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  1. Here is an article from Salon in 2010, none of this is new information. Although both the FRC and Michael Savage chose to link it to gay people serving in the military this week. http://www.salon.com/2010/08/30/afghanistan_women/
  2. The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency is a favorite around here. Both the books and the T.V. series. ETA Welcome to Lagos is a very humanizing documentary that explores the tremendous population explosion and subsequent challenges for people just trying to survive while managing to not feel exploitative or preachy.
  3. Seriously? The country is nasty? I imagine the endless war being fought has something to do with it. Lack of chain stores? People are small? Poverty, small stature, lack of infrastructure, these are all direct consequences of the endless war and misguided foreign intervention going back to the war with Russia. The one where we armed and trained the side we liked. I can't even.
  4. Here is a helpful video, with several similar suggestions below it that show how the magic wiring boxes are actually assembled.
  5. I know several very good breeders who dock and do ears before the pups leave in order to make sure it is done correctly and well cared for, rather than risk serious problems and trauma if the owners do it later. Happy tail is awful and most cases I have seen have required amputation because they simply would not heal or were re-injured repeatedly. We have had both mutts and PB dogs. For pets, mutts are generally just fine and there a ton of stable happy dogs in the rescue system, but there are also a lot of reactive, unhealthy, or overly traumatized dogs that do not make suitable pets for most family homes. I had planned for our next dog to be either a GSD from imported working lines, or a truly working line ACD. But about a month ago a 6 month old lab pup who looks to be from well bred field lines wandered up to us. Despite being underweight, covered in ticks, and totally untrained he is a remarkably stable pup with great working potential. So he is probably staying. It makes me so angry that a baby dog who likely cost hundreds of dollars and is so darn agreeable but trainable ended up dumped and alone.
  6. In my big Pyrex measuring bowl I use 2-3 cups of grounds to 6.5 cups of water and let it sit overnight. Then I strain and put it into a mason jar in the fridge. We mix all sorts of things with it but my favorite is homemade whip cream and turbinado sugar or sweetened condensed milk. Sadly I have to limit my dairy intake so I usually mix it with vanilla almond milk, a dash of real vanilla and a bit of the Bliss natural sweat cream creamer for thickness. I really like Sprouts organic Sumatra from the bulk bins, it is 9.99 a pound and we grind it as we need it.
  7. Ripper Street, East End London police drama set in the wake of Jack The Ripper. there is a brothel but little to no nudity, some scenes of people on the medical examiners table. I've been watching it with my 13 year old. Peaky Blinders, gritty street gangs, plenty of violence, some sex. The Crimson and the Petal White, late 19th century version of Pretty Woman, only with a feminist bent and interesting side stories. The book is great too. Call the Midwife mid 20th century drama centered around a convent and both the nuns and lay midwifes. One of my favorites but I cry nearly every episode. Copper, New York's 5 points neighborhood at the beginning of the civil war. This one is for adults, many disturbing and heavy storylines but very well done. Boardwalk Empire, prohibition era east coast.
  8. She smells it the minute it is brought in the house or I start cooking if I'm cooking from scratch and comes running to weave between my legs and flop and roll and knock things over until she gets some. I worry about heurting her since she is so tiny and thin and 16, I have tripped over her and stepped on her several times.
  9. I'm am sometimes amazed when I stop and think about how much my dogs actually understand and respond to. My cat, on the other hand, he talks and talks and talks, I generally have no idea what he wants beyond checking food water and litter. My other cat wants rotisserie chicken, and is willing to try to break my neck t get it.
  10. But how is a drawing evil, if the character was in the shape of a koala or puppy or unicorn would it still be evil? What if it was in the shape of a Brown Recluse spider, or White Oleander, or Rattlesnake but still did a great job teaching math. There is real physical danger from those things, but there are not actually tiny beasts or dragons, Monsters Inc was not a documentary. And what about the poor goats, what if it was a book full of Nubian Goats who excel at Math. Goats are often used as a symbol of satan, and were certainly an older personification of both major and minor nature dieties such as Pan. Does this mean all stories which include them are indoctrinating children? I know I am being silly, but truly, where does one draw the line with pretend characters and symbolism?
  11. I feel like I need to round up Falcor and Toothless and Puff and give them all a big hug. Also all the old Land Before Time Dino babies, they taught my kiddo all sorts of stories, none of which were at all sexy.
