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  1. This will forever be my favorite commercial.
  2. Some simple charts used in school, more responsible TV programming that isn't Caesar Milan. The animal rescues could run simple PSA commercials instead of putting eye drops in dogs and making them look sad. We teach kids about stop drop and roll, why not basic manners with canines. Vets could provide basic literature, pamphlets, or contract with a trainer for discounted rates. I also think that consequences should be severe for any dog that bites after a previous warning or incident.
  3. I don't think breeds are comparable at all to races. The history and co-evolution of dogs and humans is fascinating enough without conflating arbitrary concepts.
  4. People frequently do the same for children Husbands Sports heroes Anyone or thing they feel greatly attached to. This doesn't mean education wouldn't help prevent a high number of bites.
  5. Most dogs have been bred for a purpose and it is important to keep that in mind when selecting a family dog or approaching a new dog. But individual temperament can vary widely, genetics play a large role (not just breed level but individual lines) Also with the amount of dogs we live with as humans some basic teaching about body language and polite behavior should really be taught as part of social studies or life skills. Dogs are masters at communicating with both each other and humans, as well as mnasters at reading human body language and facial expressions. It really isn't hard to understand them at all.
  6. Exactly. That would be like calling a Bloodhound a Fila Brasileiro just because they sometimes have similar face types. Karelean Bear dogs are so rare I have no idea why they were even mentioned. Although people cross the street to get away from my Dobie/Rottie that is actually a Black and Tan Coonhound Mix. They take steps back and cringe as he is literally throwing himself belly up at their feet, because Rockweilkers (spelling intentional) are dangerous.
  7. Some interesting links and articles. Pekinese, Lhasa Aphso, and Shih tzu are among the breeds most closely related to wolves. The rest being northern Spitz type breeds. http://dogs.petbreeds.com/stories/3574/dog-breeds-closely-related-wolves#15 In Toledo DNA concluded that identifying dogs based on looks is tricky at best,and DNA results are complicated http://m.toledoblade.com/local/2012/03/18/Many-shelter-dogs-mislabeled-pit-bulls.html Another from Denver and San Francisco talking about media bias and how out affects not only perception but widely used statistics. http://blog.sfgate.com/pets/2010/09/09/pit-bulls-bad-rap-how-much-is-the-media-to-blame/
  8. Crating takes advantage of a dogs natural nesting instinct and creates a den for them. It also keeps them safe from harm and protects your house from damage. A bored dog left loose for hours can cause a lot of trouble.
  9. http://www.dogsbite.org/dog-bite-statistics-study-dog-attacks-and-maimings-merritt-clifton.php The abbreviated table on this site uses the 6% number but because they are calling Bull mastiffs Presa Canarios I clicked through to the link. The cited study has no credentials attached and is apparently compiled from media reports. Pitbulls are put in the Mollosser category (they are terriers) yet German Shepherds and Karolean Bear dogs are in a nebulous Wolf like category which is frankly meaningless. Northern Spitz type breeds? Pointy ears and thick coats? Also Labradors make up only 2% of their population, (8 including mixes?) But Daschunds are 4%.
  10. 6% seems like a very low estimate. Here is a site with numbers closer to 30% and some comparative statistics. http://www.realpitbull.com/perspective.html
  11. At the park a couple weeks ago a preschool aged child came running up to my one year old lab with a handful of sticks and basically bounced off him while managing to smack him in the side of the head with said sticks. She was exactly face height when he was sitting. I was right there but couldn't stop it in time as she took a last second hard turn right at him. He didn't even react, thank god, but it could have a disaster, and the mom did absolutely nothing but giggle about the cute doggie.
  12. Also very very few dog bites happen out of nowhere. There are nearly always obvious ongoing signs of stress and aggressive posturing that go ignored or are corrected which lead up to explosive attacks.
