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  1. Thanks for this, Kareni. I just got four of the titles listed.
  2. Thank you, VC :) And since we're talking food I'll expound on the lowly shallot. More refined cousin to the onion, small but more vocal than the leek or chive, the oft-passed over shallot is rocking my culinary world these days. I know it's a fave of cooks but as the past few years have seen my cooking go from innovative to pedestrian to keep up with the demands of a very active homeschool schedule involving lots of commutes so such refinements have been missing. Things have eased up a tiny bit in the commute/hs regard and I'm refinding my cooking chops. Latest fave is lacinato kale chopp
  3. Hi Friends, It's been a long while since I posted but something inspired me to return to TWT boards only to find it in the middle of a massive changeover. But here I am after chatting a little with some of my BaW friends who directed me to this thread. It's encouraging to see so many familiar names posting. I'm in a non-fiction mode right now, immersed in several at once. Witches and Pagans :: Women in European Folk Religion 700-1100 by Max Dashu. Lady of the Beasts :: The Goddess and Her Sacred Animals by Buffie Johnson The Runes Revealed :: An (Un) Familiar Journey by I
  4. :seeya: everyone. I got a flex for Xmas and I just set it up and strapped it on today. My wrists are tiny and it's a little bit clunky, definitely not unobtrusive. I guess I'll get used to it. Do you all sleep with yours on? I'll try it for a few nights but I'm already having a hard time with the fact that a wireless device is on my body for such a long period of time. Does that bother any of you? Sources contradict each other as to the effect this might have. We'll see how long I can tolerate it :lol: I'd love a 2015 Fitbitters thread. And ocelotmom I need to send you a pm so I can jo
  5. What is the staying power of these? By that I mean after the initial thrill and novelty of getting in your 10,000 has worn off do you all find yourselves still adhering to your step plans? Do they continue to provide motivation?
  6. Feeling your son and family gathered up in the radiant embrace of the Blessed Mother.
  7. Tea and chocolate sometimes make it better.

  8. Woke this morning with your family in my heart-mind. :grouphug:
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