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  1. I fainted for the first time ever this week too. I had stabbed myself abd DH was driving me to the ER, I was trying to calm my breathing because I was dizzy and panicky from the pain. My last thought was breathe in through your no....and then I woke up a few moments later because I was burning my leg. (Yes I know, I smoke, its bad, never in the house, usually not in the car, but I was freaking out) It took about 10 minutes for the sweating and weird heart racing wooziness to stop after I woke up. By the time we got to the ER I had pulled it back together. I was worried it might happen again when they cleaned it. I hadn't eaten nearly enough, nor had enough sleep, which is how I hurt myself in the first place. I think all of those combined with sheer panic caused my episode. I hope you can figure out what is going on with you, it us scary, and I was embarrassed!
  2. We have mostly black and tan coonhound mix (with various other hounds) he is the sweetest, laziest dog on the planet. Short hair,with no undercoat. He needs a little bit of yard time and a short walk a few times a week, and is content. Gentle, as they come, and adores all children. Depending on your part of the country there are likely many hounds in the system. I will say, that despite his lovely manners and temperament, he is dumb, really just not smart. But that is fine! The smarter the dog, the more training and stimulation they need to stay out of trouble. He is content just to be with us. Our Red Heeler mix on the other hand.......she is busy.
  3. We have listened to this on christmas eve for several years, Tyler is 12 now, but still asked about it the other day. It is just something fun, and there was never anything about it that felt like militarization of santa.
  4. I really like mine, we have had it several years and as long as I descale it every few months it does just fine. I mostly use the refillable cup though, I can't handle the amount of waste from the plastic cups. When I do buy cups, I get them at Sam's, they are a much much better price there, and we like the Newman's own fair trade organic stuff.
  5. If you don't like Coconut, you can use the unflavored unsweetened almond milk, and some tapioca flour, or cornstarch or even an egg to thicken it, the egg would add some fat too.
  6. 3 cups of coffee, a clementine, pita bread and hummus, and a fried egg. DH is off today and still sleeping, so nothing for him. The kid ate pita bread and cheese slices, an egg, and 2 apples, he had a chai latte with his.
  7. I bet that smells really interesting when burning?? We have a natural gas heater, but we roast upstairs and freeze downstairs, we have been cutting wood all fall, plus we ordered a cord of wood. Now that it is really cold out (for us) we have moved our waking time activities into the den, near the fireplace, which means the heater can stay at 63 for the rest of the house, but we are warm, and Dh and I won't go to bed in a room that is hotter than hades and have to sleep with a window open. We eventually want to install a woodstove in the main living area downstairs, to supplement the central heat.
  8. I also "Can't" use a lawn mower. I can however use a splitting axe, chainsaw, power tools etc etc. I am terrified of the chainsaw and skill saw though, so usually I don't use them, DH knows how clumsy I am, so is usually happy to oblige, he likes me with all my limbs. Also sometimes even if I can do something in theory, I can't reach it, even on a ladder.
  9. If you do get this poor boy, I would start him on Comfortis right away, and the zymox line of products are miracle workers for all kinds of nasty skin and ear infections, both fungal and bacterial. We have hounds and they will clear up the worst of those nasty ear infections that flop eared dogs get, and the topical cream is amazing on cat owies. We have a flea allergy here too, and despite it all, it only takes a few bites outside to make my boy start losing his hair and chewing himself, I can't imagine letting it go untreated! http://www.zymox.com/
  10. No, I have a Black and Tan Coonhound, who has a scary deep bark, but loves all people equally, and a Red Heeler mix, who looks like a teddy bear but fancies herself a sheriff and is very territorial. The coonhound is often mistaken for a Doberman with uncropped ears and tail, I generally let the misconception stand. The Heeler is a bit of B*^%$*&, I had men coming by in an unmarked meat van once a month or so, it weirded me out since DS and I are the only ones home on our street during the day. The last time I opened the front door, let her go roaring out to the fence line and she slammed both her front feet up on the railing, had a full mohawk, and was acting like Cujo. I just stood on the porch and yelled at them that we were Vegan. The man backed away slowly from the fence and has not been back. They really do put on a good show, she is a muffin to everyone she knows, but strangers that make me uncomfortable are enough to get them to bark, especially her.