  13. Let me preface this by saying I am a dog person, I am an experienced owner and trainer with two street dogs currently in our family. One of the issues is the proliferation of staunchly no kill shelters and rescues. Some dogs are unstable and dangerous jerks and can not be fixed. Some dogs are so traumatized by neglect, abuse, early malnutrition or total lack of socialization that it is a kindness to let them go peacefully and with dignity. There is also the start contrast between dogs being viewed as disposable possessions vs. Furbabies with both ends being wrong and ending up with heartbreaking dangerous results. Any large dog in a fight is going to be incredibly hard to stop. I've BTDT with a Husky and Hound. We have a dangerous Boxer in the neighborhood. My heeler/husky is a sweet baby, until she isn't and requires close supervision with new peopolke and no contact with new dogs until there has been ample time to introduce them safely. It took three months to fully integrate our third dog into our house because of her. Most pits are fine, but way too many are suffering from a deadly combination of horrid breeding, poor early nutrition and socializing, abuse at the hands of those who want a tough dog and media mislabeling any large shorthair mutt who attacks as a pit.
  14. My 14 year old has had to bring me clean pants on several occasions, we've had to cut outings short, and once the dear child went a got a box off the store shelf, opened them but left the box in our full cart and asked a lady to take it to me in the bathroom Thank goodness for cell phones and kind teenage boys. There is a particular look of panic both DH and DS know well and it means I drop what I'm doing and get to the nearest bathroom or the car.
  15. I am short but JJill clothes are always too long for me. I generally can't wear their pants because they either need to be pulled up to my ribs or they look saggy. Most of their loose fitting shirts and dresses are also clearly made for taller people.
  16. Cato has a lot of decently priced Tunic length shirts. It's my go to place for longer sweaters and tunic length shirts for fall and winter. Their Tunics are actually long enough to cover my bottom and most are A line or other flattering shapes.
  17. The Podcast Welcome to Night Vale might be perfect!
  18. I've had really good luck with a combo of coffee pot cleaning powder and a magic eraser. We have super hard water, bright orange clay instead of dirt and use bar soap so we end up with bright pink soap suck and it is awful and impossible to clean.
  19. This learning guide by Schmoop breaks down Deconstruction in an accessible way. http://www.shmoop.com/deconstruction/ I would say that while a passing familiarity with the concept may be useful for a high schooler, it is generally not something that is actually used before upper college courses and graduate studies for lit and/or philosophy majors.
  20. We live in a place with recently started earthquakes, some of them are typical shaking and vibrating, many others basically sound like a single sonic boom and one quick knock to the house. We often play the Thunder? Earthquake? Trash Truck? Game. Other things that make similar noises have included fire departments (miles away) doing explosives training and testing, work on the neighbors main water line, an off balance washing machine on the spin cycle, and air in the pipe draining from the bathroom at thevery top of the house. My parents house is over 100 years old and had original bricks and windows, the sound of trucks and busses used to shake the house and sound EXACTLY like our small earthquakes. So much so that it often put me on edge. Since replacing the Windows, adding modern insulation and new brick the sounds and rattles have totally stopped.
  21. Broccoli or Brussels sprouts roasted or pan fried with a little bacon is so good! The trick is high heat and getting some darkcaramelized edges without cooking them through until mushy. Toss in some raisins and a sprinkle of Romano or Parm to make it even better.
  22. We had a rabbit for about a year and he was the most high maintenance pet we've ever had, while also not being at all friendly and pooping all over the place. Honestly for small easy pets cats are my first pick. They aren't caged, but they are easy to care for and other than the litter box pretty self sufficient. After that I'd suggest guinea pigs.
  23. We use clear window stickers made by Ortho. They attract the flies who then land, eat the bait and fall down dead onto the windowsill. I just vacuum them up in the evenings. We live in the country, have neighbors with way too many dogs, cow and horse ranches nearby, pet chickens and three of our own dogs. Every time we open the door one or two (or more) get in the house.
  24. I have had that on my should read list for ages. I just haven't worked myself up to it.
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