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  1. That is just what they want you to think. I'm afraid to reply more in case they got to you.
  2. Here's the thing, once you see QAnon, QAnon is everywhere. Friends, neighbors, associates...QAnon. They are everywhere, and also...nowhere. The good thing is that once you've identified their true modus operandi like all of you have done here, it is very hard for them to hide in plain sight. The tells -- anti-pedophilia, anti child trafficking, sometimes you see Gadsden flag here or there (no step on snek) indicating a commitment to "liberty" or "patriotism". That's the bad news. The good news is that through protected sources on Twitter, I found out that Q himself will soon be indicted by SDNY. Probably looking at the death penalty for high treason, but maybe hard labor in a CIA blacksite. I will probably have to join those with deleted accounts after this post. Yes, that was also QAnon exposing everyone's private information for their own purposes. WTM is really just the tip of the iceberg. Stay frosty, ladies. 🤫🤐
  3. I like mpix, if you're just talking printing a photo to canvas or something like that. Just, if you do wrapped canvas, keep borders in mind.
  4. Well, I can see being able to log back in was not entirely beneficial for my blood pressure. Y'all enjoy your conspiracies. I gotta find a place where people don't think the virus is a global plot to kill off the elderly OR a hoax created by Bill Gates where people only die with covid, not from it. It's probably not the internet I'm seeking!!
  5. But isn't most of Europe seeing a second wave? Like 100k cases reported in a day at some point this week? Are they also trying to kill off their old people for the sake of the economy? Was that the plan for South America or India? They were all killing their old and vulnerable people for their economies? This has to be a massive conspiracy that is still ongoing, even in countries that were previously said to be doing much better than the US, no? I mean, she was talking about a deliberate plan to kill the olds. Thats pretty nuts, IMO, and it also, conveniently, means that anyone who disagrees with you (general) on policy is downright evil. I also don't understand referring to the economy as an abstraction. That's how people eat and have shelter and stay alive...like we can't survive without an "economy"? Certainly people can't stay in their homes without, for example, people providing utilities, taking away garbage, processing meat and vegetables, delivering take out, delivering books and entertainment??
  6. Where is that tinfoil hat emoji when needed?? I mean, this would have to be a global conspiracy, no? It strikes me as the other side of the coin of people saying the entire virus and lockdowns are a hoax perpetuated by governments the world over. Now it is governments the world over are trying to kill off their old and disabled? What if it is a bad virus that kills an alarming number of vulnerable people that is neither a sinister plot to kill said people, nor a sinister hoax to destroy the global economy?
  7. Right. But I'm never sure what people mean when they say herd immunity strategy, because it isn't a strategy, it's what happens when enough people gain immunity to hamper transmission, no? My thought was that this admin was trying to "warp speed" the vaccine development because they wanted to reach herd immunity via a vaccine for as many people as possible. I had not heard they abandoned that in favor of a natural immunity strategy, which is why the original post confused me.
  8. Oh, the Great Barrington thing? I didn't hear anything from the admin directly about it, but I do confess to watching mostly confirmation hearing stuff these days so have been in a bit of a news bubble. I do follow doctors on social media who have a mix of opinions on the GBD, so I have heard of that, just not the WH comments on it. Sorry for not understanding! ETA: Also, like I said before, my state and county have set testing and tracing policy, as well as any lockdown policies, so I don't know how federal policy could possibly override that unless through the courts. The president can't open or close anything here or keep the states and counties from testing and tracing. But I understand now that wasn't your original question. I am trying to cook dinner and post at the same time!!
  9. I have seen that antibodies wear off in about 3 months. I haven't seen anything about immunity wearing off that quickly at all. But it does wear off at some point, I think. But, afaik, our immune system retains some memory cells even after that point so that we are not totally naive to any given virus once we've had it, even if it mutates. To the bolded, I'm not sure that I can draw that conclusion at all, but I would appreciate any reading you might have on that score. I'm not an immunologist, obviously, just that I've not heard what you're saying here. I have heard specifically that one of the reinfections was in a person on heavy chemo so they had no b-cells (or something of that nature).
  10. Link? Idk how this works, I guess, because the county I'm in, and the county I lived in previously in a different state both set their own test and trace policy, and the states decided opening levels for businesses, etc. It isn't a federal issue.
  11. As far as reinfection, I don't really know except that I think I read most other coronaviruses have immunity lasting at least a year, maybe 3 or 4 and the reinfections we're seeing publicized now (2?) were in immune compromised people. Are you seeing more reports?
  12. Hasn't the strategy always been herd immunity? As in, isn't that why they've been trying to get a vaccine so quickly? I honestly think containment/eradication was out of the question by January, so I'm not sure what other strategy any country is pursuing at this point, except NZ and a couple other small countries, but even they are eventually going to go to herd immunity when the vax comes out, afaik.
  13. I am free to respond on a message board? To anyone? Wth? The administration doesn't put out vaccines. So it's not coming out of this administration. The data from phase III trials globally doesn't come out from this White House. Of course we've seen nothing like this before because we haven't had a pandemic like this in our lifetimes, haven't had such an urgent need for a vax, and haven't really confronted how prospective loss of capital and bureaucracy confound drugs and vaccines getting to market. I mean, the administration has put more dollars into vax research, removing red tape, and speeding progress to hopefully put the brakes on a virus thats killed over 200k people here and that is supposed to be a fault??? If they were *not* putting money into it and not removing government barriers to quicker approval they would be criticized for that, no? I'm not a Trump voter or supporter, so that doesn't even enter into it. I admit to being a bit cynical that vax roll out won't be botched like with H1N1, but that has nothing to do with efficacy or safety. Again, the US is not the only country doing research or trying to get a vax out. A govt official here in the states has already said (today?) that they won't accept the vax reaearch coming out of the UK either. Denigrating the work of scientists and vax progress worldwide now because ??reasons?? is going to have long lasting repercussions for vaccination rates in the future. If we want to make an argument for not taking the vax because of efficacy and safety that seems to be a reasonable, pro-science argument.
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