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  1. "I know this is going to sound like I'm blowing you off, but I really, honestly don't know what to tell you that would help."
  2. Idk, but I have been trying to watching this public health round table with DeSantis for 2 days now but it is sooo long and I have not gotten through very much.
  3. I'm not sure what you might consider expensive, but I recommend Stitch Fix at the lowest price point and asking for just jeans to try on. Then keeping what you like from them and buying more of that kind from Amazon or wherever. But that still may be too expensive depending on what your budget is.
  4. Imagine supervising all these kids in classrooms or wherever while they are on their laptops learning from the very people who are claiming being around the kids is too great a risk. That must be a trip!
  5. love this thread because I'm about to order one when we get into a new house. I did find one with a second rail for two levels of baskets, which I like the idea of. No actual experience, though.
  6. Yes, when I started at the endo, I did this. It was before cases started rising in our area and early on, so no distancing in the waiting room, no masks, and I had to fill out a bunch of forms. I went outside to do the forms even though the receptionist looked at me like I was coo-coo bananas. Oh well. Then when I actually got back there, the hygenist was using cavi wipes on EVERYTHING either of us touched and even used a kleenex over any shared computers she was using. So I felt better. But I have generally felt really good about dental office protocols in the three offices I've bee
  7. Are they limiting occupancy in the waiting room with distanced seating? They shouldn't have you in the waiting room for hours in any case. Like less than 10 minutes would be max if you arrive on time? I have been having an extraction/implant done since early April. The amount of visits sounds normal. My dentists do temp checks at the door or in the car and usually I am the only one in the waiting room or maybe one other person briefly. They require masks.
  8. If "Anyone" starts doing this type of thing to "Anyone Else" in the household, Else will usually ask something like, "Should I put the black queen on the red king?" But we are also dry humor/sarcasm people so it may start a fight somewhere else.
  9. I can't even fathom what someone would complain about and you and I disagree on quite a lot! Like the complaint is that you work there and post here under the same name? Sorry this happened!
  10. We are in the process of buying a house and used a buyer's agent. We found a highly rated realty company online, called them, asked to talk to their buyer's agent, made sure we kind of "clicked" or felt comfortable with him and we went from there.
  11. No, we can't, but clearly spikes and such are regional. The NE remained at very low positivity through the entire sunbelt peak and decline. Also, apparently one county in TX added a ton of old positives over the last couple days if I'm reading this link right? If that contributes to an overall number of positive test in the US in the range of 5 figures, then it tells you close to nothing if you're looking at daily positive tests for the US as a whole. https://twitter.com/JoeWo2020/status/1308218944692592641?s=19 I not trying to change your mind, just adding perspective to the th
  12. Quoting myself to add, there are some conspiracy theorists out there who think the deaths are being deliberately held back and reported later to create a kind of false tail so that people don't think it's over and done with...like some deaths being reported go back to May and June. I happen to think is just bureacracy.
  13. Yes, that's why I like Hold2's data on Twitter. He seems to account for a lag in reporting and makes charts that overlay day of death vs. day reported if states provide it, with the month each death occurred. Which, yes, I know he comes from a particular viewpoint, but the data is sourced and reported honestly, he just draws different conclusions from it than some.
  14. Oh, I hardly ever look at US data as a whole. The areas and issues at play seem too diverse for it to be meaningful, but we are probably watching numbers for different reasons.
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