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  1. Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates. Letters from a Birmingham Jail, MLK The House on Mango Street, not explicitly about social justice, but important nonetheless.
  2. We go and participate with a clear understanding of what to watch for, and a plan of where to meet should things go badly. Most protests are not riots, but that is boring so no one talks about them on the news.
  3. There is also a little bit of trust in the DA and courts to actually take these things seriously after the conviction and sentencing of Daniel Holtzclaw who raped many women while on duty and the Reserve Sheriff's Deputy Bob Gates. There are serious issues with law enforcement, arrest rates and incredibly harsh sentencing of women for relatively minor crimes. But the DAs have shown a willingness to hold officers accountable to at least some degree. Although, I can't help but wonder how being a woman in Oklahoma will ultimately affect the outcome vs a male officer.
  4. In the case of the Tulsa shooting of Terrance Crutcher it became very clear the police were not telling the truth about him reaching inside the vehicle.The open dialogue between the DA, family and community is going a long way to keep the poeace. She was also charged with 1st degree manslaughter this afternoon.
  5. I have downloaded the chapters and it looks great, I just wanted some personal experiences before spending even more money on writing. I'm considering adding in the examples from Writing with a Thesis for each essay type. About how long do you spend working on the assignments on a typical day/week?
  6. I am going back and forth between LAoW, Brave writer Help for High School and The Power in Your Hands for this year. This is for 9th grade, with my somewhat reluctant writer. We are using BYL 9th which is already packed full. Open and go would be so nice!! BW is lovely, but we did the first module at the end of last year and while I love it, the format makes it very difficult for DS to pick out assignment instructions from the rest of the text. LAoW is also great but has major format issues. The Power in Your Hands looks like it would be easy to read, has clear instructions and reasonable lesson lengths. It also covers many types of essays. Has anyone used it and want to give me first hand experience? Is there much religious content and if so, would it be easy to work around? How long did it take your child to complete, on average?
  7. I actually should have been more clear in that I was looking for their wash outs. Perfectly wonderful dogs without the necessary drive to actually work all day or win competitions. Labs in general can be crazy pants, especially for the first few years! I would never have chosen a lab if this one hadn't literally appeared in our yard as a 5 month old pup. He is still busy at almost 2, but a good compliment to our HeelerXHusky ( also busy, but with some attitude) and they do a good job wearing each other out.
  8. A GSD was going to be my next dog, until our lab wandered up and stayed last year. I was talking to SAR and working herding GSD Breeders that use imported stock and care about function and temperament above arbitrary form. Even those involved in French ring or schutzhund have tons of physically healthy and mentally sound dogs perfect for pet homes. ETA: this applies to many other breeds as well, go to the hunters doing trials for solid Labradors, working ranches for Border Collies or Heelers, SAR or hunting competitors for Hounds.
  9. Ammonia build up and improperly cold water are a problem for any tropical fish, even those able to breathe air from the surface. They do not live their entire lives in tiny mud puddles, that is seasonal and not ideal. Small filters are incredibly cheap to both buy and run.
  10. Side note: the filtration in fish tanks is not really for cleaning the water in a conventional way. The filter media grows and maintains a bacterial colony that removes ammonia from the water. Constant water changes are needed without one unless you have a very heavily planted tank that was well established prior to adding fish. Even bettas deserve at least a gallon or more. But putting them in 3-5 gallons really makes dramatic changes in their activity levels and life span. 3-5 gallon full setups can be bought for 10-30 dollars brand new, even less on Craigslist.
  11. Very strong overnight cold brew concentrate, mixed 50/50 with vanilla almond milk and some mexican vanilla extract and brown sugar. Pour over ice!
  12. How do you keep fish without a basic filter or even air pump? Even Bettas need filtration and would be much better off for no more than the cost of running a lamp. [/quote name=Arcadia" post="7101109" timestamp="1468376306] I was thinking of getting a bearded dragon. The cost of food and the electric bill for heating makes me think twice. We have fishes without air pump or filter so only the cost of fish food which is okay. Water is already included in our HOA payment.
  13. The working dog community is much more likely to be sane when it comes to dog ownership. We have three dogs, two of whom literally just wandered into our lives and stayed. They eat quality but not top of the line food, get basic vet care and medicine, but no drastic measures like chemo. I order heartworm medicine from Australia, right now I am splitting a large dose of flea meds between the two smaller ones. Their leashes come from Walmart or the dollar store or just tend to accumulate. Our couches serve as dog beds way more than their actual beds. We train them and have very clear rules, we have to with 3 big ones in the house, but never with fear or pain. This is the norm of dog ownership with nearly everyone I know. They are safe and unconditionally loved and all the happier for being treated like dogs instead of fragile status symbols. My mom has a young pup, doggy day care has been a very wise choice for them even though she is retired. He's full of energy and opinions and she is an inexperienced owner recovering total knee replacement.
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