  11. The simple presence of a large dog is a pretty big deterrent for most people considering breaking into a house. A large barking dog is even more of a deterrent. A GSD is an even bigger deterrent than either of those alone, combine all three, and even if she/he is the biggest marshmallow in the world, it is quite a bit of security just having him in the house. When my DH is traveling one dog sleeps in bed with me, and the other sleeps across my bedroom door, my son also tends to get in bed with us. The dogs only sleep this way when he is gone, so they are at least somewhat aware of the different dynamic with him gone, and put themselves in a more protective position. They also bark more, and seem more alert overall. They most likely wouldn't do more than sound an alarm, but that makes me feel better than I would otherwise.
  12. This is almost the same bread recipe I make and it turns out wonderfully each time. I like to do the second rise in the fridge whenever possible, and I have frozen the dough and had it turn out well when thawed.
  13. We are even going to drape a moving type blanket over the chicken coop tonight, it is supposed to drop down to 23 tonight and I'm hoping it will block the bitter cold wind.
  14. Draping a heavy blanket over his crate would help stop drafts and build in heat. Neither of our dogs cover themselves, but both will happily snuggle under the covers with me or DS.
  15. I would also add in art, or some more science reading/hands on type activities, either experiments or creative projects. I don't think I would add in more seatwork or another program just to fill time, I find my son that age is learning best through gentle research assignments, or projects.
  16. If you are swollen the flonase should help, so would soothing your nose with the saline. I don't do Neti pots, I refuse! Have you tried warm compresses or cool ones? I don't know which might help, I personally tend to prefer warm in my nose and cheekbones, and cool on my forehead. What about steaming your face over warm water, maybe with eucalyptis or lavender? Are you allergic to ragweed? If not chammomile tea soothes mucous membranes as does mallow tea.
  17. Of the three most commons meds, Allegra, Zyrtec, and Claritin, I believe claritin is the first choice because it is not as strong. Allegra is my first choice, I can go from thinking I have a full blown cold, to breathing within about an hour of taking it. When the crap settles in Mucinex helps break it up, and real sudafed is a miracle. Saline spray helps tons to flush out the allergens, flonase can be good for getting over the hump but it makes my nose bleed with continued use. Use high quality air filters in your hvac, consider a humidifier or air purifier for next to the bed. I eat local raw honey,and take extra probiotics during peak season too.
  18. October sky is a fantastic family movie, my 12 year old just loves it. The old Disney version of Robinhood is universally loved, as is The Sword in The Stone.
  19. Communities restrict TOT that strictly? And not allowed on Halloween? We aren't going to be doing a lot of trick or treating, we are having a halloween party instead for our tween Co op group. We are doing hot dogs and smores over a campfire, potato salad, deviled eggs, and whatever else anyone brings.
  20. The new nook HD has full access to google play and all other google services. We love it, the only thing I would change is adding a camera.
  21. He was my best friends best friend. I feel fairly well in love right away, but he lived 3 hours away and for 8 months we chatted online every chance we got. We got to know each other incredibly well that way without the pressure of in person dating, so very old fashioned! We saw each other about once a month during that time period and finally he just moved in with me. Everyone thought I was crazy, and all I could say was to trust me and wait and see ;)
  22. I might have missed it on a previous post, but the reason for the plate sharing charge is typically so that the server still gets a tip that is closer to normal based on people served and time spent at the table. A lot of places that bring bread and salad do it as well, to discourage pigging out on the free food and not spending as much on the actual meal. Profit margins are razor thin in restaurants, and servers loose money on bad tables due to tip out at the end of the night.
  23. The hills have eyes. There are some things that you just can't unsee. District 9, so much unmet potential wasted on gratuitous gore.
  24. I always make sure the kiddo knows the address, phone numbers, first and last names of not only us, but his grandparents and my best friend. He had to call 911 a few months ago while I was trying to put out a garage fire from a lightning strike, despite the fear and panic of the moment he was able to call and give them our new address, simple directions to get there and what the problem was. We had only lived in the new house for 3 months, and previously he had lived at the same place his entire first years, I don't know that I explicitly taught him the new address, I think he took it upon himself to remember it since we had already made it a priority. I also keep his close friends phone numbers as well as their parents in my phone, and give mine to them as well.
  25. My 12 year old can't ride a bike, can't even walk next to a bike without falling over, but he can skateboard?? He thought the civil and revolutionary wars were the same thing, and announced it loudly in the middle of a special exhibition about George Washington at the museum this spring. We were there at noon on a tuesday and he had already happily told everyone who made eye contact that he homeschooled...... :lol:
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