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  1. Yes, as a former Director, this is the general idea but it very much depends on the number of children. The smaller the campus, the more likely you will have a larger range of ages per group. Otherwise, most directors go by birthdate but definitely adjustments are made based on varying reasons. :-)
  2. Hi! I am looking to start my daughter in MUS Alpha. With her personality and learning style, I think this will work best. I know MUS takes a different approach than most math curriculum so if switching from MUS, there may be holes. Has anyone used MUS beyond the elementary years? I have read where some have and their children's math proficiency has been awesome. Any personal experiences to share? Thank you! Lynn
  3. On the VP class site? We are doing the 2nd period with Rome...I logged into our account but there wasn't any information. Did I see you can decipher it from the catalog?
  4. HI! For all that use VP Self-paced history, how do you plan your literature selections? We are starting this fall and we are using their literature selections. When I contacted them, they said it refers to the book selections in the online course but that limits my planning if I cannot access ahead of time....or can I? what do you do? thank you!!!
  5. I like the idea a lot. I just have to lay everything out and then see how that would work. I also like the morning time ideas so I am going to try to combine them both. Pam Barnhill at http://edsnapshots.comhas a lot of info on this as well. :-)
  6. agreed it took too much time and I felt the same about AAR
  7. We just attended a beginning class by Mr. Pudewa and my daughter wrote something absolutely lovely just following his simple technique. I found myself relating very easily to it. He has a youtube channel you could check out as well.
  8. we just started using it and we like it a lot. my daughter loves the songs and books!
  9. Go to great hall productions and look at his catalog. He has CDs listed under each SOTW time period. 😃
  10. Thank you! Can I ask, did you purchase the literature set they sell and are you combining any age groups? :-)
  11. for those that use IEW. I see companies like CC and Veritas Press, just to name a few, use IEW with Essentials of English Grammar or Shurley English...I thought IEW was a complete program...no? How do you use your IEW?
  12. hello all.... I am looking at Veritas SP History (BTW on sale for $99 until May 25th)....I know the kids will love it BUT I remember SWB talking about videos etc being very reactive and not allowing children to be proactive in their thoughts and mindset. We love SOTW audio.....working on the fall.. Thoughts? Thank you...
  13. Forgive my above quote as I read further down and didn't need to add more. I would say to ask the Director to sit in the class this fall, you can always join then, unless they are full, if you feel it may fit your child. Also, CC does have extensive training all Directors go through, but honestly, they are so In need of Diredtors, the experience is not and will not be consistent. So many people do not have the knowledge of the classical model needed to teach that love, ie how to integrate the subjects.
  14. I did already tell them and they just pointed out the things they would talk about and that they would not "water them down" which I wouldn't expect them to. The people in charge are lovely and had no issue with it at all.
  15. Forgive me! I should have said non-denominational church! Definite misuse of words. I don't think its an issue myself but someone had brought that to my attention and i thought i would ask.... Thank you!
  16. hello all, My husband and I were raised Catholic but both drifted when we were teens and just didn't do anything. We were married in the Catholic church (my husbands Cousin) and baptized the children as well. 4 years ago, we found the Lord and have been going to a Christian church ever since. the Bible is an integral part of our homeschool life. We have been in Classical Conversations and although I like the fellowship and people, I am not sure its giving us everything we need. We recently found a Catholic classical community that really digs in a bit more and when we visited, we really felt like this would be a great addition to our homeschool life. This would be for my almost 9 and 7 year old this fall. Caveat....they do do Catholic prayers in Latin and will learn about the Catholic Church , which is not an issue at all. I am NOT anti-Catholic BUT I wonder if I am going to confuse my children. We do talk about everything at home.....this group does not have a problem with us being there but, of course, want us to know what they will be speaking about. They use resources from Memoria Press and the like... Just looking for thoughts, experiences and maybe things I haven't thought of.... Thank you! Lynn
  17. This is my 4th year and I go witha great friend and we just have a great time! Heidi St.John is having a "pajama party" Friday night. Love her!
  18. I haven't done it but just read this recently and thought I you might be interested. I wish I had personal insight! 😃 http://expandingwisdom.com/2014/06/starting-a-classical-co-op/#sthash.vOVtCT18.dpbs
  19. Has anyone started a group or coop based on the WTM? If so, how did you structure it? I would love to do this, but am a bit over-whelmed at the thought.â˜ºï¸ Thank you! Lynn
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