  12. So are you saying that institutional racism or if you would rather call it bias does not exist? Are you saying that as a whole, the justice system in this country does in fact treat people of color the same way that they treat white people? It is true that class and education do play a part in this, as no social issue is without intersectional realities, but that does not negate the fact that race is the very clearly largest factor in the specific situation we are talking about. The larger discussion of over criminalizing many aspects of life and police training and equipment having switched to something much more like the military is a another aspect of this discussion that is being brought to the surface, but only because of the clear trend of racial differences in the outcomes of police interactions with the public.
  13. Could you expand on this please, we are in the same situation and while my son and husband are now insured, I am not but would very much like to be.
  14. It would have to be flat out abuse or violence that wasn't tied to a treatable mental health issue. Or long term heavy substance abuse with absolute refusal to seek treatment. He some fairly signifigant executive functioning issues, so we are actually encouraging him to start slowly with dual enrollment and do at least the first few years of college while living at home. Both for the help we can offer with managing things, but also to save money. Honestly, I would be content to have him and his future family live next door, we genuinely enjoy him as a human being and I don't feel like the bonds of family should drastically change at some arbitrary age. We took in a teen about 10 years ago. We love him to the moon and back and seeing him make his own way in the world is amazing. That being said, because we love him, living in the same house isn't a great idea. However, even at 25 we have offered unconditional emergency housing, possible garage conversion, or even plunking down a "tiny house" or camper on our lot should he ever want to.
  15. My dogs always want to come right back in when I shut the door, outside is only fun when they have family with them, otherwise it feels like isolation, supervision when they are outside also helps keep them from digging, barking at everything, or going after my chickens. Mouthing is totally normal and a sign of affection, it has nothing to do with aggression or actual biting. We don't encourage it, simply because other people don't like it and it scares children. we train it by simply pulling back our hand, or turning our back with our arms crossed every time they start. They get the idea very quickly that mouthing or licking = no more pets. Turning your back and crossing your arms works for jumping or play biting as well. It can take some practice, but for excited obnoxious puppy behaviors, it is a very peaceful way to teach them that it doesn't work without resorting to actual corrections. Just remember, she is a stranger in a strange land, she does not yet speak your language or have a bond with any of you, it will take time and patience to build trust and teach her!
  16. Oh! I somehow missed she was an Italian Greyhound, I don't think pinch collars are safe for them! I know my friends with regular Greyhounds use Martingale collars. She is young, and a sight hound in a new place, patience will likely be needed!! Look up marker training on youtube, it is a great way to not only train but to bond with your pup (or any other animal) with no pressure or corrections.
  17. Do you have a fenced in yard? If so I would toss a ball or play chase or whatever works to wear her out before trying her on a leash, getting some of that energy out may help her focus. It is also very helpful to work on leash skills inside, then move to a boring place outside and add ever increasing amounts of interest or distraction. Dragging the leash around in the house might also help, just to take away the association with it always being super exciting. 18 months is still young and they tend not to really fully have a brain until they turn 2, or even a bit longer for some large dogs, which is why so many end up at the shelter or in rescues, just be patient and keep working with her, it can take some time for trust and focus to develop in a new home, and everything is so so new and exciting too! Our Heeler mix is super smart and a very fast learner, but those first few blocks of a walk are miserable. We ended up using a pinch collar after months of work because no amount of figure 8s in the street, or stopping when she pulled or indoor leash work stopped the all out shoulders down throat damaging pulling she did. The pinch collar looks like a torture device, but I have used it on myself and it isn't that bad and is actually less aversive than head halters and certainly better than a choke chain. We call it power steering, and it means she can go on the walks she needs with only minor self correction for hitting the end of the leash.
  18. My son got the cold from hell in June. It was awful, it hit him fast and kept going for weeks. We finally went in after 8 days when the coughing and shortness of breath got so bad he was puking. They gave him antibiotics in case it had turned bacterial (the doctor was on the fence but thought it prudent since everything was so inflamed and red) we skipped oral steroids but they did a breathing treatment in the office and he was given an inhaler. He was still needing the inhaler some days through August because his chest and lungs were so easily irritated. I know it was earlier than expected, but I am really hoping he somehow got it then and we don't deal with another nasty virus this soon, especially since I doubt his chest is truly fully healed even now.
