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  1. EmseB

    The after lunch slump

    If I need to power through, a shot of espresso and some protein (like a hard-boiled egg or something). But if time allows I close my eyes for 15 minutes.
  2. EmseB

    8 Seater mid-size SUV?

    Yeah, I'm saying that 2nd row bench is not roomy in a's like the backseat of a Camry or medium-size sedan. Is a Sequoia too big? I was thinking that would be more the equivalent of an Armada, but to me the Armadas seem huge. I should also caveat that I drive a minivan because I gave up trying to find an SUV that worked for us (had 8 seats wasn't too cramped and could hold a dog and luggage for many cross-country drives). I didn't want the suburban (although after having the van for a few years now I think I'd be more willing to consider it) and I really like having sliding doors for loading and unloading people. So I'm probably not one to give advice in this thread! Just wanted to mention that the 4Runner seemed small for what you were looking for.
  3. EmseB

    8 Seater mid-size SUV?

    Could you consider a car-top carrier for trips that have gear or more luggage? I don't know what they've done with the 4Runner lately, but we had one and it basically was a regular 5-passenger vehicle with a cargo area in the back. And that row that fit three in the backseat was tight. I can't imagine fitting 8 even with a 3rd row.
  4. EmseB

    Is requiring this "to be fine" reasonable?

    I've read the thread, but I can't figure out being nervous about camping, but not being nervous about sending a firearm along with someone who doesn't want it and doesn't have kids trained to handle it to go camping. I mean, I get the, "What would you do as a woman alone with your kids if you run into an unsavory character while camping" question, but adding an unwanted firearm to the mix seems totally illogical as far as a plan for safety.
  5. EmseB

    Suspicious mole, what to expect today?

    I had almost the exact same thing a couple years ago (same placement even). They just numbed it and took it off at my initial appointment. They weren't worried about cancer just by the looks of it but they tested it anyway and called back in a week or so I think. ETA: I was not prepared for them to do it same day, but it was really quick and not painful at all except for the numbing shot which wasn't that bad itself.
  6. It disconnects when the car isn't on, but if it's paired and in range when you turn the car back on...then it's going to be paired and in range and start up with whatever's playing on the phone. My husband leaves his BT on on accident all the time and I'm greeted with his podcasts if he's around when I turn on the car. I always turn my BT off to save battery on my phone when I'm not using it.
  7. EmseB

    When it comes to facebook

    Bummer! Well, nevermind.
  8. EmseB

    When it comes to facebook

    No, but I think in the settings there is a way to look at your profile as if you were someone else (so that you can see how well you have things locked down). I'd have to mess with all the account features again to be able to find it.
  9. Low on iron maybe? I once had a doctor tell me that when I was pg and my hands were not sufficiently pink. But my hands are never super pink like your sons which maybe makes her hands look worse? But also it kind of looks like maybe newsprint rubbed off or she was working on an art project or something.
  10. EmseB

    Dr Hive, this is reasonable, yes ?

    Maybe not. But if you're there all the time you can hear Doctor A say, "We're going to give you X," and then hear another doctor say, "Okay, like Doctor A said we're going to give you Z." And you can ask a lot of passive aggressive questions (because you're not medically trained and know nothing about medications or reading cultures) until the second doctor gets frustrated, tries to prove you're a doofus, and realizes their mistake. The hospitalist system here in the states is really bad, there is very little continuity of care even among doctors in the same dang hospital, and if you have the wherewithal, you better keep track of who is doing what and medical training or no, ask ALL the questions. For me, it didn't take medical training to catch a mistake like that. Again, not relevant to Stella, but sadly how things go here. I wouldn't have believed it until I watched it happen to an able-bodied adult patient who was sentient and aware but trusted his medical team implicitly to do something simple his chart. So that is why a lot of people suggest being at the bedside of a hospitalized loved one as much as you can.
  11. EmseB

    Pre-cooked meal services

    To be honest, this reads kind of like she has a problem (maybe) but is limiting herself on ways to solve it. I agree with the PP who said to give her a budget and let her work it out. Let her feed herself and do her own food with the money and meal plan you give her. She may have to do some things she doesn't like (have bulky bags on the bus or eat leftovers more than once, for example). Can she get a little roll-behind cart to get things home from the grocery store? I'm not saying she has to eat what she hates, but if she doesn't like so many things that are available, yet doesn't want to eat the same thing every night, and doesn't want to try to learn to cook new stuff...then it looks like spending a fortune for what she does like may be the only option if that's what you're willing to accommodate. Most pre-cooked meal services I know of are pretty expensive anyway, right?
  12. EmseB

    Dr Hive, this is reasonable, yes ?

    The only reason I happen to think it can be necessary is because I have witnessed a Dr. in a hospital accidentally giving a patient a wrong medication (ordering the wrong meds, anyway, not actually administering). But the only reason that was avoided was because the person there visiting was quick with a Google on their phone and asked a lot of questions and finally got to the bottom of things. And the doctors come in for such a short amount of time, maybe two 15 minutes in the entire day, maybe. So here, if you are trying to be an advocate or help manage someone's care, you have to be there all the time or at just the right time to catch the Dr. coming through and you have to know enough about the situation to ask the right questions, etc. I don't think that's appropriate in Stella's case and I think she should really relinquish all caregiving to the Dr.'s and nurses while she can given the history with her DH actively sabotaging his own health. But, just to explain why people might argue for's because it is really, really hard to get information or be in the loop unless you are there in the hospital all the time. And even then it's sort of dicey. (sorry to derail your thread, Stella; I have been praying for you and your family)
  13. EmseB

    Memoria Press or Sonlight or...

    Just so you know, MP will customize a package for you so that you don't have to buy the full core and sell things off. I am not sure how many subjects you can opt out of and still get the package discount, but it's worth a call or email; they have great customer service.
  14. They are a bit expensive unless you catch a sale, but Tea Collection has some great dresses/tops along those lines. My daughter doesn't wear any of their dresses without leggings, in fact. Right now their website says they are having a sale on sale items.
  15. Well, hopefully my reply didn't read like I was suggesting anything of the sort in your first line there. And of course the bolded is true, and I think I said as much in my post, or at least I tried to. My suggestion was more that our perspective (at least in the US with liability being a huge driving factor into how people act, and sensationalism on the news) on "making a reasonable assessment" has been really, really skewed in the last couple of generations. Evaluating risk and putting it in perspective is really difficult for a lot of people. It's why, for example, there are news stories about a mom letting her young-ish kid ride the subway alone in NY as if she is the cowboy, but strapping your kids into the car for a 30 minute commute every day is seen as inconsequential. It is a hard thing to quantify because safety is good. So it's not as if I'm arguing against being safe. The issue comes with "every accident being preventable" as a philosophy, well, yes, but accidents are still going to happen even with our best and most diligent procedures in place. And if every accident is preventable, then someone is always to blame when something goes wrong. And sometimes someone is to blame. And that is where the anxiety comes in that the PP was talking about. But sometimes we are just humans and have accidents. And sometimes something that we think is going to work doesn't work. So, for example, in your post you say, "Take every step possible to minimise work place deaths, road trauma, and every thing else," but some people find that debilitating because every step possible means avoidance in their minds, which you're clearly saying here is unhealthy. So that creates the anxiety and decision paralysis and unwillingness to take risks. Making a reasonable assessment becomes really, really hard for a lot of folks. And when the workplace culture says that you need to think of a way to avoid having a slip of your knife in your own kitchen and you need to write that down and tell us what it is...I don't think it is helping everyone be more safe, to be honest. And that is what my previous post was trying to get at. Not that people shouldn't inspect their lines or gear.
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