancies to trust my hpt and saw no need; I had secured a midwife, but hadn’t had the first appointment yet) and I never had an u/s to confirm the miscarriage because when the bleeding started we also had a big ice storm here and I couldn’t go out anyway. By the time I could go out, I was clearly having a miscarriage. Now it’s been two weeks and I figure my hcg would be going down by now. Took an Internet cheapie test and it’s still really dark. My question is, how long until it goes negative? And do I really need to see a doctor? I had one other miscarriage and went to the ER and all they did was confirm it, then I passed everything at home. I figured I can do the same this time, but just wondering what others have done.
  9. OP here: so just another basic kindle paper white for him and deal with the iPad issue separately?
  10. My son is almost 13. He has a kindle e-reader. All it does is allow you to read books, as far as I know. My son reads a lot! So his kindle is getting old and slow from holding so many books and also has a crack in the screen. I’m ready to replace it. We also have a very old iPad. All we use it for is watching Netflix. Sometimes two or three kids will watch at the same time. It’s so old it no longer withstands updates, so eventually it will stop working altogether. You can’t even find charging cords for it now. I’d like to get a Kindle for ds that is mainly for reading and movies. I also want to be able to VERY easily control internet access and access to apps and games. It needs to have a camera for making videos. Bigger screen is better. Which one should I get? He is tough on his current kindle, so durability is a factor. Thanks for any and all advice!
  11. We came into the church last Easter. It would’ve meant the world to me if someone had offered to hand down their baptismal outfit simply because it had some heritage to it. (Someone else had worn it). We didn’t have any catholic family members or anything to be handed down. So if you want to part with them, I think donating it to a family coming into the church is a great idea. For now I’m keeping mine!
  12. I didn't read the other replies, so I apologize if this has already been brought up. I too have a thyroid condition (hypo), controlled by meds. I lost 50 pounds last year counting calories. The two things that come to mind are 1) weigh yourself daily and track it in some kind of app so you can see the overall trend. If you weigh only weekly, you may miss your low days and think you aren't losing weight, when in reality you are, but are retaining water for whatever reason on weigh in day. 2) I noticed also that I retained water quite a bit at certain times of the month and then I would have a big "whoosh" of weight loss at once. Averaged out over the month I was still hitting my goals, just not in a consistent pattern. You may have the same experience, and that would explain your major loss a month in, with relatively no loss prior. As far as whether you can lose weight eating pizza and ice cream vs. veggies and fruit, I'm of the opinion that for weight loss (not health) it truly is calories in calories out (obviously not everyone will agree, but that was my experience). So it doesn't matter what the food is, as long as you remain in your calorie deficit. Hope something in there helps you!
  13. My daughter is only half black, so not sure if the hair products will apply as her hair is not as tightly curled. But she does get quite dry skin. You need to apply a good thick lotion daily, at least in the cold months. We use Eucerin.
  14. My dd is in CLE 1. I would like to get an app that will help her with the math facts associated with each lesson. Just flashing cards at her is not working. Is there an app where I can input which facts she needs drilled on? Or even just a math facts app that you particularly recommend? Thanks!
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