  19. We are working through this as well, it is full of fantastic information, my 13 year old is really loving it.
  20. Perhaps those people have tried, perhaps they are lacking in the resources to succeed. Perhaps their life is such that lice become of very little concern, due to the many stresses and the battles so many face just to keep going. Also, once again lice prefer clean healthy hair, multiple reinfestations are commonly due to resistant bugs, communal experiences, and lack of resources such as medical care, on site laundry or the money to purchase expensive chemicals. Not being inherently dirty people. I had fleas in the house once, it was a nightmare, from the outside it very well could have looked like we were lazy or didnt care, but the reality was that considerable time, money, and work was doing little to eradicate a resistant population.
  21. Successful homeschooling is not measured by ones existing knowledge, but rather the ability and decision to research, learn and pass on information in a way the child can understand!
  22. Is there some particular reason that the reading and writing can't be learned and practiced within the context of science and history? We recently moved to an area that has had a huge spike in earthquake activity. Actually not just huge, massive, with some days being near constant shaking. There is much debate about the cause of the upswing, but it is becoming progressively more clear that drilling activity and in particular waste water injection and the geologic damage that occurs with these processes is the cause. So, in this current situation, many people in this area need to understand geology and plate tectonics and the behavior of various substances during earthquakes than ever before. We need our oil and gas professionals on all levels to deeply understand stratification, underground channels, water tables, and where and how the local fault lines behave. Otherwise they will continue injecting into unsafe areas. Our architects and builders need to understand all of this as well, in order to balance building for structural integrity as it relates to both tornado safety and earthquake safety. Our septic installers need to understand how the motion of the earth combined with the make up of the particular soil type interacts with traditional septic system design and safety. Our law makers and judges need an accurate understanding of the geologic principles and reasons for the location of deposits and the safe extraction, so that they can prosecute those who practice unsafely and pass laws to ensure the long term safety and environmental quality of the area. And finally, we as homeowners need to know and understand both the geology and the science behind the processes of both drilling, injecting, geologic structures and consequences in order to make informed decisions about our properties and advocate for ourcommunity against the big business who is not going to give up without a fight. All of this requires at least a working understanding of geology, how the formations of aquifers, oil deposits and soil layers occur. The best building and repair practices for what is literally shaky ground, and what rights we may have as owners of the surface land with mineral rights being given away many many generations ago. In order for all of the information to make sense we all need a basic understanding of how the earth was formed, and the layering of geologic formations over time, the fact that oil is formed by the carbon based remains of long long ago. (literally why it is called a Fossil Fuel) Without such knowledge, it is all too likely that hands are thrown in the air and it is left to god, as god's will or wrath with our only hope being to pray about it and hope he makes it stop.
  23. We had to make a similar decision after training and medication failed. It was one of the hardest things I have ever done. But he really was dangerous, he had a screw loose and it wasn't fixable. It really was a blow to my confidence as a dog lover, somewhat experienced trainer, and I felt like a total failure. However, it was absolutely the right thing to do, we have since taken in a rescue off the street who was untrained and quite fearful yet stable. With time and patience she has blossomed into a confident happy social girl, which restored all of our confidence and helped heal those wounds. IMO probably 90% of behavior issues can be handled with training and management, the other 10% are genetic or caused by unfixable early trauma/illness and resulting damage. It is truly a kind thing to let a miserable dangerous dog go with love and dignty.
  24. When my son was little,he complained about his head itching off and on over about a 2 week period. I would look, find nothing, and assume it was allergies. His hair was so blonde and so fine that I somehow missed any nits. Finally I found an actual bug and then felt really awful. We called his preschool to apologize and started treatment. The shampoo caused an allergic reaction, and his hair was so fine the comb was useless. After hours of manually using tweezers I finally gave him an "army" haircut. In my research I found that A. Lice prefer clean healthy hair B. Blow drying is both an effective treatment and preventative. We have only had it that one time, but certainly discovery and treatment really have no correlation to responsibility or cleanliness.
  25. My DS is 13, he makes our morning coffee now, 1 cup for him, and 3 for me. He also drinks unsweetened cold brew tea, either black, or in the winter Chai, I worry much more about the sugar and chemicals in juice and soda than I do about the caffeine.
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