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  1. I don't mean this to sound insulting, but I honestly don't know how people didn't know it was here. Flights come in from China daily to multiple airports in the US. As soon as the first ban was announced here my thought was, well, it already has to be here and probably a lot of it and it presents like an illness alot of people are likely to ignore at first... it's got to be all over the place. It baffled me that everyone didn't realize that. Not to toot my own horn because I guess I also in my own mind did not think of it as being quite as severe as it was. My DH is a math guy and as he was watching the numbers reported in China he was giving everyone saying that it wasn't that bad a side eye. I know you're a math person too, but honestly the only people I knew who were nervous about downplaying this in Jan/Feb were people with a background in numbers.
  2. Could you order the one linked from health labs or have your doc order it for you? Are you waiting to test somewhere specifically for a research study?
  3. I think the conspiracy theories about suppressing numbers are about on the level of pizzagate paranioa. You'd have to have every nurse, doctor, hospital admin, public health official, public health employee, anyone doing covid tests, etc., in on something like that to make it work. And you'd have to have public health officials who have been in service their whole careers then actively work to damage public health in order to...what? And all the news about furloughing hospital workers or field hospitals going unused would have to be made up. Not happening, no matter how political this gets. Oh, and also all media and journalists would have to be in on suppression.
  4. I skimmed the article quickly, but I don't think it touches on these things. In some places, increased testing is a requirement of moving to different phases and case numbers are going to go up as testing increases, thus cases (even what looks like spikes in cases) by themselves is not a good metric. You want what percentage of tests are positive (under 10%, as I understand it, is good) and hospitalization rates, along with ICU capacity vs usage.
  5. I didn't mean I thought it was over dramatized...I really want to know more. Basically, I want to figure out pool risks and outdoor risks because I want to let my kids play with the neighbors outside.
  6. But if people are swimming and such, I feel like most of your sinuses and mucous membranes would be washed with chlorinated water at some point, even just incidentally. This makes me just want to know more: "Hutchinson did not say how many people attended the party or subsequently tested positive for the COVID-19 virus."
  7. Same here. The most disturbing replies are from people who say that they deserve what's coming to them. I mean, in my mind,, the best outcome would be that people would be able to do stuff like this (as much as it's not my cup of tea) and we would see no one getting sick from it. Because if that's the case, I will feel better about kids in the neighborhood playing together, etc.
  8. You know, I have seen a lot of tweets like this in various forms (crowded parks, crosswalks with a lot of people, protest crowds, whatever) come across my feed in the last six weeks and the threads are filled with people saying that in two weeks hospitals are going to be full, these people will be sick, there will be a spike. And yet, I never see anyone come back around with the reporting that it there was a spike. I feel like in the sun and chlorine and in the open air, transmission would be very low.
  9. In case anyone was interested about the woman in FL who claimed she was fired for not censoring data. I don't know anything about the person who wrote this, just saw it linked in my feed.
  10. No, we've had a couple cases locally. My situation is complicated and super weird because I am on a military base. I can't know the number of cases in base due to DoD policy, but I do know there have been cases. They are folded into county numbers. Supposedly gatherings of 10 or more people are banned on base. Enforcement is minimal.
  11. If the block party next door with 15+ kids on an inflatable waterside and various adults in a non-socially distanced circle under a pop up shade is any indication, no one here is being as cautious as I am. This party is literally right over our fence. I am really sad about keeping my kids apart from everyone. And I'm sad about being the weirdo. I keep waffling thinking it might be okay because everyone is outdoors. But there is a lot of wrestling with kids on top of each other and the little girls are so huggy. On the upside, friends of ours in another neighborhood are letting us use their pool one afternoon a week and we socialize on the patio with chairs 6ft apart.
  12. CA has a PPE inventory on its state dashboard, but I really can't place the numbers into any sort of meaningful context.
  13. And on the other hand, being told constantly that you're just 14 days away from disaster takes a toll. I'm sure everyone appreciates that it's really hard to live that way.
  14. So I don't understand the graph but was it part of a presentation where someone talked about the slide and explained it? Also, if rolling 7 day totals are being reported, won't there be overlap? Maybe I misunderstand what rolling means, but that might explain at least some of the info.
  15. I mean that by doing a county-by-county approach, just because my rural county has cases going up, it doesn't mean that more populated places that have already peaked and have better metrics can't open. I was responding to this: "The county approach probably works okay for big cities, but it really exposes more rural areas that are touristy, have cabin rentals, etc. especially when they are within a day's drive or less of a major metro area." In our state right now, the reverse is actually the case, with more metro areas and tourist places telling us rural folk to keep out. We don't have a statewide approach; out state is huge and would be draconian and counter productive to keep the whole state on the same plan. Although I just looked at the local news and apparently the governor moved us to a more relaxed phase. I dont pay quite as much attention because I am just...keeping us to ourselves regardless of what the phase is.
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